Knee stool: reviews of orthopedists

Correct posture is not only a beautiful gait, but a guarantee of the health of the whole organism. A sedentary lifestyle is a modern man's problem, most occupations involve working on a computer. Saddleback entails many diseases, from the usual lethargy of the pectoral muscles and abdomen to problems with the spine.

There are many techniques for correcting posture and spine, and knee chairs are becoming increasingly popular, although not all people understand the principle of their action.

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The model of the first knee chair appeared in 1970.It was designed by the Danish doctor Mendel. The problem that most parents are worried about such an act is his wrong posture of the children at the desks, when all the students are displaced by the body in front of the chair. According to the doctor's sketches, several chairs were created, which had a slope angle of 15 degrees. But the chairs were not the most successful, as the person who sat on them constantly crawled down.

A little later, the Norwegian designer Opswick created a knee stool. To the model was added a stop for the knees, which does not allow the sitting man on the chair to slide down. The load between the knees and buttocks is distributed evenly, and the back is reflexively straightened.

Modern models of

To date, the stores are models for adults and children. A chair with a support can reduce the burden on the spine. The man sitting on it spreads his shoulders and chest. A soft cushion for the knees, which is equipped with all models, does not allow the seated to crawl down. Sitting on a chair and moving the center of gravity, you can choose the most convenient position.

Knee stools are indeed an aggressive way to combat scoliosis and irregular posture, so without prior consultation with a doctor, it is not recommended to purchase such a device.

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Advantages of

According to orthopaedists, the knee stool has a number of advantages, namely:

  • minimizes the burden on the back muscles;
  • unloads the area of ​​the coccyx, loin and sacrum;
  • allows to normalize blood circulation in the thighs;
  • the body of a seated person takes anatomically correct bends, which relieves excessive pressure on the spinal column;
  • chest is expanded, and this is a prerequisite for free breathing;
  • possibility of use even during pregnancy.

And most importantly, the chair allows you to carry out preventive measures for the curvature of the spinal column at home. And this reduces the risk of osteochondrosis, protrusion of discs and intervertebral hernia.

Indications for use

No matter how many positive reviews about orthopedic knee stools, the decision to purchase it should be based on the recommendations of the doctor.

Doctors are unequivocal in opinion and recommend a chair in the presence of the following pathologies:

  • scoliosis;
  • osteochondrosis, the chair in this case allows to reduce the gap between the vertebrae;
  • asymmetry of the dorsal muscles, that is, incorrect posture;
  • pain in intercostal spaces;
  • the presence of protruding intervertebral discs;
  • kyphoscoliosis.

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Despite the large number of positive responses about knee chairs, they have a number of contraindications for use. First of all, congenital anomalies of the spine. Deformation of the femurs is an absolute contraindication to the use of stools. Spinal column injuries and a third degree of scoliosis also do not allow the use of stool.

Rules for using

Reviews of knee chairs from people are very different, but the only thing that everyone notes - stooping on such a device will not work.

For maximum convenience, the chair needs to be adjusted depending on the height and complexity of the user. Virtually all models have a minimum of 3 positions. The less a person grows, the shorter the distance between the upper and lower cushion.

The table should be selected individually. It is checked very simply: sitting on a knee stool, it is necessary to squeeze an arm in an elbow and to take away from a body approximately on 15 see The distance between an elbow and a floor is that height which the table should have. Correctly matched piece of furniture allows you to provide the necessary distance between the computer monitor and the eyes of a person.

In the process of working the chair is moved to the table in such a way that the elbows are not in a hanging position, but lie on the table top.

The computer monitor is recommended to be placed in the middle of the table, so that a permanent turn left or right does not cause overvoltage in the neck. Eyes should look directly at the monitor, neither down nor up.

But even an ergonomic chair does not relieve the user of the computer from the need to conduct periodic workouts, at least every 40-50 minutes.

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When the result of the

is noticeable. Users who give their feedback on the knee stool note that they notice the improvement of the condition on the 30th day of use. However, to sit straight, do not constantly monitor yourself. Breathing is really easier, because the chest is straightened.

Sitting on the knee stool while working at the computer does not carry the usual fatigue, unlike the use of an ordinary office chair or chair. Does not decrease efficiency.

Popular manufacturers and characteristics of models of chairs

The cost of a chair depends largely on the manufacturer and the presence of a backrest. The market is represented by Chinese, Russian and European models.

In our country, the knee chairs "Olympus" are more popular. Feedback from users regarding these pieces of furniture is only positive. In addition, the cost of such a device is low, if compared with foreign models. For example, the chair of the company HealthPostures Stance Chair costs about 2 thousand dollars. A Russian development can be purchased for 100-200 dollars. At the same time, in terms of quality and functionality, Russian-made chairs are in no way inferior to foreign analogues. In addition, almost all knee chairs fit the standard height of the table, selected by adjusting the height of the seat.

The characteristics of the most popular models of the Russian production:


Smartstool KM01



without backrest

without backrest

recommended growth

110-195 cm

120-185 cm

possible user weight

up to 100 kg

up to 120 kg




total product weight

8 kg

9 kg




overall dimensions

47/60, 45H65 cm


price, USD., As of October 2017



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price, USD.Very good feedback about the Smartstool knee chair with backrest. Model KM01B in addition to the characteristics described above is equipped with a gas-lift, which allows you to adjust the seat height, without even getting up from the chair. The manufacturer has provided the possibility of changing the inclination of the backrest and its height. A knee pillow can be installed in different positions, that is, fully adjustable for the growth of a person.

The chair has compact roller wheels, allowing you to move freely from the table and move to it. Model KM01V suitable for children from 6 years old, and adults. In reviews, the knee stool of Smartstool KM01B is also called growing chair.

The manufacturer improved the model in April 2017.Increased the number of knee pad positions to four. Foam is sealed to avoid premature wear of the pillows.

The chair KM01B allows you to take a rest position. This is very important in the beginning of using the design, when it is quite difficult to sit for a long time in an unfamiliar position for the body.

I would especially like to mention the Smartstool KW02B.A distinctive feature of this chair is that it has a strongly forward pillow for the knees. This is done in order to use a chair with a large weight. About this knee stool, the reviews are very good, it is obese people who do not feel discomfort when using it. The model is suitable for people with long legs. The chair has wheels that allow it to move freely even while sitting on it. The recommended height of the user is 135 cm, but not more than 180 cm.

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Chairs for schoolchildren

Most parents are concerned about the correct bearing of their children. Make the child sit at the table of the baby, who is constantly moving, hurrying somewhere, and when he gets tired, starts to tilt his head to the side, quite difficult.

The best reviews about knee chairs for schoolchildren can be heard about designs without wheels. Such models not only level the posture, but also do not spoil the floor covering. There is an opportunity to swing on a chair, which many children especially like. But balancing knee chairs are not just for children. It is the ability to swing to calm the nervous system and relax, such designs are allowed for use during pregnancy.

Good reviews from the knee stool for children called "Hunchback".The model is also manufactured by a domestic manufacturer and can withstand a person's weight of up to 100 kg. Adjustment allows you to take 3 positions and fits all tables of standard height.

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Comfort or Correct Posture

Most often people confuse comfortable chairs with orthopedic. As practice shows, the opposite is true, the more comfortable it is to sit on a chair, the more problems with the spine appear. Therefore, do not choose a chair on the principle of comfort of its use.

You should not select these pieces of furniture in appearance. It is clear that the aesthetic component is very important, but the chair should meet all orthopedic properties and be as easy to use as possible. Appearance is the last criterion, which should be taken into consideration when choosing an orthopedic knee chair.