"Bayu-by"( drops): reviews of doctors and patients

The health of kids for their parents is the most important. However, it often happens that doctors prescribe to children these or other drugs. Sedative medications are prescribed especially for excitable children with neurological problems. Such a drug is the children's drop "Bayu-bai".Reviews about them will be presented to your attention in the article. You will find out what the experts say about this drug.

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The article tells in detail about the "Bai-bai"( drops) - what is the drug, how to apply it, etc.

What does the instruction for use tell us?

About the drug "Bayu-bai"( drops) reviews are mostly good. This is due to its natural composition. The components of the drug are hawthorn fruits, peony extract. Also in the composition there are motherwort and peppermint, oregano and glutamic acid. Complement the ingredients of citric acid.

The drug is available in glass bottles with a dosage of 25 and 50 milliliters. The last kind of formulation can have a spray dispenser.

The word for physicians about the indications for prescribing

The drug "Baiu-bai"( drop) reviews of doctors has the following. Doctors say that the medicine can be prescribed for the purpose of treatment or for carrying out preventive measures. The composition is recommended in the following situations:

  • for sleep and sleep phase disturbances;
  • during the adaptation in the new school;
  • for improving working capacity and mental thinking;
  • for the purpose of restoring the central nervous system;
  • for vegetovascular dystonia and other neurological abnormalities.


For preventive purposes, the drug is used for the same purposes. However, in this case it helps to prevent the development of pathology.

Reviews about contraindications for use

As with many medications, it has its own contraindications and the "Bayu-by"( drops).The doctors' comments inform that the medication is not prescribed for hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug. Also, do not recommend it to children who have allergies to the components of the drug.

Doctors report that the drug is categorically forbidden to use alone to correct the condition of young children. This can lead to the development of side effects in the most unexpected forms.

How the doctors prescribe the drug: the way of application and the choice of dosage

Available about the drug "Bayu-bai"( drops) reviews of doctors and patients confirm the information from the annotation. Everyone says that the medication is used in accordance with the age of the child. In most cases, the drug is prescribed as indicated in the instructions. Only in some special situations the composition is appointed according to the individual scheme.

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For children aged 5 years and adults, a single dose of the drug is 5-10 drops. If you use a spray form, then you need to make 2 to 6 clicks on the sprayer. The tool is placed under the tongue and should be there for a few seconds. After that, the drops can be swallowed. If it is a question of sleep disorders, then the composition is appointed immediately before going to bed. In this case, the dose can be from 1 to 30 drops. The duration of the course of correction or prevention can be up to one month. At the same time, on the recommendation of a specialist, after a short break, the course of taking the drug may be repeated.

The possibility of side effects

As you already know, reviews of the drug "Bayu-bai"( drops) are mostly good. In most cases, the medication is tolerated by children and adults normally. Only in some special cases there can be a negative reaction to treatment. It manifests itself in rashes, the appearance of itching and other symptoms of allergy. Also, digestive disorders associated with constipation, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence and so on can sometimes be detected.

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Adverse reactions occur when the dosage is not followed and the drug is misused. Doctors report that compliance with all established rules of admission will help to avoid this.

Features of the

The medicine has some features. As numerous studies have shown, the drug is not detected in the body of patients during the passage of doping control. That's why it can be used by athletes to calm down before performances and improve performance.

The preparation may precipitate after prolonged settling. That's why before use it is always recommended to shake. Doctors say that the appearance of sediment is not an excuse for cancellation of treatment. The properties of a drop in this case do not lose.

bai bai drops reviews of doctors and patients

Reviews of consumers and specialists about the described medicine

The drops of "Baiu-bai" children's health restore quite quickly. Consumers report that the effect of correction becomes noticeable on the third day of admission. Patients report that the taste of the drug is quite specific. That is why not every child can easily take these drops.

Many parents pre-dilute the drug in water or another liquid. However, it is worth recalling that doctors do not recommend using hot products for this purpose. Such an effect can affect the composition of the drug and its effectiveness.

Also, consumers report that this compound, unlike other children's soothing agents, has a very attractive price. So, the cost of packing in 50 milliliters without a sprayer will be approximately at the level of 150 rubles. It is worth noting that this amount of the drug is enough for not one course.

Doctors report that the instruction indicates the possibility of using the drug only in children older than five years. However, other sources say that the drug can be used in three years. Physicians have the opportunity to recommend the composition to treatment even for infants of the first year of life. However, for this age group, an individual dosage of the drug should be selected.

Many mothers note that they took the drug on their own during the period of breastfeeding. At the same time, some part of the medicine nevertheless got into the child's body. The baby became more calm, his appetite and sleep improved. Doctors categorically do not recommend practicing such actions. Doctors say that this can cause unexpected reactions in the child.

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Some children did not benefit from this drug. At the same time, their parents give negative comments about him. However, doctors say that in such situations it is a question of more serious pathologies.

A brief conclusion of the article

You have got acquainted with a children's sedative drug, which looks like a drop or spray. Also, you will receive a detailed review of the soothing agent "Bayu-bai".Despite all the positive qualities of the drug, it is a medicine that should be prescribed exclusively by a qualified specialist.

If you have a complaint about the behavior, sleep and general condition of the child, then it is necessary to contact the pediatrician. Perhaps you will need a consultation with a neurologist. The drug described in the article can be purchased at every drugstore at a rather attractive price. Use it only according to the instructions and taking into account the individual recommendations of the doctor. Strong health to your child!