Composition Energy Diet. Features of the application and the effectiveness of functional nutrition

Every woman wants to learn to eat in such a way as to reduce their weight to the ideal, and then adhere to the achieved level. However, this is not possible to achieve all. Therefore, instead of pulling yourself together, turn to a professional dietician and enroll in a gym, lovely ladies prefer to pay money for a magic pill that will at once make them slimmer. Of course, Chinese capsules have long been exposed, and only those who do not worry about their health will be using them, but numerous cocktails are considered a variant of a healthy diet and only increase their popularity. Today, our goal is to disassemble the Energy Diet in detail, and based on this material, everyone will be able to make a conclusion about whether or not to use it. composition of energy diet

Is it so necessary to use weight loss and weight control cocktails

In fact, you can completely do without it. Although the manufacturers, of course, will assure us that this is the only way to quickly lose weight and not recruit it again. Rational grain is in it, enough to measure the required amount of powder and you get a finished product that contains a lot of protein and a little fat. It is possible to repeat this during the preparation of ordinary dishes, but requires certain knowledge, skills and free time. You will need to study the composition of the products that are on your table, and choose from them those that give you a good portion of protein, a few useful( complex carbohydrates), fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They will become an alternative to expensive cocktails. However, let's first understand what is included in the Energy Diet, and whether it is really useful for our body.

Sports nutrition, normal and Energy Diet

Today there is such a variety of all kinds of cocktails that you can really get confused, which one, for what is intended. So let's look together. The word "cocktail" has already merged in our minds with the concept of protein. However, this rule only works when we talk about sports nutrition. It's really a source of pure protein. Any food contains not only protein, but also fats, but the cocktail gives almost pure protein.

Normal nutrition is when we get all the vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates we need from conventional products. This is the most optimal and balanced option, as our body is adapted to digest the most diverse products. Finally, the third option. The Energy Diet is a balanced diet, that is, all the necessary substances are in a perfectly balanced form. In fact - this is really an ideal product, easily assimilated, not overloaded with extra calories and providing the body with the necessary energy. energy diet cocktail

Why the creation of such products

became relevant today. Indeed, store shelves are full of products, there is no shortage of anything, if you have a job and a steady income, then there are no problems with the product. However, the requirements to the quality of nutrition in humans are growing, and the modern food industry can not meet them. Most of the products that regularly appear on our table are empty carbohydrates, and sometimes mixed with fats. That is, food can be high-calorie, but can cause "cellular hunger" because it can not provide normal nutrition for all organs and systems. The composition of Energy Diet is a complete complex of all substances necessary for the body. This is especially true for those people who do not have enough time to prepare and monitor the balance of their diet. This low-calorie product, which gives you health and longevity, helps to establish all metabolic processes by providing all organs and systems with a full set of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Let's analyze the composition of cocktails in more detail, so that you will understand what exactly your organism receives. energy diet product composition

The first component is the protein

Many of us believe that protein shakes are the lot of weightlifters. In fact, most of the population suffers from a lack of protein. This is due to various imbalances in nutrition, the numerous diets that women so love. Correct this is taken by the Energy Diet. The cocktail consists of two types of proteins. These are animal proteins, that is, a concentrate of dairy proteins, as well as vegetable proteins, in the form of an isolate of soy proteins. Thus, the cocktail contains 18 amino acids, among which almost half are irreplaceable, that is the organism can not produce them independently.

Fats and carbohydrates

It should not be forgotten that these elements are no less important and necessary for our body, the creators of the Energy Diet complex realize this. The composition of the cocktail is really the embodiment of the old dream of many men and women. One product is able to provide the body with everything necessary, and it is difficult to overeat it, since it is dosed out in advance and also very well damps the hunger. This is facilitated by two different carbohydrates in the product. This is dextrose, which is immediately absorbed in the mouth and makes you forget about hunger. The second carbohydrate is starch and maltodextrin. It is digested slowly, that is, you will forget about hunger and desire to eat something delicious for a long time. In addition, such supplements exclude mood swings. composition diet diet


Despite the fact that the vast majority of people start taking this product as part of the fight against excess weight, lipids are the most important elements of our nutrition. And this is a big plus of the Energy Diet complex. The composition of the product includes soybean oil. And it's no accident, the fact is that it contains vitamin E, and in huge quantities. Other oils can not even approximately match with it. But this is a natural antioxidant, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Soybean oil contains more than 30 microelements, and is absorbed by 98%.

Fiber, vitamins and enzymes

And we continue to disassemble the composition of Energy Diet. Food is supplemented with fiber. Manufacturers are aware that our stomach can not digest only a liquid cocktail, so include gum from the grains of tare containers and inulin from chicory. Natural fiber is necessary for normal operation of the intestine, so it is not surprising that much attention was paid to this. In order for your body to function like a clock, it's enough to use Energy Diet instead of the main food( once or several times a day).The analysis of the composition tells us that this is a carefully thought-out complex that does not exactly harm your body. It is supplemented with a vitamin-mineral complex of 12 vitamins and 11 minerals. energy diet composition analysis

Natural antioxidants

In addition, I want to note the presence of cherries in the extract of acerola. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, and, in addition, a record for antioxidant, restoring action. As sources of group B in the composition of this complex is the royal jelly, the substance that bees stand out. Finally, the last component, about which I want to say a few words, is enzymes. The protein is digested hard, and these substances make it easier for him. That is, you get a full range of nutrients, which means cheerfulness and vigor, as well as ease and activity. energy diet composition of products

Some analytics of

Everything that we have told about this product, we know from the words of the manufacturers themselves, more precisely what they write in the advertising brochures. Whether this is the ideal product of the future, or the next panacea for problems with excess weight, is up to you. Equally how to buy or not Energy Diet. The composition of the products indicated on the packaging can say more than the colorful dithyrambs for promotional purposes. Let's dwell on this in more detail. You bought a jar weighing 450 g and costing 1800 rubles, and you were ready to learn the magic composition that will make you healthy and beautiful. And the first thing that awaits you is a slight bewilderment. First, the product contains flavors and dyes, baking powder and other additives, which should not appear to be in a quality product called Energy Diet. Analysis of the composition continues to surprise, in the first place( that is, on the site of the component, which is in the composition most) is soy protein. That is the cheapest source of vegetable protein, with the most inferior amino acid series. In second place, a fast carbohydrate - dextrose. It is absorbed very quickly, and with little physical activity can be delayed in fat. That is, for an office worker this is far from the best, that is, contributing to the weight loss component.

The third place in the composition of milk protein. On the one hand, it is a much higher quality protein than soybean, but its location indicates that it obviously does not dominate the composition. Finally, we get to inulin chicory, that is, insoluble fiber, which passes through the intestine like a brush, absorbing everything that is superfluous. But its composition is very small, only a fifth of the daily dose. Finally, soya oil is a very useful product, but practically the same properties are found in linseed oil and in many others. energy diet analysis of the composition

Let's sum up

Should I eat Functional Food Energy Diet? The composition shows that it is a mixture of soy protein, sugar and milk powder, which is sold for a lot of money. On 100 g of the product we get 37 g of low-quality protein, 44 g of carbohydrates, 9 g of fat and 6 g of fiber. The question arises as to why it is impossible to purchase a quality, sporting protein powder, enrich it with fiber, vitamins and minerals and spoon any vegetable oil? The result is similar, and the body will feel much better. In this case, you will spend even a little less, given the large packaging of professional mixtures for protein cocktails.