Effects of ephedrine on the human body

Almost everyone heard about such a psychostimulant as ephedrine. A large number of drugs for weight loss, as well as syrups and pills for cough contain this substance in its composition. Known alkaloid since ancient times, but now many countries, including Russia, have banned its storage, equating to the storage of drugs or the means used to make them. In addition, this tool is included in the list of prohibited doping drugs. The effect of ephedrine on the body can be positive and negative. ephedrine effect on the body


Ephedrine is classified as a stimulant group, but it is a natural substance of plant origin. Get it from the trees of the Ephedra family growing in China and Western Siberia. Ephedrine can also be produced by chemical synthesis. Chinese folk medicine has been using ephedrine extract for treatment of bronchial asthma for 5 thousand years, and in the Middle East they are treated with pathologies accompanied by fever.

Many people who are trying to lose weight, actively use it to reduce body weight. But you should know that the substance has a different effect on the human body. The benefits and harms of ephedrine have been thoroughly studied, and the International Olympic Committee has banned it. You can buy the drug in pharmacies only on a special form, which is stamped by the institution.

Action of ephedrine

This substance has a certain effect on the body. It affects adrenoreceptors, which leads to the release of hormones and neurotransmitters, thanks to which various metabolic and functional changes begin to occur in the body. Arterial blood pressure rises sharply, blood circulation accelerates, heart contractions and respiratory rate increase, body temperature rises, blood glucose jumps. And this is not all the processes that stimulate ephedrine. the effect and harm of ephedrine

The action on the body of the substance is such that as a result, metabolism is enhanced. As you know, this happens usually in two cases - as a result of excessive physical exertion and sudden danger, when a large amount of adrenaline is released into the blood. Such a situation can be considered as a critical condition of the body due to the activation of all its vital forces. Increased stamina and performance, so training becomes more productive.

The mood improves, the person strives for communication, he has an irresistible desire to talk with someone. At the end of the action, ephedrine begins to drop sharply, a severe depression occurs, irritability, anger, weakness, lethargy, and debility appear.

The use of ephedrine in sport

The maximum benefit from the use of this substance is obtained by athletes. The effect of ephedrine on the body is such that many athletes use drugs on its basis before the competition. The reason is that the stimulator allows you to increase physical activity and at the same time not so tired, plus helps burn fat. effect of ephedrine on the body Ephedrine in bodybuilding is very popular. The effect on the body of this substance is that it increases the metabolic rate, leads to stimulation of the heart rhythm, promotes the breakdown of fat and causes protein synthesis in skeletal muscles. The ability to exercise is increased several times. Due to the fact that the body is not so tired, training becomes more intense and productive. But do not forget that the drug in sports is considered doping.

The use of ephedrine

The substance is also used to treat certain diseases. The effect of ephedrine on the patient's body with bronchial asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis and bronchitis is very beneficial: it facilitates the human condition, as it promotes bronchial dilatation. This stimulant has been used since ancient times as an effective remedy for various lung diseases. Possessing a bronchodilator property, ephedrine contributes to relief of asthma attacks. As a result of long-term use, the effectiveness of the drug is reduced, so it is often practiced combined treatment. at the end of the action of ephedrine

In ophthalmology, the solution of ephedrine makes it possible to narrow the blood vessels of the eye and widen the pupil. It was also found that this substance well eliminates the consequences in case of poisoning with hypnotic drugs. As medical practice shows, ephedrine contributes to increased blood pressure in the event of a sharp decline during anesthesia. Doctors also prescribe it for the treatment of chronic low blood pressure.

All preparations containing a stimulant are released only on prescription.

Ephedrine and the effects of

Despite all the positive characteristics, this alkaloid can not be called harmless. Drugs on its basis can not only benefit, but also harm. Since the main component is considered a narcotic substance, prolonged use of the drug can cause dependence. The effect of ephedrine on the body, therefore, is twofold: along with the therapeutic effect, it can provoke the development of negative side reactions. Improving the working capacity and endurance of a person, the drug simultaneously contributes to the occurrence of headaches, vomiting and nausea, while the respiratory and cardiovascular system is very affected. The use of ephedrine and the consequences

Ephedrine is not in vain recognized as a dangerous substance. Experts warn: even a short reception of such drugs provokes the development of diarrhea, and men can suffer from a violation of urination and potency.

For thyroid disorders, heart problems, frequent increases in blood pressure, you should refrain from taking this medication. Since the action of ephedrine on the human body leads to stimulation of the central nervous system, an overdose is possible. Her symptoms are rapid breathing, severe palpitation, panic, nausea, diarrhea, blood pressure disorder, trembling, loss of consciousness, extreme anxiety, hallucinations.


Take ephedrine in combination with antidepressants, in particular serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, is prohibited. Admission of these two drugs simultaneously contributes to the occurrence of side effects, as in the blood serum the level of norepinephrine rises sharply. take ephedrine in combination with antidepressants

People with hyperthyroidism, adrenal gland disorders, diabetes, who have cardiovascular disease, as well as hypoxia, acidosis, hypercapnia, prostatic hypertrophy should take the drug very carefully.

Categorically prohibited ephedrine in pheochromocytoma, allergies to this stimulant, zakratougolnoy glaucoma, obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The effect of ephedrine on the body of a pregnant woman can be extremely negative, so women in the position it is also contraindicated.

Preparations containing ephedrine

This substance is a part of various drugs sold in pharmacies, and many of them are sold without a prescription. As a rule, medicines with ephedrine have antitussive and anti-inflammatory effects, and also contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels. They are produced in the form of solutions for injections, tablets, vegetable syrups and are used for bronchitis, pertussis, bronchial asthma.

In addition, ephedrine is found in drugs that are used to treat high blood pressure, depression, allergies, myasthenia gravis, and in medications that normalize the heart. ephedrine in bodybuilding


Ephedrine is not allowed to be sold. Nevertheless, it is not possible to completely abandon preparations on its basis in a number of cases. Many patients, who were prescribed medications with the above-mentioned alkaloid, responded positively to the doctor, noting that the use of such drugs contributes to a significant improvement in the state of health. Particularly fond of ephedrine professional athletes. But do not abuse this substance, because it is often addictive, and stopping the reception leads to adverse consequences. Take these drugs should be under the strict supervision of a doctor.