The drug "Dexafort": instructions for use in veterinary medicine, composition, description and reviews

Modern animals suffer from the same diseases as humans. They have joint pains and bronchial asthma. Especially often in domestic animals there are various allergic reactions. Therefore, recently, veterinarians began to use hormonal drugs for their treatment. Although they have a lot of contraindications and side effects, but they are used quite often. It's hard to watch a pet suffer from itching or mastitis, from which nothing else helps. And in such cases, the most commonly used "Dexafort" Instructions for the use of these injections, recommends that you do only as directed by the doctor after the examination of the animal. And although many owners are afraid to use hormonal drugs, but about "Dexaforte" most of them respond positively.

Description of the drug

This hormonal anti-inflammatory drug belongs to the group of glucocorticosteroids. Its main active ingredient is an analogue of the hormone cortisol - dexamethasone in the form of sodium phosphate and phenylpropionate. In addition, it also contains various auxiliary components: sodium chloride and citrate, benzyl alcohol, hydrochloric acid and others. It is a white suspension drug intended for injection. Produced "Dexafort" in bottles of 50 ml. It is worth a drug is quite expensive - from 700 to 1000 rubles, and for pets need a dose of not more than 2 ml.

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dekafortt instructions for use After opening the bottle, the medicine can be stored for no more than a month, so the owners of animals usually do not purchase medicine for home use, but make an injection in the veterinary clinic. The effectiveness of this treatment is due to the rapid absorption of dexamethasone and its long-lasting effect. The active substance is released through the kidneys and liver. And its digestibility by the animal's organism is almost 100%.

What is the effect of the drug?

Dexamethasone, part of the drug, is an analog of cortisol, a very important hormone of the adrenal cortex. It is very potent, and it is connected with its anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and anti-allergic effect. How does dexamethasone work?

- first of all, it blocks the release of prostaglandins and other mediators of the inflammation process.

- Increases the resistance of the cell membrane to external damaging factors.

- It also stimulates the formation of lipocortins and thus relieves edema.

- Reduces the activity of T-lymphocytes causing many autoimmune diseases.

- It also has anti-shock effect.

- Regulates metabolic processes.

- Has a calming effect.

When used in high doses, dexamethasone may also inhibit the production of immunoglobulins.

When is Dexafort appointed?

Instructions for use for dogs, cats and farm animals recommend the use of the drug in the treatment of various inflammatory processes that are allergic or autoimmune in origin: dexafort instruction manual for dogs

- bronchial asthma;

- acute mastitis;

- allergic dermatitis and other allergic reactions to external stimuli;

- arthritis and other joint diseases;

- eczema;

- posttraumatic edema.

Can all animals use it?

Do not self-treat your pet with the drug "Dexafort."Instruction for use notes that in some cases this can be dangerous for the animal. When the medicine is contraindicated:

- during pregnancy;

- during viral and fungal diseases;

- for animals suffering from diabetes;

- with heart failure;

- osteoporosis;

- if the animal has kidney disease;

- with ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.

What can be side effects?

This medication is usually well tolerated and, if used correctly, does not cause any negative effects. But sometimes there are possible side reactions:

- muscle weakness and weight loss;

- drowsiness and weakness;dekafortt instructions for use in veterinary medicine

- osteoporosis;

- polyuria;

- incontinence;

- strong thirst and increased appetite;

- baldness.

"Dexafort": instruction, how to use

The composition of the drug is the hormonal substance dexamethasone. It is potent and can cause dangerous side effects. Therefore, to do injections is recommended only to specialists after examination of the animal. Before use, the vial should be shaken. The injection is done intramuscularly or subcutaneously. It is necessary to carefully calculate the dosage:

- large and small cattle, pigs and horses are given medication at the rate of 0.02 ml / kg of animal weight. On average, it is obtained from 1 to 10 ml of the drug "Dexafort";

- instructions for use for cats and dogs recommend a dose of 0.2 to 1 ml. The desired dosage is calculated depending on the weight of the animal. dexafort instruction on the use of the injection

Injection is done once, since the effectiveness of dexamethasone is very high. Presence of the product in the form of phenylpropionate provides rapid absorption and the onset of action in a few minutes. But it is possible to re-administer the medication in a week. If there is a need for long-term use of the drug, it is necessary to administer adrenocorticotropic hormone together with it. But it is in such cases that side effects may develop. Therefore, if the drug did not immediately help, it is better to treat the animal a safer means.

Special instructions

What do you need to know for those who use the drug "Dexafort" for treatment of an animal? Instructions for use in veterinary medicine explain in detail what can be encountered when using the medication and how to avoid it:

- after injections to cattle, their meat should not be used for food for 40-50 days;

- cows can reduce their milk yield, and within a week after treatment people are not recommended to drink their milk. It is believed that dexamethasone is excreted from their body after 11 milking;dekafortt instruction manual for cats

- Do not prescribe the drug at a time when the animal is being vaccinated, since dexamethasone may decrease its effectiveness;

- if the doctor has appointed "Dexafort", the instructions, the method of application, the composition and possible side effects are mandatory for study;

- if the inflammation is complicated by a bacterial infection, then it is obligatory to perform complex treatment with the use of antibiotics;

- sometimes it is possible to develop anaphylactic shock with the introduction of the drug "Dexafort."Instructions for use recommend that animals with hypersensitivity use any antihistamines together with injection.

Reviews for

Pet owners who have suffered from allergies or severe itching for a long time have a positive reaction about this medicine. They note that the medicine is well tolerated and effectively helps. In those cases when nothing could get rid of itching or hay fever in dogs or cats, it was this drug that helped immediately. Many veterinarians also recommend Dexafort. Instructions for use notes that this medicine is suitable for almost all animals. dexafort instructions how to use It has many advantages compared to other veterinary drugs:

- quickly absorbed and does not respond at the injection site;

- effective for many diseases, when other drugs do not help;

- one injection is enough to make the animal's condition better;

- the drug is manufactured by well-known companies in Austria or the Netherlands and has a guaranteed quality.

Given all these advantages, the best drug for the treatment of autoimmune and allergic diseases is Dexafort. Instructions for use notes that it helps in many cases when other medicines are useless.