Feedback from peptides. What are peptides for, how to take them?

Today among athletes quite popular are various drugs and supplements to improve efficiency, better weight gain and getting rid of excess fat. The modern pharmaceutical industry is ready to offer dozens of different drugs to fill this niche. Among them, one can mention steroids that were discovered in the last century, and modern peptides, as well as various biologically active additives. But if steroids are already at everyone's ears, and many already know about their harmful effects on the body, the second group to date is known only to a narrow range of professional athletes. Today we want to consider the reviews of peptides that have been taken, as well as tell about this class of drugs in more detail. reviews of peptides

A bit of history

The first peptides were discovered at the beginning of the last century, in 1900-1905.Then they were considered as bioregulators, with the help of which you can improve the body. Feedback from peptides who received them initially showed their high productivity, and as a result, work continued in this direction. Already in 1953 the first polypeptide hormone was synthesized, that is, a peptide consisting of a large number of amino acids so necessary for our body. Work in this direction was continued and to date more than a thousand species of peptides have been studied in detail, each of which is distinguished by its effect on the body. In this case, only in Russia was the study of peptides as drugs for the treatment and recovery of the body. Neither Western medicine, nor Western cosmetology does not consider them in this vein. Perhaps, that is why reviews of peptides taking bioregulators are in some cases negative, that is, people did not achieve the effect they expected.

peptides reviews by host

What are peptides

In fact, these are amino acid chains linked together by amide bonds. If you are not a chemist or a scientist, then this tells you little about anything. In fact, long after peptides were discovered, they had no practical application. However, everything changed when professional sportsmen drew attention to them, considering that they could be useful for them. Where there is demand, there will always be a proposal, and many pharmaceutical companies have started working in this direction, having discovered about 2000 peptides. However, despite the wide advertising propaganda and reviews of peptides, it should be noted that the biological value and properties of them are not fully understood.

How are amino acids and professional sports related? Peptides surround us everywhere, that is, it is not a foreign element at all. The body itself synthesizes peptides to regulate internal biochemical processes. Most likely, this is what attracted the attention of professional athletes. The basis for the use of peptides in large sports lay the theory that they can be taken for a narrow-minded effect on muscles. This is what gave impetus to the rapid production of these drugs, the growth in the number of their varieties. peptides reviews of doctors

Exposure to the body

In fact, these substances are constantly produced by the body and carry their functional load. First of all, they work on the regulation of the endocrine system. That is, peptides are extremely important for the regulation of hormone production. In turn, they protect the body from free radicals and toxins. Why does the body need additional peptides? With their lack of tissue regeneration slows down, and the processes of destruction, on the contrary, are accelerated. Medicine has long known that many age-related changes in the body are due precisely to the lack of peptides.

This situation, naturally, raises the issue of the artificial replacement of natural peptides, that is, the development of them in the laboratory. However, if these processes take minutes in the body, then their artificial synthesis is very complicated. That is why the cost of manufactured drugs is very high.

Application of peptides

With the advent of these amino acid complexes on the market, the demand for them is growing. Why do people take peptides? Feedback from the host shows that with their help they caused muscle growth, and it was dry muscle mass. But it must be taken into account that today the choice of these drugs is very wide, and therefore the direction of action is also different from each other. Peptides help to inhibit the destruction of muscles and reduce the fatty layer, improve the use of energy, have the effect of rejuvenation and stimulate the renewal of cells of internal organs. In addition, these drugs cause bone growth and stimulate growth in young people( up to 25 years).All without exception, they contribute to the strengthening of immunity, and therefore, can be used in recovery after a serious illness. At first glance - this is really an important and necessary drug that can come in handy at any age, but some doubts are creeping in, why doctors are not actively using it. If we go further into our investigation, it turns out that people who use peptides do not always get the desired effect. Feedback from the host often indicates that the person has not reached his goal. Why is this happening? Let's look at the use of peptides to solve various problems, and at the end, let us quote the opinion of official medicine. reviews of peptides taking on weight

Peptides for burning fat

The eternal problem of mankind is how to lose weight without doing anything. Indeed, today peptides are used not only in professional sports, but among ordinary people who want to be slim and beautiful. Substances of this group act as stimulants of activity. This, in turn, stimulates the burning of fat mass and the withdrawal of excess fluid. We have already said that these are dietary supplements that are traditionally used in big sports. They increase the production of adrenaline, the very substance that is responsible for the work of the organism at the limit of possibilities. At the same time, athletes know that high loads are accompanied by severe nervous exhaustion and painful sensations, since muscle fibers have a traumatic property. All these moments are also leveled after you start taking these substances.

To date, there are two large groups of peptides:

  • The first is structural, which does not affect immediately, but gradually. They supply the body with a shock dose of amino acids, accelerate the growth of muscles and dry the body. As a result, you get a clean muscle mass without a fatty layer.
  • The second group is functional. The responses of the peptides( injections) accepted confirm that it is this group that effectively reduces body fat reserves. Under their influence, the appetite decreases and the rate of splitting of fat increases, immunity strengthens. Of course, in order to reduce weight effectively, it is necessary to exert some effort, increase the sports load and change the diet.

Which peptides are related to fat burning

It should be said that peptides are natural dietary supplements. You can buy them today at the pharmacy and at specialized health food stores. Of course, it is not superfluous to consult a doctor or at least a fitness instructor. The most known in terms of fat burning effect peptides-endorphins. The normal level of endorphin in the blood allows a person to keep the appetite under control and not overeat, and especially controls the consumption of sweets.

Perfectly proven in weight loss and leptin peptide. It reduces the body's hunger hormone. Feedback from peptides who received it, the course of such treatment is called the road to harmony. Indeed, for years people torture themselves with all sorts of diets, but can not achieve what they get after a series of injections.

In addition, Ipamoneril belongs to the fat-burning peptides. Judging by the reviews, under its influence fat is burned and the aging of the organism slows down, and sleep improves, and the mood rises.

If you are not only tuning to fat burning, but also actively training, then try HGH Frag 176-191.The responses of peptides taking on the mass indicate that this particular preparation is an excellent stimulator for the collection of muscle mass. In addition, it helps the muscles to recover more quickly under intense load. This is extremely important in big sports.

GHRP-6( hexaryl) is also quite popular, it stimulates appetite and burns fat, which causes the body to build up a dry muscle mass. Finally, you can recommend "Glucagon", which enhances the work of brain sites responsible for the development of adrenaline, and therefore, you can with renewed vigor to start training and achieve their goals sooner.

I'm sure you were confused by the term "hormone".In fact, these drugs are natural and familiar to the body, as evidenced by numerous studies, as well as reviews taking peptides. The hormone is not artificially synthesized, in addition, these substances have undergone pharmacological studies that have not revealed serious, side effects. These substances do not apply to anabolic or doping, so they can be easily used by athletes even before major competitions. There is still a very important property due to which peptides become increasingly popular for slimming people. Dropped pounds do not return back, as it often happens when you cancel a diet. reviews of peptide-derived hormone

Peptides and bodybuilding

The above effects could not but interest professional athletes. Moreover, hormonal preparations, anabolics and steroids have long been banned, and their use is fraught with disqualification. In particular, reviews of peptides taking on the mass indicate that under their influence, the production of natural anabolic hormones increases. This is, first of all, growth hormone and testosterone, which are extremely important for increasing endurance and the ability to train on the edge of opportunity. The effect of strengthening the regeneration processes is extremely important. In addition, it is very important that the drug points on problematic sites and mechanisms of cell division at the cellular level.

Pay special attention to the last lines. Reviews of those taking the best courses of peptides especially emphasize this their feature. Unlike regular hormones or steroids that are striking throughout the body as a whole, peptides are able to affect individual organs and systems. Thus, the effectiveness of the preparations is substantially increased, that is, training will give far more noticeable results. In parallel, the risk of side effects is reduced. reviews of peptides taking the drug

Advantages of peptides in large sport

Perhaps the most important is the relatively low price. We will specify: concerning other hormonal agents and steroids, the use of which really hurts on a pocket. The responses of the peptides taking the peptides are evaluated as very high. Studies were conducted in which athletes participated. One group took peptides, and the other received placebo pills. All of them evaluated their condition and effectiveness of training every day. As a result, the placebo group showed significantly worse results, which is a living proof that peptides play a big role in the lives of athletes. They are not as effective as hormone drugs, their effect is much weaker. But they are not prohibited by law and are freely sold in any sports nutrition store. In addition, with the help of these drugs, you can adjust and other processes that are extremely important for both the athlete and the average person. Peptides regulate appetite( and you can pick up those that reduce it, and those that enhance, depending on the tasks), improve the quality of sleep, strengthen immunity, normalize the emotional state and increase libido.

Today, very large bets are made on peptides. It is hoped that modern research will allow selecting such drugs that will only affect certain muscle groups. This will, in isolation from the rest of the body, act on the necessary area, and also affect the growth rate of muscle cells. Probably among our readers there are those who say that there were amino acid preparations before. Yes, there were, for example, BCAA.But, unlike them, peptides are not only a building material. These are active substances that are themselves capable of triggering many processes and influencing their intensity.

Types of peptides and their use

After reading reviews taken peptides, what are these drugs for, you can understand quickly. The load that rests on the athlete's shoulders is enormous, so it is extremely important that there is a drug at hand that will help to overcome it. In this case, their use does not differ from most drugs, these are the usual intramuscular injections. Do not cause any difficulties in the manufacture and storage of drugs. All vials are stored in the refrigerator and divorced before using saline. But with specific recommendations the situation is more complicated, we have already said that to date there are about 2000 types of peptides. Therefore, according to the frequency of injections, dosage and other universal advice can not be given, it all depends on the type of peptide and the individual characteristics of the body. However, we are reassured by the reviews of peptides. How to take, they are advised to ask in addition to the sports coach, and then armed with an insulin needle and make yourself a subcutaneous injection. Some of the drugs are very painful, others - quite tolerable, but for the sake of its purpose you can suffer a little.

One of the most accessible is the peptide HGH FRAG 176-191.One bottle of 2 mg will cost you 520 rubles. However, there are drugs that are much more expensive, for example, "Follistatin-344", its cost is 4790 per bottle 2 mg.

In addition, on specialized sites, you can see hundreds of different names, and each drug has its own characteristics. To understand a little, we again look at the responses of the peptides that were taken. The drug that would fit all, of course, not, but most often use combined courses, consisting of six or more amino acids. For example, the rate of GHRP-2 will cost in 1950 rubles. For a month, five such bottles are required. Surely you are interested in feedback from the course. Peptides act very well on the mass. In particular, after this course, according to athletes, appetite greatly increases and, as a consequence, muscle tissue grows effectively.

But the athletes went further and began to experiment with a combination of these or other courses of peptides. And the most effective among them were GHRP-2 + CJC1295 + Peg-MGF.Combined reception best affects the rate of growth of muscle tissue and the regeneration of ligaments and joints, as well as strengthening bones. Feedback from those taking peptides in bodybuilding suggests that it is this course that provides a reduction in fat tissue in the body. This allows you to achieve the relief of muscles, without reducing the diet of calorie intake and without conducting additional courses of "drying the body."reviews of peptide effectiveness

Side effects of

In fact, this is not a magic pill that is guaranteed to solve all your problems. But it is not so. Peptides are so huge that the market is oversaturated with fakes, and also completely useless drugs. In addition, the effects of peptides are so individual that they can not have any influence on you personally. But the most important thing in the other. Many of the peptides have the same side effects as anabolic steroids. This is primarily due to the fact that many of them affect the secretion of testosterone and insulin, as well as other hormones. As a result, you can get a violation of the work of their own secretion organs, and after the termination of the course, various violations will slowly develop. That is why the reviews of peptides( growth hormone) taken are far from uniform. Some received a fantastic result in a short time, while others - a referral to the endocrinologist and a long recovery.

Reviews of doctors

Official medicine says that the action of peptides is still not fully understood. Only basic properties are known, but how indirectly this will affect other organs and systems, this is a big question. Indeed, experiments were conducted that show excellent results. However, an attempt to repeat them on other groups may not fix weight reduction or weight gain, just the same situation can be if the peptide used earlier is changed. That is, to date, about the same is the game of roulette and peptides. The doctors' comments do not deny that these drugs can give good results. However, they have unpredictable side effects. And, worst of all, they can manifest themselves a few years after the course has been completed. Therefore, doctors recommend that you do not put experiments on your own health. It is much safer, though longer, to gain muscle mass through proper nutrition and exercise than to use peptides. Doctors do not recommend using these drugs primarily because of the difficulty in selecting the optimal peptide and predicting its effect on the body.

To summarize, I want to say that each of us wants to achieve his goal quickly and with minimal costs. Therefore, the idea of ​​taking steroids or peptides is very attractive. But first you should think carefully and consult with doctors, since the most important thing is to keep your health.