Analogue of heptral - fiction or reality

In modern conditions, the appointment of an effective and accessible hepatoprotector, a substance that promotes the regeneration of hepatocytes( liver parenchyma cells), is often required to restore the patient's liver condition. Despite the fact that some experts believe that the ideal hepatoprotector is the same unattainable ideal as the philosopher's stone, there are real advances in scientific developments and currently heptral is indeed the most popular drug of its kind. But with the appointment of this drug in most patients, the question arises whether it is possible to find on the pharmaceutical market an analog of heptral, comparable with it on the mechanism of action and clinical effects and more affordable.

Heptral - clinical effects and comparison with other hepatoprotectors

The active substance of heptral is ademethionine, the amino acid of the human body, which has a direct effect on metabolic processes in the cells of the liver and brain, the introduction of this drug not only introduces an additional amount of amino acid into the body, but also stimulatesits production by the cells of the liver, due to which it turns out detoxification, regenerating, antioxidant, neuroprotective and antifibrinousystvie. In the pharmacy network, the drug is in two dosage forms - heptral injections for intramuscular or intravenous administration and heptral tablets for oral administration.

The analogue of heptral of domestic production is heptor, but this drug on the pharmaceutical market is presented only in the form of tablets for oral administration. Its cost is much lower than the cost of the original drug, but this drug can not even be attributed to generic heptral - in it the chemical formula of the original substance is not fully reproduced. Heptral contains a more active levorotatory isomer of ademetionine, whereas the heptor contains a levorotatory isomer, whose activity is somewhat less. In a sense, methionine itself can be considered as an analogue of heptral, but the use of this drug for patients with impaired liver function is practically useless at all - effective metabolism of methionine in liver failure is impossible, and this drug is often used only by beginner bodybuilders. In the treatment of patients with lesion of liver cells of any origin, it is necessary to use, not an analogue of heptral, but an original preparation.

Recommended application scheme

In any case, especially when the patient is in a serious condition, treatment with this drug must begin with the appointment of the drug "Geptral" intramuscularly or intravenously - the solution of the drug is very rapidly decomposed into the light, and therefore it is prepared by mixing two components( dry powder and special solvent) immediately before use. Simultaneously with the parenteral administration of this drug, adenomethionine should be taken inside - if possible, use an original drug or an analogue of heptral for which there is no injection form. The patient himself can choose which medication he will use for treatment, but it is the doctor's and the pharmacist's duty to explain that the difference in the clinical effects of heptral and heptor is noticeable, especially when treating severe liver damage.

The duration of the drug treatment depends largely on the stage of the treatment at which stage of the treatment - it must always be remembered that this drug has the maximum effect when the treatment is started early. In this case, complete restoration of liver functions is possible, but to preserve the result achieved, treatment should be repeated. When treating severe forms of liver failure, it is not necessary to expect complete restoration of liver function, but the general condition of the patient is significantly improved.