Reviews: "Traumeel"( injections).Instructions for use, description of the preparation

As a rule, medical workers prefer to treat the diseases of the musculoskeletal system in a complex way, in order to act immediately on all the pathogenic processes occurring in the body. Among the number of drugs, there is usually "Traumeel"( injections).The instructions for use contain full information about this product.

Composition of the drug

Traumeel is considered a homeopathic remedy in its composition. He is given preference in cases when it is necessary to treat soft tissue injuries: postoperative sutures, trauma, burns. The drug has a soft effect on the affected areas, as evidenced by numerous reviews."Traumeel"( injections) is a very effective medicine due to the large number of representatives of the flora that make up its composition. The components of the medicine are pharmacy aconite and mountain arnica, belladonna and virgin gammamelis, perforated St. John's Wort and medicinal daisy, pharmacy chamomile and comfrey, common yarrow and purple echinacea, calendula, mercury( mercury) and gray liver. All these components that make up Traumeel( injections) have a complex effect on the human body.

Pharmacological effects of medication

This is a multi-component homeopathic drug. The agent "Traumeel" has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and anti-exudative action. The medicine is able to quickly stop bleeding and remove puffiness of soft tissues in the affected area, to stop painful sensations, to increase the tone of blood vessels and to reduce their permeability.

Anti-inflammatory effect is provided by pharmacy aconite, belladonna and gamma-mielis, as well as St. John's wort and echinacea. Anesthesia occurs under the combined effect of the same belladonna and gamma-mielis, daisies and chamomile, calendula. Haemostatic effect is provided by yarrow, and under the influence of calendula formed granulation tissue. Arsenic mountain promotes resorption of hematomas. A good aseptic and tonic is a St. John's wort. Medicinal daisy can suppress a fever and participates in the processes of normalization of the general metabolism. Chamomile stimulates wound healing and has an anti-allergic property. traumel injections application

In other words, the principle of the effect of the drug "Traumeel" is its ability to stimulate immunological reactions by activating a clone of Th3 lymphocytes. The result of this influence is the normalization of the balance between cytokine antagonists in the zone of inflammation localization. This process is also associated with the weakening of such symptoms as pain, swelling, redness, dysfunction.

The combined effect of all these components quickly brings relief to patients( as reported by the reviews)."Traumeel"( injections) can rightly be considered an effective medicine that provides a positive result for a variety of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Indications for use

The scope of this medication is very, very extensive. According to the instructions for use, for the drug "Traumeel" indications can be as follows:

  • inflammatory and degenerative phenomena of the musculoskeletal system and eyes, eye trauma;
  • swelling following surgery or trauma;
  • inflammatory processes of the respiratory system( pneumonia, bronchitis, nonspecific processes in the lungs) and paranasal sinuses;
  • purulent inflammation( mastitis, fistula suppuration, trophic lesions);
  • gingivitis and periodontitis, otitis( chronic, acute);
  • painful sensations accompanying arthrosis, osteochondrosis;
  • skin lesions( boils, carbuncles, abscesses, eczema, etc.);
  • bone fractures, hemorrhages, bruises, dislocations, bruises, sprains, craniocerebral trauma and their consequences.

reviews traumel injections

As you can see, there are a lot of indications for the "Traumeel" medication. The injections, the use of which is indicated for a variety of diseases that have an inflammatory nature, are prescribed exclusively by the doctor.

Dosage and application chart for

In one ampoule of the drug "Traumeel"( injection solution) contains 2.2 mg of active substance. A single dose for adult patients is 1 ampoule. The drug "Traumeel" for children over 6 years of age is prescribed in the same amount. For infants of preschool age, use 1/6 of the volume contained in one ampoule.

Depending on the nature of the disease, the medication can be administered under the skin, intramuscularly, intradermally, inside the joint, using the biopuncture technique. In acute stages of the disease, doctors usually recommend taking 1 ampoule a day, with massive lesions the dose can be doubled.

For children suffering from ARI( of any nature - viral, bacterial, mixed), the ampoule solution is often prescribed for oral administration. In this case, the contents are dissolved in 50 ml of water and for half an hour before meals, 2 ml of the baby is dripped into the mouth. The procedures are repeated 5 days 4-5 times a day.

How else is Traumeel used( injections)?The instruction allows to apply it in the form of drops in the nose with sinusitis. The contents of 1 ampoule are instilled nasally for 3-4 procedures. During the day, the number of procedures, depending on the severity of the patient's condition, can range from 5 to 9 doses( approximately 2 ampoules).

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Pregnant women and nursing mothers use the "Traumeel" medication individually and as directed by the doctor in charge.

If the patient takes glucocorticosteroid hormones, then the dosage may be reduced with the use of "Traumeel".


Contraindications of the drug "Traumeel" include increased sensitivity to its components. It is known, for example, that a sufficiently large number of patients have an increased sensitivity to yarrow, a camomile, a perennial daisy, echinacea, mountain arnica or other representatives of the family of Compositae. Many consumers leave about this feedback.

"Traumeel"( injections) are not prescribed for patients suffering from tuberculosis, leukemia, collagenoses, multiple sclerosis. Do not use this medication for patients with HIV infection and any other autoimmune pathologies.

Side Effects of

Let's look at the side effects that occur after using the drug "Traumeel".Injections often contribute to the development of allergic reactions. You can rarely hear about the appearance of swelling, itching, and redness in the area of ​​the procedure. There have been cases when patients reported increased salivation after taking the drug.

If any undesirable effects occur, the medication should be discontinued and consult a doctor.

What should I look for?

Since the drug "Traumeel" is homeopathic, it can temporarily exacerbate the existing symptoms of the disease. There comes a so-called primary deterioration. In this case, as well as with the development of adverse events, the optimal solution will be to stop taking injections and see a doctor.

The speed of psychomotor reactions does not affect the drug, as well as the management of vehicles and other mechanisms.


The same medication is offered to consumers in a different form. The drug "Traumeel C"( tablets) is a sublingual drug. Its composition includes almost all the same components as in the injection. Lactose and magnesium stearate serve as auxiliary substances.

traumeel with tablets

Tablets are often prescribed as a component of complex treatment for inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system( epicondylitis, bursitis, styloiditis, tendovaginitis, etc.).In addition, the drug is quite effective in treating post-traumatic conditions, sprains, dislocations.

The standard reception scheme - 1 tablet under the tongue three times a day. It is best to do this a quarter of an hour before eating. If you are prescribed Traumeel C, take the pill for at least 14 days( sometimes more).Prolechivanie inflammatory processes requires a longer course( up to 1 month).

Ointments and drops

In addition to injections and tablets, there are still other forms of the drug. Drops( 10 times) are usually prescribed for admission three times a day, although with edemas a single dose increases to 30. The required amount of the drug is diluted in a teaspoon of water and, before swallowing, keep in the mouth for 1-2 minutes.

Ointment is rubbed into the affected area 2-3 times during the day( in acute stages of the disease can be more often - up to 5 times).It is acceptable to apply a bandage. Medical workers leave the drug positive reviews. Traumeel( injections, pills, drops, ointment) will be more effective if several forms are used at once.


For the drug "Traumeel" analogues( structural), having the same high efficiency, have not yet been developed. However, the medicament has such a large composition with many components that among the existing homeopathic and medicinal forms, of course, there are means that have a similar effect on the human body. To such it is possible to refer with confidence the preparation "Finalgon", "Nikofleks", "Naizer", "Target T", "Menovazin", "Biofreeze".

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How do I use Traumeel's drug substitutes? Analogues of the drug are prescribed only after consulting a doctor. Before using them, it is recommended that you read the instructions carefully.

Price range

The cost of the drug "Traumeel" depends on the form of release. For example, 5 ampoules of 2.2 mg will cost 700-725 rubles. If the treatment course is long enough, it will be more profitable to purchase a package of 100 ampoules at a price of 8600 rubles.

Traumeel C tablets( 50 pieces) can be purchased for 400 rubles( small variations in one direction or the other are possible).Ointment or gel( 50 g) pharmacy network offers at a price of 470 to 500 rubles. Homeopathic drops( 30 ml) can be bought for 530 rubles. Despite the fact that the treatment "Traumeum" is quite expensive, it is still very effective.

Opinion of patients and specialists about the medicine

The bulk of consumers who used this homeopathic remedy remained satisfied with the effect. The medication is able to fight a whole list of problems of the musculoskeletal system and a variety of skin lesions. To obtain the most complete information, the "Traumeel" medication always accompanies the instruction.

The price of the drug is quite high, and this fact is one of the drawbacks. If there is a long course of therapy, serious financial investments will be required.

traumel testimony

In addition, consumers say that the drug "Traumeel" is not always available in pharmacies. However, these factors do not in the least diminish its effectiveness.

One of the unexpected positive responses about the drug "Traumeel" was its effective use in veterinary medicine. Many consumers treated this homeopathic medicine for their pets( cats and dogs) who were seriously injured. And in most cases the animals recovered.

There are, of course, and negative feedback about the drug "Traumeel".Against the background of long-term use of this drug, side effects often develop in the form of edema, redness and itching. In most cases, this reaction of the body is dictated by individual sensitivity to the components of the drug. And since its composition includes more than 13 components, it is not surprising that some patients developed allergic manifestations.