What to do if the jellyfish stings: first aid, drugs, folk remedies

Quite often long-awaited vacation on the beach can be dramatically spoiled by "close acquaintance" with a jellyfish, which can be burned about by accident. Indeed, in sea waves it is difficult to notice an animal consisting of 98% of water. What should I do if I get stung by a jellyfish? Let's talk about this in the article.

stung jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea


An animal does not have lungs, heart and other habitual organs;is characterized by an umbelliform body with tentacles along the edges and a mouth located on a special stem and also surrounded by tentacles strewn with stinging cells. In each of them there is a cystocyst with toxic filling. When in contact with a victim or enemy, the object is pricked with spines of the cnidocite, lightning-like stabbing into the body of the stinging thread and injecting the poisonous substance of the nerve-causing action into the tissue. Stinging cells are used only once, after which the animal organism produces new ones.

It's better to prevent

What if I get stung by a jellyfish? First, it should be remembered that an invertebrate marine animal with a gelatinous body will never attack a person first. Going on vacation, it is advisable to ask in advance the presence, number and severity of jellyfish in the planned region of stay. This will allow us to develop the right course of action in the event of a collision with a marine inhabitant. Prevent jellyfish sting is possible if:

  • avoid bathing in places with their high numbers;
  • at close detection to try to be as far away as possible and to keep at a distance. In a calm state, the animal does not throw away the tentacles;stung jellyfish symptoms
  • does not in any way touch the marine life, even if at first glance it seems safe and attractive. It should be remembered that even a dead jellyfish can painfully sting;
  • do not walk barefoot in places where an animal or scraps of tentacles can be ejected by waves;
  • in an area with a high concentration of jellyfish swim only in protective gear using a mask, wetsuit, fins and gloves;
  • not to drink alcohol on the beach: alcohol helps to weaken the reaction and worsen the state of health after a burn;
  • before bathing it is recommended to apply certain lotions to the skin, which, when mixed with sunscreen, protects from jellyfish burn for an hour.

Very dangerous

Often with a harmless appearance jellyfish presents a real threat to human health, and in some cases, for his life. The most deplorable consequences can be encountered with cubomudusa( otherwise - sea sedge).The sting of a jellyfish - such a beautiful, graceful creature with small dome and thin long tentacles - is accompanied by incredibly severe pains and often causes a fatal outcome, occurring literally within 2-3 minutes. bite of jellyfish Even with the occasional touch of the tentacles to the body of the person, the latter begins to choke and feels unbearable pain, and the body remains red from the burns. Inhabits kubedudus in the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

On the Black Sea Representatives of

Jellyfish living in the Black and Azov Seas are less dangerous. Aurelia is one of the most common jellyfish in the seas of the World Ocean, is considered the most beautiful inhabitant of sea waters and is characterized by a translucent body with blue and violet-pink tints. The round dome, reaching a diameter of 40 cm, looks like a flattened umbrella, from the outer part of which the horseshoe patches, which are the sexual glands of the aurelia, are clearly visible. stung jellyfish consequences Numerous tentacles hanging in the form of fringe are located on the circumference of the dome and move rhythmically while moving the jellyfish. On the underside of the dome is a 4-cornered oral opening, surrounded by long lobes associated in shape with donkey ears. It is for this feature that aurelian people are called "eared jellyfish".The poison of the Black Sea inhabitants is capable of causing a small burn, without introducing a special threat to the organism. A little later we will answer the question: if the jellyfish stung, what should I do?

The Black Sea is also rich in corneroths - large jellyfish, preferring to exist at shallow depths. Outwardly pretty enough, such creatures in contact with a person can cause severe burns in the latter.

More dangerous jellyfish live in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, which stings more hard on the Black Sea "colleagues".Pelagia is a small jellyfish with an umbrella diameter of no more than 12 cm. However, its small size is more than compensated for by the strength of allergic reactions and pain sensations in burns. stung jellyfish that make the black sea Also hairy jellyfish of cyanide and chryazor( sea nettle) is capable of seriously shaking the human health. If the jellyfish stung in the Mediterranean Sea, one should immediately apply to a nearby medical facility for qualified help. After all, the consequences can be sad.

Jellyfish harassed: symptoms of

What are the signs of a jellyfish burn? Contact with sea creatures is always fraught with a feeling of pain, similar to the bite of several wasps, and also the appearance of:

  • burning sensation,
  • redness,
  • pruritus,
  • puffiness,
  • burn blisters,
  • numbness,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • muscle spasms,
  • painin the lower back.

Jellyfish harassed: consequences of

In some cases, an allergic reaction may occur, accompanied by an increase in pressure, the appearance of cough and shortness of breath, and a feeling of eruptions in the eyes. Often, these symptoms are caused by the continuation of the toxic effect of the filamentous structure remaining on the skin from the stinging cells. stung jellyfish treatment

Severe consequences of a jellyfish bite may be:

  • dizziness, shortness of breath, delirium;
  • increasing pain;
  • bite zone covers the greater half of the leg, hands, part of the trunk, face.

If the affected person has weakened immunity, is prone to allergic reactions or is in a state of intoxication, he may simply not swim to the shore.

What can not be done with a jellyfish bite

What if I get stung by a jellyfish? To avoid negative consequences for your own health, you should first of all know what is inadmissible to do:

  1. Do not water the affected area with fresh water, which can spread the poison throughout the body and release toxins.
  2. It is not recommended to touch the affected part of the body with bare hands, as it could contain pieces of jellyfish with poisonous cells. what to do if a jellyfish stings
  3. No need to rub the stung spot with sharp objects to avoid even more trauma to the skin and squeeze out a new portion of venom from the cnidocyst.
  4. You should not take alcohol for pain relief, since the drink is able to strengthen the action of the poison.

First aid

What if I get stung by a jellyfish?

  • First of all, keeping a clear mind and calmness, you need to get out of the water, take a shade and get rid of scraps of tentacles, if any stayed on the body. In the process of cleansing, you must maintain complete immobility. Any movement provokes an instant spread of the poison throughout the body. To avoid new burns, never touch the wound with bare hands.
  • With the help of any obtuse object( back of the knife, chips, credit card, dry sand) it is required to try to get rid of stinging cells on the skin.
  • Wash the bite site with a solution of soda or salt water.
  • Neutralize the poison and remove toxins by applying to the affected area a bandage or gauze soaked in ammonia or table vinegar. If they are not available, vegetable oil or sugar solution is recommended as an analogue. Of folk methods, a positive effect will have a slice of tomato.
  • To relieve painful sensations, apply cold to the bite site, and then apply a dry bandage.
  • Pain sensations remove with a gel or cream with hydrocortisone in the composition. Anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory effect is possessed by "Fenistil-gel" and "Psilo-balm".
  • When you bite a jellyfish, it is recommended to drink a lot.
  • It should be promptly applied to any medical institution for qualified help, especially with the appearance of dangerous symptoms: seizures, shortness of breath, fever. what to do if a jellyfish stings

Traditional medicine to help

If the jellyfish stung, treatment can be done in folk ways. One of the tested is the use of homemade pasta from baking soda and salt water, which should be mixed to the state of a thick sticky mixture. Then the obtained product must be applied to the affected area of ​​the skin, allow to dry, and then slowly clean the place of bite. This procedure, accompanied by some feeling of discomfort, will cause a deep cleansing of damaged skin cells.