Flavors TPA: to interfere or not to interfere?

In the modern world, veiling and electronic cigarettes have become a familiar phenomenon. There are quite a lot of companies involved in the production of either equipment or supplies for vapers. One component of the liquid for electronic cigarettes is the flavor, added to it to give a certain taste to the couple. The flavors of TPA have long been on the market and rightfully occupy their niche in it. Below is a summary of the products of this company.

flavoring agents TPA


Flavors would be more correct to call TFA, since the product line for liquids of electronic cigarettes is called The Flavor Aprentice, but the name of TPA-flavoring has long been rooted in the viper environment. Recipes of self-mixing liquids composed with the use of these aromas can be found, if desired. So what are they good?

Flavoring characteristics TPA

According to reviews, the flavors of TPA are rather soft and pleasant. The line really has a variety of tastes: from dessert to fruit, from tobacco to fresh mixes. The company itself declares that a very serious cleaning system is used in the production of aroma so as to get rid of unnecessary impurities and chemical taste and to provide the right taste. When mixed, the TPA flavors give a good combination of flavors, which allows them to be used as the main flavors for the preparation of a quality liquid.

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A sufficient number of domestic manufacturers of liquids for electronic cigarettes uses TPA aromes to create their own tastes. Often they are used in specialized wap-shops, where you can make a taste mix yourself.

Already in Russia the flavoring agent TPA is quite popular. Moscow abounds with points of sale, where you can buy these liquids for soaring. As practice shows, most often they are taken to create mixes.

flavoring tpa moscow

Feedback from users

The main customers of the product are wapers engaged in the self-liquid. Are the TPA flavors so good, as the manufacturer describes it? Reviews for the most part are positive. Many vapers write that the TPA aromas in the liquid for electronic cigarettes give a full sense of their taste and aroma, and this is very much appreciated in the environment of vapers, since it is this property that makes it possible to compose a truly individual recipe for the samouzes. But experienced steamers advise not to overdo with the dosage - at the output you can get a luscious taste that will kill all the pleasure of soaring.

There are also negative reviews about the products of this company. In such comments, TPA flavors are accused of rapid loss of taste, domination of one over the other in the mix and delamination. But all is learned in comparison - in order to evaluate, we must try.

flavorings tpa reviews


Samozamesy is an opportunity not only to pick up your ideal taste, but also to save: liquids cooked with your own hand, are cheaper than ready almost 5 times, and not the least role in this economy will be flavored TPA, the cost of which is quite democratic. For example, Italian flavors will cost 2 times more expensive. Moreover, the manufacturer's recommendations indicate that an acceptable concentration of flavor in the finished liquid should not exceed 5%, the taste will be transmitted ideally.

You can make a variety of "hairs" based on TPA flavors. If you do not have enough experience to create your own taste, you can take advantage of already tested, reading reviews about them beforehand. Experienced vapers advise to insist liquid for at least 2 days in warm and dark places - this will make the taste more saturated.