Tonsillitis: symptoms and treatment in a child, photo

In normal catarrhal diseases, children can get sick up to ten times a year. Usually, these are viral pathologies, which are quickly eliminated by elementary means. However, some babies may develop a disease like tonsillitis. Symptoms and treatment in the child will be described in this article. You will find out what forms this pathology has. It is also worth mentioning what drugs are used to correct the patient's condition.

tonsillitis symptoms and treatment in a child

What is it?

How does the pathology called tonsillitis develop and what is it? Symptoms and treatment for the child will be presented to your attention below. Tonsillitis is a defeat of the tonsils and pharyngeal ring, which consists of lymphoid tissue. The task of this area is protection from microbes and viruses. That is why practically with every catarrhal disease a doctor discovers here redness and inflammation.

Tonsillitis is called angina. To some extent, this is correct. Bacterial damage to the tonsils - this is the purulent angina. However, in most cases, tonsillitis develops as a result of a viral disease. Pathology often occurs in an acute form. The more insidious enemy for immunity is chronic tonsillitis. Symptoms and treatment in children of this disease you will learn further.

How does the infection occur?

Tonsillitis in children, the symptoms and treatment of which should be interrelated, occurs quite often. The first signs appear only 1-3 days after infection. Often it occurs by airborne droplets. This picture is typical for viral tonsillitis. Children who are in large groups( kindergartens, schools, sports complexes) are at particular risk.

If the pathology is of bacterial origin, then you can get infected by everyday means( through toys, personal items, hands).It is worth noting that such a course of the disease is more difficult. A few decades ago it could lead to irreversible complications. Chronic tonsillitis is not contagious, if it is not about exacerbation.

chronic tonsillitis symptoms and treatment in children

Tonsillitis in children: symptoms and treatment

Komarovsky is an experienced pediatrician. He says that these two concepts must be inextricably linked. Certainly, inflammation of the tonsils should be treated with appropriate medications. However, during the correction, drugs can be used to eliminate pain in the throat, as well as medications that reduce body temperature.

If the patient has no special complaints, then the use of symptomatic compounds can be excluded. Did the child have tonsillitis? Symptoms and treatment are known to every pediatrician. Depending on the manifestation of the disease, therapy is selected.

Symptoms of pathology

Symptoms of tonsillitis in all children can be different. Some babies do not experience any anxiety, while others suffer all unpleasant manifestations of the disease. Symptoms of the disease vary greatly depending on its nature. For the acute course of the pathology, the following symptoms are typical:

  • severe pain in the larynx, which becomes unbearable when swallowed;
  • loss of appetite and drooling;
  • febrile syndrome( the temperature can rise to 40 degrees);
  • hoarse and hoarse voice, often accompanied by a dry cough;
  • malaise, weakness and headache;
  • indigestion in the form of nausea and vomiting, intoxication;
  • redness and enlarged tonsils;
  • when it comes to the bacterial form of tonsillitis, the glands show plaque in the form of dots.

The chronic form of the disease has a less aggressive course, however it is more unpleasant. With it, sometimes a constant body temperature in the range of 37-37.2 degrees. During the examination, loose loose tonsils are found, which, in fact, lose their protective functions.

tonsillitis in children symptoms and treatment of photos

Correction of the disease

You already know that tonsillitis( the symptoms and treatment of a child of this ailment must be under the constant supervision of a specialist) is a fairly common disease. Therapy consists in the use of antibacterial compounds, immunomodulators, preparations for topical use and treatment of the throat. Sometimes prescribed antihistamines, antiviral and pain medications.

If additional symptoms develop, appropriate therapy is performed. Correction of chronic tonsillitis is the general strengthening of the body and the immunity of the child. This can be done with the help of medicines or folk methods. Consider how, with a disease such as tonsillitis, the symptoms and treatment in children 2 years depend on each other.

tonsillitis in children symptoms and treatment of mosquito

Antibacterial drugs of a wide spectrum of action

You have already learned which acute tonsillitis symptoms. And treatment for children will now be presented to your attention. Almost always this disease requires the use of antibacterial agents. If the temperature increase and the accompanying symptoms do not disappear after 5 days, then the probability is high that the cause of the inflammation is bacteria.

Antibiotics are used orally and intramuscularly. Less often requires intravenous administration of drugs. The most common drugs used in therapy are "Amoxicillin", "Flemoxin", "Sumamed", "Ceftriaxone" and so on. Sometimes treatment is accompanied by the use of antimicrobial medication "Biseptol" and the like. Antibacterial therapy for any disease involves the use of a complex of beneficial bacteria. It can be such drugs as "Lineks", "Enterol", "Hilak Forte" and so on. Check with your doctor.

Acute tonsillitis symptoms and treatment in children

Additional remedies for the treatment of

pathology Such compounds as Nurofen, Paracetamol or Cefecon will help to remove pain, malaise and fever. These drugs are allowed to use even in young children. If the ailment causes painful pain in the throat, then the doctors prescribe the appropriate symptomatic drugs: "Geksoral", "Tantum Verde", "Chlorophyllipt", "Miramistin", "Gammidin" and others. It is always worth considering the age of the child, assigning them.

To eliminate intoxication in the baby's body, pediatricians prescribe the following compounds: Smecta, Enterosgel, Polysorb and so on. All of them are sorbents. They remove toxins from the body. A feature of their use is that you need to take a break in taking other medications 2-3 hours.

When a painful dry cough occurs during the illness, doctors prescribe inhalation. It is very good to inhale the vapors of ordinary mineral water. Alkali favorably affects the respiratory tract, as well as the throat and tonsils. If you do not have an inhaler, then you can take the drug "Gerbion" or "Kodelak Neo."They block the cough receptors.

For the treatment of inflamed tonsils, medicines are always prescribed. These can be saline solutions that will have a healing effect. Often when tonsillitis is prescribed Lugol's solution. This drug is time-tested, but it can cause allergic reactions.

tonsillitis in children symptoms and treatment

Chronic tonsillitis: symptoms and treatment in a child

This form of the disease develops when acute tonsillitis is not cured or simply ignored. Symptoms of chronic pathology are frequent illnesses, a constant pain in the throat. Immunity begins to weaken. The tonsils now become not the protective gates, but the source of infection.

Treatment of the chronic form of the disease can be carried out in several ways.many doctors recommend simply to remove tonsils. However, units agree to such an operation. Experts advise the patient to move closer to the sea. Salty alkaline air contributes to the early healing of tonsils. Treatment of chronic tonsillitis is to increase immunity. For this, you can use drugs such as Anaferon, Viferon, Isoprinosine, and many others. Often doctors prescribe restoring vitamin complexes, for example "Immunokind", "Tonzilgon".Take them for a long time. In this case there will be a noticeable effect.

Correction of pathology can be carried out by folk remedies. This is the use of ginger tea, the adoption of decoctions of echinacea. Such compounds increase immunity and destroy pathogenic bacteria. Regular washing of tonsils promotes their purification.

If chronic lymphadenitis( lymphadenopathy) occurs in chronic tonsillitis, then you should contact the appropriate specialist. Normally, these areas can be restored up to three months. If the increase in nodes is observed longer, then appropriate treatment is required. It is prescribed on an individual basis with more serious medicines.

chronic tonsillitis symptoms and treatment in a child

Conclusion of the article

Now you know what is tonsillitis in children. Symptoms and treatment, photos of some drugs are presented to your attention in the article. Remember that no medication should be taken without the appointment of a doctor. Independent therapy often leads to complications of the disease and the occurrence of adverse reactions. Treat tonsillitis on time, because the chronic form of the disease is very unpleasant and dangerous enough. Good health to you!