"Analgin" in ampoules: instructions for use, composition, description and reviews

Drugs in the form of an injection liquid are often prescribed to patients. Many consumers do not want to conduct procedures on an outpatient basis. They are often injected with self-taught relatives. Less often people seek help from medical education. Drugs produced in the form of liquid for injection, now a huge variety. This means for the treatment of digestive organs, and drugs for the elimination of neurological problems. However, the first place in popularity is occupied by analgesics and antipyretic drugs. This is "Analgin" in ampoules. Instructions for use, price, reviews about this tool will be presented to your attention in the article. Remember that this information does not lead to independent treatment.

analgin for injections in ampoules

Description of the drug

The medicine "Analgin" is produced in different forms. Tablets are very popular. They are easy to take and store in a home medicine chest. Also, the agent is often given to patients in the form of a solution. It is administered intravenously or intramuscularly.

The medicine has a transparent color. It is sealed in ampoules consisting of brittle glass. After that, the product is placed in a cardboard box with separated cells. In one package you can find 10 such ampoules. On each of them, as well as on the face of the pack, there is a trade name - "Analgin"( in ampoules).Instructions for use and administration of the medication is attached to the package.

analgin in ampoules instruction manual price

Composition of the drug

What first of all informs about the preparation "Analgin"( in ampoules) instruction? In the annotation one of the first indicates the composition of the drug. The main active substance is metamizole sodium. Also as an additional component is water for injection.

Medication can be issued as a 25- or 50-percent solution. In one ampoule there will be 1 or 2 milliliters of the drug.

Action of the medicine

How does the "Analgin" medication work in ampoules? Instructions for use indicate that it belongs to the category of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The product has a pronounced analgesic effect. It also removes fever and eliminates fever. The anti-inflammatory effect of the medication is still controversial. If there is such an effect, then it is very insignificant.

The drug, among other things, can have an antispasmodic effect on the shell of the stomach and intestines. Work the drug begins almost immediately after use. When using tablets, the effect is noticeable after 20-30 minutes. If injections are used, then the action of the medicine begins much faster.

analgin in ampoules instructions for adults

What helps "Analgin" in ampoules?

Instruction for use of the preparation contains information on indications for use. These include the following situations:

  • pain of different origins( dental, head, articular);
  • neurological diseases( myalgia);
  • fever( often with colds and inflammatory processes);
  • inflammation( in complex therapy);
  • female periodical ailments, accompanied by severe pain;
  • white fever( in combination with additional medicines);
  • condition after surgery, when other NSAIDs are not possible;
  • premedication and so on.

The drug is used exclusively as needed. It is not used for prophylaxis. The drug should be prescribed by a specialist in a dosage according to an individual scheme. In this case, injections are prescribed in exceptional cases.

analgin in ampoules

Read the limitations of

About the medicine "Analgin"( in ampoules) the instruction for use informs that it has its contraindications. They need to be studied before the start of therapy. Even if the medicine is appointed to you as an expert, do not be lazy and read the annotation. If one of the points of contraindications is found, it is necessary to abandon the application and consult the doctors for advice.

The drug is not assigned to persons with increased sensitivity to metamizole sodium. Also, it should not be administered to patients who have previously experienced an allergic reaction to other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory compounds or "Aspirin".It is prohibited to use injections to persons with exacerbation of kidney, liver and hematopoiesis. Anemia of different origin is a contraindication to the use of the drug. The drug is not recommended for breastfeeding women, pregnant women and children under the age of three months( with body weight below 5 kilograms).

With special care, you need to administer a medicine for bronchitis, hives, rhinitis and some diseases of the organs of vision. If you are prone to the development of bronchospasm, you need to have appropriate medications for inhalation during therapy.

Analgin in ampoules instruction for children

"Analgin"( ampoules): instruction for use

The price of the medication will be presented later in the article. Also you can get acquainted with the reviews that receive the medicine. Before this you need to learn about the way it is used and the dosage.

For adults and children older than 15 years, the drug is prescribed 500 milligrams of metamizole sodium once. This amount is in one ampoule( 50%) or two( 25%).The maximum single dose is 1 gram. The daily volume of the drug should not be more than 2 grams.

What else says about the use of the preparation "Analgin"( in ampoules) instructions for use? Children weighing from 5 to 9 kilograms of the drug is administered exclusively intramuscularly, while older patients are allowed and intravenous administration. Dosage depends on body weight. For every kilogram should be from 5 to 10 milligrams of metamizole sodium. This means that if your child weighs 10 kilograms, it shows 50-100 mg of active ingredient. If you use a 50 percent solution( which happens more often), then you need to take 0.1-0.2 milliliters. Multiplicity of application should be 2-3 times a day.

How to make an injection?

Despite the fact that the instructions for use are attached to the preparation "Analgin" in ampoules, it is not uncommon for patients to question the algorithm of actions. To begin with, the consumer must decide on the dosage. After that, you need to prepare everything you need for an injection. At home, the drug is most often injected intramuscularly.

Analgin in ampoules instruction for children

Wash your hands with soap and wipe them with a disinfectant gel or alcohol wipe. Open the ampoule in the marked area. Some tanks need to be pre-sawed with the attached sandpaper. Be very careful, do not hurt yourself. After that, print the syringe and carefully remove the lid from the needle. Type the volume of the drug you need. Always remember that the dosage of the solution can be different. Release excess air from the syringe and proceed to the next step.

Wipe the napkin area with an alcoholic napkin. This can be the gluteal or femoral muscle. With a sharp movement, insert the needle and gradually empty the syringe. Remember that the drug "Analgin"( in ampoules) instruction( for children and adults) advises to enter very slowly. If you inject in full( 500 mg), then the syringe should not be emptied more quickly than in one minute. Otherwise, there is a high probability of side effects.

Negative reactions

About the preparation "Analgin" for injections( in ampoules) the instruction says that it can cause side reactions. With very rapid administration, a sharp change in blood pressure and shock are observed, respiration is impaired. Especially dangerous is the condition in children. Therefore, it is important to calculate the correct dose for each child, based on individual characteristics.

Side effects also allergic reactions. They can take absolutely different forms: urticaria, rash, itching, bronchospasm, swelling. During treatment, the above agent may exacerbate liver, kidney, hematopoiesis. If an overdose occurs, the likelihood of disturbing the digestive process is high, in which nausea, constipation, flatulence are observed. Cramps, fainting and other conditions may develop.

analgin in ampoules

Special Situations

What other information does the user give about the injections of "Analgin"( in ampoules) instructions for use? Adult women during pregnancy drug is not appointed in the first and last trimesters. At this time, the medicine can be dangerous both for the patient herself and her baby. Injections can be administered under strict doctor control only during the period from the 4th to the 6th month of pregnancy.

The medicine "Analgin" is often used for the preparation of a lytic mixture. In doing so, it is mixed with antihistamine medication( more often it is "Dimedrol" or "Tavegil") and antispasmodic( "No-shpa", "Papaverin").All ingredients should be selected according to the age and / or body weight of the patient. The medicine is injected intramuscularly, produces a pronounced antispasmodic, antipyretic and antiallergic effect.

Opinions about the preparation

You already know what it says about the medicine "Analgin" in ampoules instruction. The price of the drug is very attractive and affordable. This is reported by most consumers. One package of medication will cost you an average of about 130 rubles. Do not forget to buy syringes of the appropriate volume.

Consumers say that the injected remedy starts acting immediately. Instruction for use promises a noticeable effect only 20 minutes after application. Most consumers say that the action is detected after 5-10 minutes. The duration of the drug is determined individually and ranges from 4 to 8 hours.

Many consumers report that after intramuscular injections they have cones at the site of drug administration. Doctors say that such consequences usually pass independently and do not require additional therapy. The drug is often prescribed in combination with other drugs. Before such an application, you must necessarily read the composition and study the interaction. If you take other medications, but you at the same time prescribed the drug "Analgin" in injections, then it is necessary to inform the doctor. Perhaps the doctor will adjust the medication schedule so that they do not react in your body. After all, often one medicine can reduce or increase the effectiveness of others.

analgin in ampoules

A small result. ..

"Analgin" medication in ampoules has been used for a long time. This is a well-known and affordable drug. It is dispensed from pharmacies without a prescription. Despite this fact and all the positive feedback, do not use the tool yourself. This is especially true for intravenous and intramuscular injection. After all, you can not predict the reaction to a particular medicine. Be sure to consult a doctor if necessary. The doctor will pick up for you the most successful scheme and a suitable dose of the drug. Strong to you health, do not be ill!