Syndrome of leaky intestine: symptoms and treatment

One of the unrecognized diseases, which many believe are troubling them for many years, is the syndrome of the leaky intestine. The name sounds like it's about the plot of a horror movie. In people, the problem is sometimes called the current intestine. The most interesting topic is for those who are interested in natural methods of treatment, homeopathy. However, recently the development of official medicine is gradually moving towards recognizing this condition as an independent pathology requiring specific treatment.

syndrome of leaky intestine how to recognize


The syndrome of the leaky intestine is a term used to denote the improper operation of the walls of an organ. Normally, these are rich in dense contacts that provide nutrient components, fluids, the possibility of seeping into the circulatory system for further spread through the body. At the same time, bacteria, harmful compounds are blocked, for them access beyond the intestinal bed( in a healthy body) is impossible.

When the condition approaches the pathological

state, the epithelium becomes too conductive. With the syndrome of the leaky intestine, close contacts weakens, which means that the body is deprived of natural protection from aggressive, toxic, harmful compounds and microscopic forms of life. Agents can penetrate the circulatory system, through which they spread throughout the body, infecting vital tissues and organs.

How to suspect?

The following symptoms of the syndrome of leaky intestines are distinguished:

  • Meteorism.
  • Hypersensitivity to food.
  • Fatigue, a constant feeling of fatigue.
  • Skin problems.

Where did the trouble come from?

Do not rush, starting treatment. Symptoms of the syndrome of the leaky intestine, described above, can be provoked by various causes, so you should first determine what played a role in a particular case. Currently, medicine denies the very existence of such a disease as an independent one, so there have been no studies to determine the causes that cause it.

People's observations show that the syndrome of leaky intestines is more often disturbed by those who eat sweet, fructose rich food, regularly uses nonsteroid medicines to fight inflammation. Their role can play a passion for alcoholic beverages, a lack of mineral components( especially zinc), vitamins( A, D).In the greatest danger, people suffering from chronic inflammatory processes, consuming foods rich in gluten.

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Pathologies and their manifestations

It can not be said with certainty that any disease is the cause of the syndrome of the leaky intestine, but observations have shown that this problem is more common for diabetics, people with celiac disease, Crohn's disease. Often the symptomatology is typical for those who have an allergy to the joints that come with food. One must understand that all these observations and conclusions are made by non-professionals, since official medicine does not recognize the existence of the disease, so it knows neither the causes, nor the consequences, nor the methods of treatment that could help the patients. If you come to see a doctor with such complaints, the doctor will prescribe a diagnosis and establish a specific diagnosis, but he will be formulated in accordance with medical science. No leaky intestines are diagnosed in hospital conditions.

Opinions differ

About how well the diagnosis of the syndrome of the leaky intestine is correct, there are many disputes. There are both expressed supporters of the isolation of this problem in an independent pathology, and persons who believe that this approach is incorrect. The permeability of the intestinal walls grows for various reasons, and all this can lead, as some experts believe, to a number of problems. In particular, it is the syndrome under consideration, according to unconfirmed reports, provokes migraines, celiac disease, fatigue in chronic form, sclerosis and diabetes. There is an opinion that the permeability of the intestinal walls in response to improper functioning of the thyroid gland, autism, skin problems. Such trouble can provoke anxious, depressive conditions, is associated with an increased risk of oncology.

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There are always ready to challenge this opinion. Certainly, any of the listed diseases are distinguished by an increased permeability of the intestinal walls, but this is only a consequence. Talking about the syndrome of the leaky intestine as a full-blown disease, leading to such serious consequences, is premature. On the right, it is necessary to organize thorough scientific research, which will finally put all the points on the "i".

What is known?

Signs of the syndrome of leaky intestines have attracted the attention of scientists around the planet for a long time. As it was possible to establish in the course of specific tests, with the first type of diabetic disease, increased permeability often manifests itself even earlier than the underlying disease. This gives certain grounds for isolating the described problem into an independent pathology with severe consequences.

syndrome of leaky intestine symptoms and treatment

Little attention was paid to people with celiac disease. As practice shows, the complete elimination of gluten from the menu allows you to get rid of any unpleasant symptoms. This is due to the primary cause of the gluten disease - a hereditary factor, genetic distortions, due to which the human body is too sensitive to the connection. But the syndrome of the leaky intestine in a child or adult does not play absolutely no role here.

Continuing the theme of

It is known that the treatment of the syndrome of the leaky intestine is sometimes actual in case the child is sick with autism: these two problems can be observed simultaneously. At the same time, there is no clear dependence, in other children with a similar disorder the intestinal walls function perfectly normally, which does not affect the level of severity of the underlying disease. However, in general, the mental status is in a significant dependence on the microflora inhabiting the human intestine( and not only), but official information confirming that it is precisely the intestinal disorders that can provoke anxiety, depressive states, yet.

No one doubts the relationship between the appearance of a person and the quality of the functioning of his internal organs, therefore, in the presence of damage to the dermis, epidermal diseases, there is no question of how to recognize the syndrome of the leaky intestine. If eczema is associated with flatulence, other unpleasant phenomena in the stomach, the folk healer will quickly formulate a diagnosis. But the official medicine does not contain confirmed information about such a connection.

Severe consequences of

Despite the stereotypes regarding the possibility of developing a cancer due to increased permeability of the intestinal wall, in reality no correlation, confirmed by official studies, is observed. There is no reliable evidence, observations, statistical studies indicating an increased likelihood of a malignant neoplasm only because of the ability of the intestinal tissues to pass more compounds than is required for human health.

syndrome of leaky intestine treatment

At the same time, there is a scientific basis that proves that such a condition, as well as other pathologies of the stomach, of the intestinal tract can be observed precisely with increased permeability of the walls of the organ. Often this is detected with Crohn's disease, other health problems. To clarify the issue, it is necessary to organize large-scale studies to determine which of the problems develops earlier, but so far no specialized organizations, graduate doctors have done this.

What should I do?

Treatment of the syndrome of the leaky intestine is difficult due to the absence of such pathology in the list of existing ones. There is no official information, confirmed by tests, studies, which tells how to cope with the disaster. Supporters of the recognition of the disease as requiring special allocation themselves are developing methods for its elimination - literally, as they say, "on the knee".

A classic approach to the problem - the optimization of lifestyle, nutrition in order to maintain high quality intestinal microflora. The main task is to preserve the current state of the intestinal walls and prevent the deterioration of the situation, and if possible, to improve health. The need for such activities is recognized even by those qualified doctors who believe that the syndrome of the leaky intestine as an independent pathology does not exist. The main measures are taken to ensure that tight contacts do not weaken, as this will in any case affect the quality of life and the state of human health.

Primary measures

To maintain the microflora, the intake of sugars should be reduced( the prohibition applies to fructose), and the percentage of digestible carbohydrates should be reduced, instead, the fermented products should be included in the ration. Special attention should be paid to yoghurt of natural origin, kefir, cabbage( sauerkraut).It is necessary to supplement the diet with cellulose. The most useful variety is one that is rich in green vegetables in fresh form. Also stop using non-steroidal drugs to stop inflammation, if possible.

syndrome of leaky intestine symptoms

Diet - pledge of health

Specialists recommend starting a fight with the syndrome of the leaky intestine, not just by switching to proper nutrition, but by keeping a food diary. A special magazine is being created, where all products, entered in food( even in very small quantities), are entered. In detail, meticulously list the symptoms observed after this. Diary nutrition is indispensable in any disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, and advice on its management can give the therapist at the reception. Be sure to indicate at what time the food entered the body. On the basis of such a document, you can identify with the doctor, which symptoms are caused by what dishes, what you need to do to get rid of troubles.

For maximum quality results, it is necessary to keep a diary in great detail, indicating the manufacturer, the brand of the product, the volume of the portion, all the products used in the preparation, even in the smallest shares. The symptomatology should also be recorded in as much detail as possible, mentioning the time, the intensity of the manifestations, inscribing how many minutes, hours, days from the moment the specific food was taken. The initial duration of document filling is a couple of weeks, after which, together with the diary, you need to come to an appointment with a qualified doctor to analyze the situation and determine how to adjust the food.

Responsibility - the guarantee of health

All the conclusions made on the basis of the food journal will have to be carefully implemented. Do not attempt to eliminate the syndrome of the leaky intestine on its own, without recourse to a specialist: the symptomatology may indicate serious illnesses, and exclude them can only be diagnosed with the use of modern equipment.

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The task of any modern person is to eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle, seek help from reliable doctors. Only in this situation can we assume that all measures have been taken to prevent serious pathologies and to identify them in a timely manner.