"Chlorhexidine" from acne: reviews

Modern women in pursuit of beauty and healthy skin resort to the use of many cosmetics. Among them there are cheap and expensive compounds, soft and aggressive. However, far from many beauties remember about such a remedy as "Chlorhexidine".From acne this composition helps many women. Women's comments about the medicine you'll learn from the article.

chlorhexidine from acne

What is chlorhexidine bigluconate?

Acne is used for this particular active substance. In the pharmacy chain you can find it under the trade name "Chlorhexidine" or "Miramistin".Pharmaceutical companies currently produce this product in the form of lotions, ointments, patches or gel. The consumer can choose exactly what suits him. It is worth saying that the price of such funds is far from minimal. While the usual "Chlorhexidine" is a mere penny.

Reviews of women report that 50 milliliters of miracle solution can be purchased for only 30-60 rubles. This attracts many of the fairer sex yet try this drug.

To whom and how can the medicine help?

What do the weaker sex representatives say about using "Chlorhexidine" medication for acne? Reviews of women claim that after several weeks of use, the medicine almost completely eliminates small and large pimples. Passes inflammation and redness. The medicine, unlike other compounds, can kill not only pathogenic bacteria, but viruses that affect the inflamed skin structure. The drug "Chlorhexidine" is an antiseptic and a healing remedy.

The drug "Chlorhexidine" from acne helps to get rid of any age. However, if the problem is caused by irregularities in the work of internal organs, then its application will not be enough. Certainly, the medicine will improve the course of the disease. But when the problem is hormonal imbalance or a violation of the intestinal microflora, the spread of toxins and so on, the medicine will not be able to give you the expected effect. That is why, simultaneously with the application of the solution, you need to undergo a check-up and still find out what the increased appearance of acne is.

chlorhexidine from acne reviews

Contraindications to the use of

What else can be said about the use of the drug "Chlorhexidine" from acne? The responses of specialists carry the following information. It is not recommended to perform such manipulations during pregnancy. Also, independent use of the drug by teenagers is prohibited. If you have skin diseases, you should consult your doctor before applying the solution. The drug may cause allergic reactions. Doctors do not advise using it for sensitive and fading skin, as well as when there is an increased sensitivity to the active substance.

chlorhexidine bigluconate from acne

Testimonials from experienced users of

About the drug "Chlorhexidine", women say that its action will be intense if the following rules are observed:

  1. Pre-clean the skin with a suitable agent and soft water. Hard water reduces the effect of the drug.
  2. Apply the described solution regularly, supplementing it with suitable means( cream, washing-up liquid and so on).
  3. Before use, heat a small portion of the drug "Chlorhexidine" in a water bath. After that, add a few drops of ethanol to the composition. In this combination, the effect of treatment will be many times stronger.
  4. Keep the closed vial in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding 20 degrees.
  5. Do not use after the expiration date.
  6. Before using, consult with a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

These tips are common. If you want more detailed and individual recommendations, then consult a specialist.

chlorhexidine from acne on the face

Feedback on how to use

How to correctly use the drug "Chlorhexidine" from acne? Women say that there are several ways of processing. This is a dotted application of the drug, lubrication of the entire face and treatment after cleansing the pores.

Doctors and cosmetologists strongly do not recommend squeezing out abscesses on their own. With such manipulation, there is a high probability of infection. In this case, liquid "Chlorhexidine" from acne can simply not help you. If you decide to clear the pores in this way, it is better to perform the procedure in a specialized room and only then proceed to the treatment of the skin with medication.

For single rashes, treat the inflamed areas daily. To do this, take a cotton swab and soak it in solution. It is allowed to carry out manipulation up to two times a day.

It is possible to completely wipe the face with this remedy only if the focal inflammations are plural. Such manipulation will help to clear pores and rid the derma from bacteria.

Feedback on the effects of

"Chlorhexidine" from acne on the face has long been recognized as an effective and affordable drug. Women completely abandoned the use of expensive lotions after they tried the described remedy.

The representatives of the weaker sex say that after a few days of regular application of the solution the inflammation becomes less. It is better not to squeeze it out. If, after rubbing, antimicrobial ointments are applied to the skin, for example "Levomekol", then the effect will be even stronger. Literally after two weeks of daily use of the available formulation of "Chlorhexidine" you will notice obvious improvements. The skin of the face will become more even and clear, the enlarged pores will be cleared and begin to narrow.

to wipe the face with chlorhexidine from acne


You have learned how to wipe the face of "Chlorhexidine" from acne. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to get involved in this tool. Once you have achieved the desired result, you need to cancel its use. If necessary, you can always resume the procedure. Do not make the drug "Chlorhexidine" with your daily lotion. This can adversely affect the quality of your skin. Take care of yourself, use proven and affordable means. Be beautiful!