How to make an injection in the buttock correctly?

Very often, there are situations when you or your family or friends will need injections. How to make injections intramuscularly? This question primarily frightens those who will have to do this procedure. However, there is nothing complicated in this. With a small baggage of knowledge, an injection can be made intramuscularly by anyone.

Most often injections are injected intramuscularly into the buttock - the gluteus muscle is large enough, well supplied with blood vessels, and hence the medicine quickly enters the blood - the healing effect comes. In addition, the volume of the gluteus muscle allows you to make injections almost painless. If you do not know how to do an injection in the buttock, you should pay attention to the following general rules. The most important of them is the disinfection of hands with alcohol solution before the introduction of the drug substance.

  1. It is necessary to open the ampoule immediately before injecting into the buttock. It is unacceptable that the medicine should stand in the open for a while.
  2. In order to quickly open the ampoule, it is necessary to saw off the neck of the ampoule in the place indicated by another color, or at the thinnest place at the top of the ampoule, in order to open the ampoule in a box with injections.
  3. After that, we take the medicine and close the needle of the syringe with a cap. The syringe should be selected in accordance with the amount of substance in the ampoule. Do not take large syringes, in which the drug does not take half - in them a thicker needle and the introduction can be painful. Syringes can be up to one milliliter - for children, people with tuberculosis or diabetes mellitus;from two to twenty milliliters - for a different type of injection for adults. The most optimal are 2 and 5 milliliter syringes.
  4. Now the important question: where to inject in the buttock? Despite the fact that the prick in the buttocks is considered to be the simplest, but here there are rules. The buttocks need to be mentally divided into four parts, as if drawing a visual cross over it. The injection should be done in the right upper square of the gluteus muscle, so as not to damage the main vein.
  5. After that, the needle of the syringe opens and the syringe is shaken to prevent air bubbles. The air that was formed inside is released by pressing the piston until the first drops of the drug substance appear. Air release is a necessary procedure. If air gets into the vessel, then it can cause embolism - plugging with air. In principle, the human body dissolves up to one cubic centimeter of air alone, but it is better to develop the habit of always removing air from the syringe in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.
  6. The chosen place where you are going to make a shot, you need to disinfect alcohol.
  7. Before you take an injection in the buttock, it's important to tune in correctly. Your indecisiveness and slowness can bring painful feelings to who you are injecting.
  8. When taking an injection, take the syringe in the right hand, stretch the place where we will insert the needle a little, and by rapid movement insert the needle at an angle of ninety degrees into the buttock about three quarters of the length of the needle.
  9. Usually, all medications are administered slowly, so that the liquid can evenly distribute. Before you do an injection, you need to pay attention to the technique of drug administration - it is described in the annex to injections.
  10. After drug administration with your left hand, press the injection site with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and pull out the needle.
  11. The place where the injection was done should not be bleeding - it means that the injection is done correctly and the vessels are not damaged. Normally, after a shot, a small amount of the drug liquid may leak, this is not worth worrying about, because most of the medicine has got to the right place.

If you follow these simple rules, you can quickly learn how to make a prick in the buttocks correctly. This skill is useful for the future - you can perform simple manipulations not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.