How to lower blood pressure without medication?

Arterial hypertension is a fairly common disease. To date, it occurs in about 10% of children and about half of people whose age exceeds 60 years. More susceptible to his appearance of men. At them the given disease develops much more often, than at representatives of a fine half of mankind. In addition, it is they who have arterial hypertension a little earlier. Naturally, everyone who has this problem wants to lower blood pressure. At the same time, not everyone knows that at the first stages of hypertension, you can do this without taking any medications.

Weigh the weight of

It is well known that it is possible to normalize blood pressure and pulse by decreasing the mass of your own body( of course, if it is excessive).At the first stages of hypertension, this method of treatment should become the main one for patients with a certain degree of obesity. It is established that with a weight reduction of 1 kg a person can reduce blood pressure by 1 mm Hg. It would seem that this is not so much, but losing weight by 10 kg will already allow to lower blood pressure by 10 mm Hg. In many cases this will be quite sufficient to forget about hypertension. For example, if a person has a blood pressure of 130 to 90, then when the weight is reduced by 10 mmHg, this figure stabilizes at 120 to 80 mmHg. To date, this indicator is the norm.

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You need to lose weight rationally. You should not allow too sharp a fall in body weight, as this does not have a very favorable effect on human health in general. The "gold" standard for today is the decrease in body weight per 1 kg per week. Such rates are considered simultaneously and quite soft, and quite operational, allowing for a few months to have a pronounced effect on blood pressure indicators. In this case, the patient is recommended to change their diet. He is offered to eat less quickly-assimilated carbohydrates, foods rich in starch( especially potatoes), fatty meat( pork, beef).In the diet must be a fairly large amount of greens, vegetables. From meat products it is recommended to use boiled chicken breast. A person is prescribed to eat at least 5 times a day, but in relatively small portions. In this case, do not eat 3-4 hours before the expected retirement. At night you can treat yourself to only a glass of yogurt.

In order to reduce weight, you often have to think about your lifestyle. The matter is that both the raised weight, and an arterial hypertensia are enough frequent companions of hypodynamia. This is due to the fact that without physical exertion, the tone of the peripheral vessels can be reduced. It is worth noting that with the help of physical exercises you can lower blood pressure only slightly. It should be remembered that during the physical exercises, the pressure in a person will increase, which means that the load on his body must be given consistently, without overtraining the untrained body. Over time, it will help lower blood pressure.