The drug "Tizanidine": instructions for use, synonyms."Tizanidine-Teva", "Tizanidine-Ratiofarm"

In what dosages are prescribed the drug "Tizanidine"?Instructions for using this medication are provided below. Also, from the materials of this article, you will learn about the form in which the remedy is made, what is included in its composition, whether it has side reactions, analogues and contraindications. tizanidine instructions for use

Form, Description, Composition

What composition does the preparation "Tizanidine" have? Instructions for use say that the active component of this drug is tizanidine. Also in the composition of the medicament in question are auxiliary substances in the form of anhydrous lactose, colloidal silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose and stearic acid.

The drug "Tizanidine", the instruction of which is enclosed in cardboard packaging, is made in the form of round tablets of white color. On one side of the medicine there is a separation strip, and on the second side there is a marking T4 or T2.

Pharmacological features of

What is the mechanism of action of the drug "Tizanidine"?Instructions for use indicate that it is a muscle relaxant. After taking the pills inside the active substance of the drug helps to reduce the tone of skeletal muscles, reduce their resistance in passive movements, as well as inhibition of spasmodic reactions and increase arbitrary abbreviations.

From all of the above, it can be safely noted that this drug contributes to the muscle-relaxing effect. This is due to the oppression of polysynaptic spinal reflexes. This effect is due to the release of amino acids from the terminals( presynaptic) spinal interneurons.

Pharmacokinetic parameters of

What pharmacokinetic parameters does the preparation "Tizanidine"( tablets) have? The instruction on the application gives an exhaustive information on this. tizanidine ratiopharm instruction

After oral administration, the medicine is absorbed completely. Its absolute bioavailability is about 40%( due to extensive first passage through the liver).

The active substance of the drug is distributed to all systems and tissues. Its relationship with proteins is approximately 30%.

The half-life of the drug is 2.5 hours. About 95% of the dose is metabolized. The drug is given by the kidneys( about 60%) and the gastrointestinal tract( about 20%).

Indications for use

In what cases is the drug "Tizanidine" prescribed? The use of this drug is most effective in the spastic condition of skeletal muscles, which is observed in such neurological diseases as:

  • stroke;
  • degenerative pathologies of the spinal cord;
  • chronic myelopathy;
  • Multiple Sclerosis.

Also, the medication "Tizanidine" is indicated for pain in the muscles that develop due to a spinal injury. tizanidine tablets instructions for use

Contraindications to the use of

The main and, perhaps, the only contraindication for this drug is the patient's increased sensitivity to tizanidine. Also it is forbidden to take it together with such means as "Ciprofloxacin" and "Fluvoxamine".

Preparation "Tizanidine": instructions for use

According to the instructions, the initial dosage of the drug "Tizanidine" should be 2 mg.

In view of the fact that the effect of taking the drug reaches its peak after 1-2 hours and dissipated after 3-6 hours, treatment should be done at intervals of 6-8 hours. Thus, during the day should take no more than 3 tablets.

The dosage of the drug is gradually increased to 4 mg( per dose).However, they do this only if, after 4 days, the result of treatment has not been shown.

The total daily dosage of the drug should not be above 36 mg. As for single doses, the intake of more than 16 mg by specialists has not been studied.

  • With renal failure. With this diagnosis, tablets are administered with extreme caution.
  • Dysfunction in the liver. The drug "Tizanidine" with caution is recommended to people who have any form of hepatic insufficiency. In such patients, individual dosages should be reduced. It is necessary to constantly check the level of aminotransferase. The first monitoring is performed one month after the start of treatment. tizanidine teva user guide

Cases of overdose

Clinical symptoms that occur against a background of overdoses may have completely different pharmacology. In most cases, patients experience lethargy, confusion, drowsiness, and coma. In addition, taking the drug in large doses can cause dysfunction of the heart muscle, including the emergence of bradycardia and hypotension.

Side effects of

Do side effects occur when taking Tizanidine? Instructions for use( synonyms for this agent are listed below) states that the medication in question can cause dry mouth, drowsiness, hypotension, bradycardia, lowering blood pressure, dizziness, muscle spasms, asthenia, weakness, fatigue, hallucinations, hepatotoxicity, liver disorders.

Very rarely, treatment with this drug promotes the appearance of Stevens-Johnson syndrome, exfoliative dermatitis, anaphylactic shock, ventricular tachycardia, hepatitis, depression, seizures, joint pain, rash, paresthesia and tremor.

Drug Interaction

Before using Tizanidine, you should carefully read the instructions. The following features of its drug interaction are indicated in it: tizanidine instructions for use Synonyms

  • When combined with "Ciprofloxacin" and "Fluvoxamine", blood pressure may decrease significantly, and drowsiness may develop. In addition, such a complex of drugs violates the psychomotor functions of a person.
  • Simultaneous administration of a drug with CYP1A2 inhibitors( for example, Zileiton, Fluoroquinolone, Amiodarone, Mexiletine, Propafenone, Verapamil, Cimetidine, Famotidine, Acyclovir and Ticlopidine)Strictly contraindicated.
  • It is not recommended to combine tablets of "Tizanidine" with oral contraceptives. If the patient's current condition requires simultaneous administration of these medications, then the dosage of the first should be minimal. Taking high doses of medication can lead to the development of side effects such as hypotension, bradycardia and excessive drowsiness.
  • It is not recommended to combine this medication with alcoholic beverages. This is due to the fact that alcohol increases the concentration of the active substance of the drug in the blood, and this can lead to the development of undesirable effects.

Shelf life, storage and sale conditions

Tizanidine tablets are dispensed in pharmacies according to the prescription. Contain them preferably at room temperature in a dark place. It is necessary to protect the drug from small children.

The expiration date of the funds in question is 3 years. After this period, it is forbidden to take it. tizanidine instructions

Price, synonyms and analogues of the drug

What is the difference between such drugs as "Tizanidine", "Tizanidine Ratiofarm" and "Tizanidine Teva"?Instruction for the use of these products contains the same indications, side effects, contraindications, methods of taking and dosage. The only difference between these drugs is their manufacturers. Thus, all listed tools can be considered synonymous.

As for the analogues of the drug "Tizanidine", they can include such drugs as "Sirdalud", "Tizalud" and "Sirdalud MR".

How much do Tizanidine, Tizanidine Teva and Tizanidine Ratiopharm cost? The instruction attached to these medicines does not answer the question posed. You can find out the price of these funds only in the pharmacy. As a rule, it is not very high and is about 120-170 Russian rubles( depends on the number of tablets in the package and the manufacturer).

It should be noted immediately that the drug "Tizanidine" has a relatively inexpensive cost( for example, such analogs as "Sirdalud", "Tizalud" and "Sirdalud MR" are a little more expensive, about 240-270 rubles).That's why most patients give their preference to the first drug.

Reviews about the drug

Now you know what is prescribed for such medicines as "Tizanidine", "Tizanidine Ratiofarm" and "Tizanidine Teva."Instructions for taking these drugs were presented above. tizanidine teva instruction

Patients who have ever used this medication, carry it in different ways. Most reviews allow us to conclude that the drug "Tizanidine" does not always justify the expectations of patients.

Many people note that taking this medication in one of three cases causes such side effects as severe spasms and muscle pain. Such reactions appear immediately after the use of the drug.

After using the second pill, some patients experience weakness, severe dizziness and the urge to vomit. With such symptoms experts recommend to stop taking the medication, otherwise their intensity may increase.

In some cases, after using "Tizanidine", people have problems with pressure and stomach, as well as a strong heartbeat.

It should be noted that there are not that many positive reviews of the drug in question. Among them one can single out the availability and cheapness of the medicinal product.

In connection with all of the above, it should be concluded that taking the drug "Tizanidine", as well as its synonyms, is only necessary for indications and only for the doctor's prescription.

Due to the large number of adverse reactions, experts strongly do not recommend using the drug during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, otherwise it can be detrimental to the health of the baby or fetus.