Instructions for use "Insty": indications, composition, description and reviews

In the season of colds, many people try to lead a correct lifestyle and prevent the development of respiratory illness. To do this, they rarely appear in crowded places, wear medical masks, take vitamin complexes and herbal teas. Unfortunately, not always such preventive measures prevent the disease. Therefore, at the first signs of a cold, doctors recommend using antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs. One of them is referred to as "Insty".Instructions for use, the price of the drug, its features and indications are indicated below. instruction on application of institute

Form of preparation, description, packaging and its composition

What form is inherent in the medicine "Insty"?Instruction for use says that this product is available in the form of loose brown granules that are packed in a sachet of 5.6 g. They are intended for the preparation of medicinal tea or the so-called oral solution. As a rule, in one cardboard pack there are 5 bags.

What does the "Insti" preparation( tea) contain? Instructions for use asserts that the active ingredient of this medication is a dense aqueous extract made from the dried parts of the following plants:

  • leaves and flowers of odorous violets;
  • bark of a white willow;
  • roots and rhizomes of licorice;
  • leaves the vascular adhatodes;
  • fruit of common fennel;
  • of Chinese tea leaves;
  • rhizome of medicinal valerian;
  • leaves of globular eucalyptus.

In addition, this product includes such additional components as cornstarch, sucrose and menthol.

Depending on the flavoring, the oral solution may contain coffee, chocolate or lemon flavors, as well as cardamom and anise oil.

Basic properties of the drug

Instructions for use "Insti" informs that this preparation has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, mucolytic and antipyretic effects. It is a complex medicinal product based on plant components. Due to their properties, the entire spectrum of pharmacological action of the drug is manifested. Instructions for use

Willow contains salicyin and trehulatsin, and therefore displays antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Due to the content of vasicinone and alkaloids in the adhatode of vasicin, it is characterized as an expectorant and bronchodilator. This substance helps to sputum, increases the mobility of the cilia of the epithelium( ciliated), and also exerts an excitatory and oxytocin-like action.

Violet includes essential oils and friedelin. This is expressed in antihistamine, expectorant, antipyretic and diaphoretic action of the drug.

Licorice contains asparagine, glycoside glycyrrhizin and flavonoids. This helps her to show expectorant, mucolytic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Chinese tea, which includes caffeine, theophylline and tannin, and therefore is characterized by a tonic, diuretic and astringent action.

Eucalyptus with its essential oils and tannins( in particular, with eidemol, pinene, myrthenol, cineol, pinocarvon) shows antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. It also adversely affects staphylococcus and streptococcus.

Fennel, which contains essential oils and dipentin, has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. Insty tea instruction manual

Valerian, which includes essential oils, ketones, alkaloids and saponins, reduces the excessive excitability of the central nervous system and muscle spasms.

The Insti instruction says that this medicine reduces the intensity of cough, improves the general condition of the patient and reduces the elevated body temperature. In addition, this drug contributes to the speedy passage of symptoms of tracheitis, rhinitis and pharyngitis. It does not lead to drowsiness and addiction, and begins to intensively affect the human body after a day.

Features of the drug

What else is notable for the drug "Insty"?Instructions for use asserts that this tea weakens such signs of intoxication, as excessive sweating, general weakness and hyperthermia. It is these symptoms that accompany inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, and also act as an antiseptic.

One can not help saying that this medication reduces the intensity of cough. In addition, it reduces the acute period of the disease to 4 days.

Instructions for use in pregnancy

Kinetics of the drug

Instructions for use "Insti" reports that such an oral solution is rapidly absorbed from the digestive system. It starts to work after 40 minutes. As an antipyretic, the effect of this drug manifests itself after 8 hours.

Indications for the reception of tea

Why use the drug "Insti"( powder)?Instructions for use indicate that this remedy is often prescribed for symptomatic treatment of colds, which is accompanied by severe headaches, nasal congestion, increased body temperature( usually up to 38 degrees), coughing, sore throat and other manifestations.

Contraindications to ingestion of oral solution

Instructions for use "Insti" informs that this tea is forbidden to use when:

  • breast-feeding;
  • hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients;
  • pregnancy;
  • at a minor age.

With caution, the drug in question is prescribed for increased blood clotting, kidney or liver disease of a serious nature, as well as diseases of blood vessels and heart.

Preparation "Insti": instructions for use

This medication is not prescribed for pregnancy, as well as during breast-feeding, even for special indications.

According to the instructions, the agent should only be taken orally. For this, the contents of one sachet are diluted with hot water. Tea is drunk slowly, in small sips. Insti for children

As a rule, this medication is prescribed for one packet three times or twice a day, after meals.

The duration of tea is 8 days. Further use of the medicine is possible only after consulting a doctor.

Side effects of

The instruction says that the drug in question is tolerated relatively well by patients. On the background of his admission, the patient may have allergic reactions, which are associated with increased sensitivity to a particular component.

Special recommendations

Is the "Insti" preparation suitable for children? Instructions for use asserts that this medication is not suitable for minors.

People sitting on a hypocaloric diet, as well as patients with diabetes should take into account that the medicinal granules contain sucrose. Insty powder instruction manual

If rales, increased body temperature above 38 degrees, as well as increased cough, sore throat, purulent sputum and rhinorrhea, treatment should be discontinued and consult a doctor. The latter is obliged to recommend another treatment regimen using the appropriate disease drugs.

Cost and similar means

The price of antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and mucolytic agent "Insty" varies between 180-250 rubles. If this medication is contraindicated to you, then it can be replaced by one of the following means: Cofanol, AnviMax, Asinis, Antiorzin, Antigrippin, Influnet, Aflubin, Influcid. However, before this, you should always consult a doctor.

Patient feedback about oral medication

Almost all consumer messages about this medication, provided all the doctor's recommendations or instructions are followed, are positive. Sometimes it can be met and negative feedback. Most often, they are associated with the need to assign a more serious therapy regimen using antibiotics and other potent agents.

There are a lot of questions about whether it is possible to use this drug during the period of gestation. Some experts say that this herbal remedy can not adversely affect the fetus, while others say that such a medicine is strictly forbidden for pregnant women. Insti instruction on application price

One can not help saying about other advantages of this medicine. These include its natural composition, availability, as well as low cost, the absence of side effects and the possibility of replacement with similar means.