How to remove the smell of alcohol from the mouth: effective methods

How to remove the smell of alcohol from the mouth with the help of folk remedies and in the shortest time? This question is especially interesting to those who on the eve visited a large and luxurious holiday, where there were many different spirits and all sorts of dishes, after which a rather unpleasant taste in the mouth and sometimes severe headaches are tormented. In fact, removing such an "aroma" is quite easy and simple, but for this it is necessary to strictly follow all the below recommendations and tips.

Before you get rid of the smell of alcohol from the mouth, you need to prepare the following inexpensive components that can easily save the situation:

  • a small amount of roasted coffee beans( ground or granulated coffee will not work);
  • pharmacy called "Antipolitic";
  • laurel leaves;
  • one ripe lemon( you can half);
  • apple cider vinegar( a few drops);
  • fried salted sunflower seeds.

How to remove the smell of alcohol from the mouth: several effective methods of

1. Lightly roasted coffee beans are one of the most effective and proven ways to get rid of such post-holiday embarrassment. To do this, before leaving the apartment, you should thoroughly chew a few pieces of roasted coffee, and if necessary, take more with them. After all, such a product can smell the smell of alcohol for only half an hour.

2. The answer to the question on how to eliminate the smell of alcohol from the mouth, can quite serve as a drug bought in a supermarket or pharmacy network, which has a unique name "Antipolitsey".This remedy can completely eliminate the unpleasant "scent" in a matter of minutes. As you know, it includes natural substances that refresh and purify the breath due to the absorption of odorant molecules. However, it is worth noting that most of the traffic police know the smell of "Antipolitsey" well. In this regard, do not get behind the wheel of the car, if you are not sure that the Alcotester will not show more than 0 ppm.

3. Very often, wondering how to remove the smell of alcohol from the mouth, many people hear in response that it is only necessary to chew the fruit chewing gum or eat a few mint candies. It should be noted that such recommendations can, on the contrary, give out the "aroma" of alcohol even more. Therefore, it is better to refuse these products.

4. Ideally help to get rid of the smell of alcohol a few leaves of laurel leaves. They need to be thoroughly chewed. Of course, the taste will be extremely unpleasant and bitter, but it's worth it, since this method surprisingly quickly eliminates the smell of fumes. In order to remove the aftertaste from the laurel, you can eat a mint candy or chew a fruit cud.

5. Before removing the smell of alcohol from the mouth with the above described means, it is recommended to try to eat one of the following spicy dishes: saltwort, rassolnik or sour cabbage soup. Sometimes such a dense meal can not only eliminate the smell of alcohol, but also partially remove the hangover syndrome.

6. Another effective method of getting rid of the "aroma" of alcohol may be the following recipe: it is required to squeeze out juice from one half of a ripe lemon and immediately add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to it. The resulting liquid must be thoroughly rinsed. This procedure eliminates odor, and also helps to restore normal microflora in the oral cavity. Also the ideal option is the use of fried sunflower seeds.