The most effective cure for cardiac arrhythmia: a list, reviews

Heart rhythm disturbances can be caused by different reasons. This condition is called an arrhythmia and sometimes does not cause any trouble to a person. But most often it is associated with more serious diseases and requires special treatment. The danger is that some patients do not consult a doctor with symptoms such as a violation of the frequency and sequence of contractions of the heart. And with the appearance of unpleasant sensations they try to get rid of them with the help of medications advised by a pharmacist or acquaintances. But this approach can lead to serious complications. With this problem, you need to take special medications from cardiac arrhythmia. The list is very large, so you can not choose on your own. Only a doctor can determine which drug is needed in each case.

What is an

arrhythmia? This condition can be caused either by serious cardiovascular or endocrine disruptions, or by external causes. Often, arrhythmia develops due to stress, overfatigue or malnutrition. What symptoms can the patient feel when the rhythm of the heart is disturbed?

  • A chaotic heartbeat that suddenly starts and ends. The intervals between impacts may be uneven. This condition is called atrial fibrillation.
  • Different in duration intervals between contractions of the heart or an extraordinary stroke is observed with extrasystole.
  • If the problem is in the weakness of the sinus node, the patient experiences dizziness, weakness, and the heart contracted rarely and unevenly. how to choose a cure for arrhythmia of the heart

What are the cures for arrhythmia

The heart of a man is very difficult to construct, and only with the well-coordinated work of all parts of this mechanism does a person feel well. Arrhythmia can occur with narrowing of the vessels, abnormal contraction of the ventricles or atria, weakening of the membrane or for other reasons. Therefore, there is no treatment for this disease that is the same for all. And only the doctor can determine which patients need drugs for arrhythmia of the heart. Their rating depends on the nature of the exposure:

  • The largest group is membrane stabilizing drugs. They are used in arrhythmias associated with abnormal operation of the atria and ventricles. Such means can also affect the speed of the pulse. These are the most common medications for arrhythmia of the heart. Their list is very large: they are, for example, Ritmilen, Novokainamid, Quinidine, Bonnecor and others.
  • Adrenoceptor blockers are also used quite often. They regulate the work of the heart muscle and enrich the tissues with oxygen. These are "Anaprilin", "Atenolol" and others.
  • With arrhythmia, calcium channel blockers, for example, "Verapramil", also help. Arrhythmia medication Instructions for use

Drugs Affecting the Heart Membrane

Such medications are used for ventricular and atrial arrhythmias or impaired pulse rate. This is the most extensive group of drugs, they are prescribed most often. But you can take them only on the advice of a doctor after the examination. After all, if the patient's arrhythmia is caused by other causes, these drugs can harm him. In addition, within this class of drugs, several groups also stand out, depending on the nature of the effect:

  • Drugs that do not affect the pulse rate: Lidocaine, Tokainide, Phenytoin, and others. For example, "Mexiletin" is used for extrasystoles. And it is effective not only for treatment, but also for prevention.
  • Drugs that only slow the pulse a little: Novokainamid, Aymalin, Norpeys and others. With tachycardia, atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter, Quinidine is most commonly prescribed. And to restore the rhythm in case of extrasystole and attacks of arrhythmia appoint "Ritmilen".These drugs can also be used for prevention. cardiac arrhythmia medication
  • This group of drugs is used mainly in medical institutions intravenously. They greatly slow the holding of the pulse, so if used incorrectly, they can be dangerous. These are such drugs as Fleckainid, Ritmonorm, Bonnecor, Allapinin.


In addition to the regulation of the heart rate, they reduce blood pressure and improve the supply of tissues with oxygen. Physicians often prescribe such medications for arrhythmia of the heart. The list is not so big, but they are in demand in pharmacies. After all, many of them need to take a long time to support the proper operation of the atria and ventricles, with atrial fibrillation and tachycardia. Most often appointed "Atenolol", "Betalok", "Acebutalol", "Vazocardin", "Anaprilin", "Pindolol" and others. cure for atrial fibrillation

Calcium channel blockers

In some cases, an excess of this mineral on the walls of the heart vessels and in its muscles leads to a malfunction of the rhythm. Therefore, drugs that block its release and entry into cells are also often used. They slow down the frequency of strokes and regulate the work of the heart muscle. These drugs are used for extrasystole, tachycardia, atrial flutter. The most famous of them are "Verapramil", "Diltiazem" and their analogues.

What other

drugs are used There are other medications for cardiac arrhythmia. The most effective of them are appointed by a doctor and are often used only in medical institutions. These are Ibutilid, Kordaron, Sotalol, which block the release of potassium from the cells. After all, it is often because of the lack of this mineral that the work of the heart is disrupted.

What other drugs are used for arrhythmia:

  • cardiac glycosides, for example, "Digoxin";
  • ATP;
  • products containing magnesium or potassium: "Magne B6", "Panangin";
  • Captopril;
  • statins.

If a change in the rhythm of the heart happens rarely and only after a nervous or physical strain, you can take safe preparations on a plant basis. You can drink Valotcordin, Glicin, Novopassit, Pustyrnik, Valerianu, Persen for a while. cardiac arrhythmia drugs

Medications for atrial fibrillation of the heart

The list of such drugs is most often known only to doctors. After all, this condition is very dangerous and seriously threatens the patient's life. Therefore, it is inadmissible to engage in self-medication. The doctor appoints the right drug only after the examination and determine the causes of the disease. The most common treatment is complex, including different medications from cardiac arrhythmia. The list is extensive, but the right choice can only be made by a specialist. Most often appoint "Verapramil", "Digoxin" and "Veroshpiron."Applied with atrial fibrillation and such drugs:

  • adrenoblockers: "Vazocardin", "Metoprolol", "Acebutalol";
  • membrane stabilizing agents: Novokainamid, Aymalin;
  • blockers of sodium channels, for example, "Allapinin".cardiac arrhythmia drugs are the most effective

Drugs for arrhythmia: Instructions for use

Usually the dosage and duration of treatment is prescribed by a doctor. Most often, you need 2-3 tablets a day for 1-3 months. Then there is a break, after which you can continue treatment. The main thing is not to skip the drug and drink tablets at the same time. It should be remembered that such serious drugs not only need to start drinking in small doses, but also to cancel treatment is also important gradually.

Contraindications and side effects of these products

Before using the drug, even a doctor appointed, carefully read the instructions to it. In most cases, all cardiac drugs have the same side effects:

  • nausea, abdominal pain;
  • weakness, dizziness, trembling in the hands;
  • insomnia;
  • bradycardia;
  • depression;
  • skin allergic reactions.

But some groups of drugs can act differently. For example, adrenoblockers are contraindicated in patients with bronchial asthma, as they narrow the bronchi.

Most antiarrhythmic drugs are not prescribed for:

  • myocardial infarction;
  • exacerbation of bronchial asthma;
  • underpressure;
  • severe renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • marked bradycardia;
  • acidosis;
  • cardiosclerosis. medications about cardiac arrhythmia

Rules for the selection of drugs for arrhythmia

The main thing that is worth paying attention to - these medications can not be taken without consulting a doctor. Even seemingly harmless herbal remedies can have serious side effects. But patients still need to know how to choose a cure for arrhythmia of the heart. After all, all drugs are available in several varieties: drops, tablets, capsules or solution for injections. Independently at home is best to take pills, and if there are problems with the stomach - then the capsule. The patient can also choose one of the analogs containing the same active substance. More often you can find a cheaper drug with a similar effect. For example, instead of "Panangin" - "Asparks".But in serious cases it is better to consult a doctor.

Reviews about preparations from arrhythmia

Basically, when taking medications prescribed by a doctor, patients do not experience side effects. If all the doctor's recommendations are followed and the cause of the arrhythmia is eliminated, the disease can be completely cured. But in old age sometimes you have to take medication all the time. And patients complain that they forget about it, skipping the reception of tablets. And many heart drugs with a sharp cancellation cause unpleasant consequences. In general, the most positive reviews for such drugs for arrhythmia are Veroshpiron, Panangin, Anaprilin, Ritmonorm and others.