Cheshko Veko: causes and treatment. Cheshut and scaly eyelids

The upper eyelid provides the protective function of the eye. If it itches, it is a sign that the body has an allergic reaction or is an inflammatory process. Most inflammatory processes cause irritation of nerve endings, so the skin begins to itch. There are several diseases, because of which the eyelid is itching. These include:

  1. Various blepharitis.
  2. Barley on the eye( the reasons for the appearance and treatment - these topics we will consider below) can have various forms. For example, internal barley.
  3. Abscess.

itches the eyelid

Let's take a closer look at each of these diseases.


This is a vast concept, which includes a great variety of diseases that cause the inflammatory process of the century. Such diseases include allergy, fungus, stomach diseases, weakened immunity and others. Blepharitis has various forms of percolation. They depend on the cause of the inflammatory process: allergic, infectious( this type is accompanied by golden staphylococcus), seborrheic. An important point is the provision of timely medical assistance, if it itches the eyelid. In the event that no treatment is available, the eyelid starts to thicken, then it turns red. Further, the upper layers of the epidermis exfoliate about the eyelashes. From the seal begins to emit a liquid that has a yellow tinge. There is a feeling of heaviness and intolerance of bright daylight. Since the eyelid is affected and skin detachment occurs, infection may occur in small lesions. Typically, this happens when combing the eyelid. When an infection occurs, blepharitis starts to be accompanied by ulcers, purulent formations develop, the skin begins to fall off together with the eyelashes.


If the eyelids are itchy, this can be an indication of the environmental effects. The skin of the eyelid is very tender and is characterized by the fact that it does not have enough moisture. Therefore, temperature changes, dry air, cold, heat can cause itching.

itches the lower eyelid

If the eyelids flake and flak, then, perhaps, they do not have enough moisture. Also, thin skin can easily be damaged due to constant blinking. Minor scratches begin to cause itching. Especially dangerous is the bite of an insect. This phenomenon also leads to the fact that eyelids and scaly eyelids. Combing can lead to the onset of inflammation. Factors such as insect bites, the use of decorative cosmetics, ophthalmic drugs, can cause allergies. This reaction, as a rule, is accompanied by the fact that the skin of the eyelids itches, as well as redness and swelling. When combing, the tumor can go to other parts of the face. Also, the allergy can affect the mucous membrane of the eye, which will lead to conjunctivitis. With such a disease, the eye turns red. Runny nose and cough are allergy symptoms. You should know that contact lenses can cause this. If it is noticed that the itching and redness cause these elements, they must be removed and not used until the ophthalmologist resolves. Usually, allergies are caused by soft lenses. The period of their wearing is two to three weeks. Also, the cause of the allergy may be eye drops. In this case, you must abandon their use. There are several reasons for the occurrence of allergies in the human body. These include:

  • heredity;
  • contact with allergen;
  • spring flowering or pollen of plants;
  • pet hair or other excretion, for example, saliva;
  • perfumes, deodorants( they can become a source of allergy);
  • medicines;
  • dust.

itchy skin of eyelids

A human tear can protect the eye from these sources of infection. But when their number is too large, it can not cope.

Barley on the eye. The causes of the appearance and treatment of

Barley is a purulent formation on the eyelid. It is formed by means of staphylococcus or due to other bacteria. As a rule, barley occurs with weakened immunity. Also, the cause of its occurrence can be an inflammatory process, which is present in other organs of man. Before the appearance of barley, itches the eyelids. Usually itching appears on the upper outer side. A seal in the corner of the eye can also form. This is also a sign that barley will soon appear. Further, a red seal builds up, inside which there is a barley head. If it is opened, then pus will flow. It is not recommended to do it yourself. You should contact the medical institution for all the necessary procedures for the removal of barley. When the tumor is opened at home, some microbes can enter the eye, which will lead to even greater health problems.

How to treat allergies?

If the upper eyelid is scratched, you should first see the doctor. Since only correctly diagnosing, you can assign the right treatment, which will lead to a rapid recovery of the body. It should be borne in mind that unpleasant sensations occur on the face. Therefore, any delay can cost a bad appearance. If the eyelid itches and an allergic reaction to external factors is suspected, then it is necessary to rinse it with water and change the room in which the person is. Perhaps in this room there is some irritant, which is the reason that the eyelid itches. It can be anything you like, like a pet or a houseplant.

Insect bite. What to do in this situation?

If you suffer from an eyelid bite, you need to drink antihistamine tablets. For example, "Suprastin" or "Tavegil".Place the ice on the place of bite. It is possible that a person will have an anaphylactic shock. In this case, you need to call an ambulance.

scaly and flaky eyelids

If itching occurs due to dry skin, you can moisten the eyelids with special cosmetic products.

A sign of allergy is the duration of itching on the eyelid. It can be difficult to identify the cause and yourself and exclude it from use. Therefore, it is recommended to go to a medical institution, go through the necessary examination and follow the recommendations and prescriptions of the doctor.

The best way to get rid of allergies is to eliminate the source of its appearance. Usually, the doctor prescribes special antihistamine creams that remove symptoms. Such means include "Tavegil", "Zirtek".Also, to ease the symptoms of an allergic reaction, eye drops are prescribed.

barley on the eye of the cause of appearance and treatment

If there are signs of disease at any stage for a century, it is necessary to carry out sanitary-hygienic treatment of the affected area. To do this, the tumor is treated with antiseptics.

Treatment of barley

Barley is burned with medical alcohol. In the event that the eyelid is infected with an infection, it is necessary to use antibacterial drugs. These include special drops and ointments. Also, eye dropping is performed with "Albucid".

Treatment of blepharitis

For the treatment of blepharitis, ointments containing corticosteroid hormones are used. Additional therapy may also be prescribed. It should be recalled that an important moment in the treatment of the itch of the century is the precise diagnosis of the cause of this ailment. It does not matter, the lower eyelid or the upper one is scratched, the main thing is to establish why this happens.

itches the eyelids of reason

When examining a patient, the doctor is likely to immediately determine the cause of such a phenomenon. But it is necessary to pass the appointed analyzes in order to be sure of the accuracy of the diagnosis. It is necessary to exclude those diseases that are not the cause of the itching. It should be remembered that disrupting the work of other systems or organs can cause redness and itching for a century. For example, eyelids can become inflamed with pancreatitis.


To exclude all of the above diseases, you must carefully treat the work of your body. Above all, observe hygiene. At the first appearance of itching on the eyelid, it is necessary to wipe it with antiseptics. This action will help to remove the itch. Next, you should carefully see if there is redness or denseness. If there is condensation, then you need to make an appointment with a doctor so that he or she can prescribe the necessary examination.

People who are prone to allergic reactions to flowering, it is necessary at this time to limit themselves to going out into the street, and if there are redness of the eyes and itching to take the drugs that they were prescribed by the attending physician.

Folk methods

In addition to traditional medicine, you can use folk remedies. Various herbs help with the weeding of the eyelids. It is well known that chamomile and calendula well relieve inflammation. Therefore, it is recommended to brew these fees and wipe your eyes.

itches the eyelids

This procedure should be done several times using a cotton pad. Wipe your eyes from the outer corner to the inside. Positive action in the fight against the inflammatory process will be the collection of plantain and cornflower. The most accessible remedy for relieving inflammation and itching from the eye is tea. You can brew the sachets of it and make a lotion on the eyes. These medications do not have any contraindications. Therefore, they can be safely used for children.

A small conclusion

Now it's clear why the itches are weeded, the reasons we listed. The article mentioned diseases that can manifest themselves in this way. It is possible that itching in the eyelid can be caused by an allergy. The article gave recommendations on the treatment of a disease. But nevertheless it is necessary to show a problem to the doctor, that he has spent necessary researches and has precisely diagnosed and has appointed or nominated a suitable therapy.