The period of validity of the certificate from the psycho-neurological dispensary, its purpose, features and methods of obtaining

In different situations, Russian citizens are required to obtain all kinds of medical documents. One of the most popular are the references from ND and PND.For their registration, visit the appropriate dispensaries.


Documents from specialists of this profile are necessary in many circumstances. For example, without them, a person will not be able to enter an automobile school, renew an existing driver's license, open a new category, return a certificate after deprivation. In this case, the period of validity of the certificate from the psychoneurological dispensary will be:

  • for three years for healthy citizens, whose age does not exceed fifty five years;
  • two years for healthy citizens over fifty-five years old;
  • is one year for people with any minor deviations.

the period of validity of the certificate from the psychoneurological dispensary

Without a medical document of this type, it is often impossible to make real estate transactions, buy housing, sell plots, take mortgages.

Help from the IPA is required for the issuance of weapons, admission to secondary or higher education, employment, adoption or custody. In addition, confirmation that a person is not registered with specialists is necessary for traveling abroad.

Expiration date

To find out the specific period of validity of the certificate from the psychoneurological dispensary, it is necessary to clarify the reason for receiving the medical document. So, if the purchase of firearms is planned, then it will be issued for six months. In the case of a trip abroad, the action extends for a period of three to six months. The procedure is quite long, sometimes takes at least a month. It is important that the received paper is submitted to the consulate for two to four weeks before leaving for a foreign country. At the same time, the document is not returned to the owner.

help from the pond

If a citizen wishes to successfully find a job, the period of validity of the certificate from the psychoneurological dispensary will not exceed twelve months. At the end of the year the medical commission must be reopened. When a person lives at a considerable distance from specialized institutions, the doctor can issue an indefinite document.

Procedure for obtaining

For registration of the certificate, you need to personally visit the psycho-neurological dispensary in your area of ​​residence. It is recommended that you first call the institution by phone to find out the schedule of work, the cost of issuing, the necessary documents.

Usually you need to take a passport, a compulsory medical insurance policy, a military ticket and a certificate of admission for males.
Sometimes a certificate from the IPA or ND is formalized by specialists only after presentation of the direction issued by the organization to which the document is needed. Although the law does not regulate this requirement.

Help from the Mon and Fri

Nuances of clearance

To get a document about your sanity, it is enough to pass a visual examination with a doctor. The examination is considered a mere formality, which does not take much time. If a citizen for any reason is on the register, with the formulation of the certificate, he will clearly have problems.

When the conclusion is given to a healthy person, it does not include information on diagnoses and other personal information, only the types of activities to which the recipient can be admitted are listed.

The period of validity of the certificate from the psychoneurological dispensary is different. If it is required for representatives of municipal and state structures, the extradition shall be effected immediately. At the same time, there is no fee for registration. All other people pay the full cost of the document.

Features of inquiries from the dispensaries

Particularly meticulously psychiatrists and narcologists examine those people who are or only want to become drivers of the categories E and C. They transport not only themselves, but also valuable cargo, on the vehicles, other passengers, so they have special responsibility. Help from the IPA for driving license is not issued to everyone. Only sane and adequate job seekers can become its owners.

Also, with rigor and rigidity, those who want to use the weapon and store it at home are checked. Doctors are studying a person to draw the right conclusions about his mental balance. After all, issuing a certificate to an unhealthy person can lead to a danger to others. In a psychiatric hospital, a commission of qualified specialists is assembled before the medical document is issued. Its members carefully examine the recipient, talk with him for a long time, and then make a decision, it is advisable to give him the necessary information or not.

certificate for driving license

If the conclusion on sanity is required for a person under fourteen years of age, then it is issued to the parents of the child or other representatives of the child - guardians, adoptive parents. The document acquires legal force at the moment when it is certified by this seal, by the signatures of specialists and the chief doctor. It should be remembered that the certificates from psychiatrists and narcologists have different forms.

Thus, certificates from the HDPE and ND are considered important papers, which can only be obtained by healthy people. If a citizen causes suspicion in specialists, the procedure for registration is much more complicated and prolonged. The period of validity of documents is different, it depends on the reason for their issuance.