"Euroclinic" on Krasnaya Presnya, 21: reviews, list of services

Center "Evroclinic" on Krasnaya Presnya, 21 is positioned as a beauty salon with some medical services. The clients are offered cosmetic procedures for face and body, as well as preventive, restorative measures for the spine, joints and veins.


Beauty salon "Euroclay" is located on the street. Krasnaya Presnya 21. Visitors are given a wide range of cosmetic and medical procedures according to the world quality standards. The modern equipment of the center allows for a short time to cope with many problems, such as cellulite, the second chin, withering of the skin and much more.

The staff of the clinic consists of professionals in the field of cosmetology, physiotherapy, osteopathy and other specialties. In addition to services in the field of beauty industry, visitors to the center can receive preventive and restorative treatment of the spine, joints, vessels. In the salon offers one of the leading services is professional massage according to indications or general health.

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The company "Euroclinic"( Moscow) offers such procedures and services:

  • Phlebology( varicose veins, lymphedema, thrombophlebitis, etc.).
  • Dietology( individual consultations, selection of the program, etc.).
  • Trichology( chromology, molecular therapy, injection treatment, peeling, acupressure, etc.).
  • Treatment of joints by the method of plazmoliftinga( arthrosis, osteochondrosis, ligament damage, bone atrophy, etc.).
  • Massage( visceral, anti-cellulite, certain zone, medical, etc.).
  • Cosmetology( plasmolifting, carboxytherapy, mesotherapy, phonophoresis, biorevitalization, etc.).
  • Treatment of the spine( kinesiology, osteopathy, massage, etc.).
  • Correction of the figure( hardware, injection, massage methods).
  • Contour plastic face according to the author's method.
  • Laboratory tests.

Gift certificates

General impressions of

"Euroclinic" in Krasnaya Presnya, 21 reviews with positive ratings from visitors received for the cleanliness, courtesy of the staff, attention to each client. It is noted that specialists very carefully approach to the diagnosis of the disease, the skin condition. Based on research data and laboratory tests, doctors make a verdict and build a strategy of therapy. Most of the clients are women and the appeals correspond to the main profile of the institution. Cosmetology, trichology, therapeutic massages are areas where visitors get the best results in a relatively short time.

"Euroclinic" in Krasnaya Presnya, 21 reviews with negative reviews received for high prices, the difficulty of getting the current price in hand, as well as persistent entreaties of the administration and doctors to pay for software maintenance.

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"Euroclinic"( LLC - limited liability company) offers customers procedures on modern equipment. The equipment of the center includes:

  • Vacuum-roller massage for face and body with the help of Perfect-1000.The procedure reduces the appearance of cellulite, simulates the contours of the body, provides facelift, improves blood circulation in the deep layers of the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, promotes relaxation, reduces striae and scars, relieves puffiness, etc.
  • Peeling equipment PowerPeel ES-921A.The device allows you to successfully fight wrinkles, conduct lymph drainage sessions, cleanse the skin, increase the tone of the facial muscles, lighten the pigment spots and freckles. Also, its use is indicated in the treatment of scalp and hair diseases.
  • The device for pressing therapy GT-9102 helps to cope with such problems as local fat deposits, edema, lymph circulation disorders, skin flabbiness, chronic venous insufficiency. Another direction of use is the prevention of thrombosis and varicose veins.
  • The es-t4 device for laser lipolysis is used for procedures for reducing and eliminating fatty deposits of local type - on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, etc. Its use is shown for the complex treatment of obesity, cellulite and as combined laser therapy in combination with other methods.
  • Radiofrequency lifting on the ES-R7 device( elimination of post-acne scars, improvement of complexion, increase of skin turgor, anti-aging therapy, etc.).
  • Cosmetological multifunctional combine ES-E6A.With its help, cryotherapy, microdermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling, bio-lifting, etc. are carried out.

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Gifts for loved ones

"Euroclinic" realizes a wide range of services and most of them, in the opinion of visitors, are of undoubted benefit. For those customers who want to bring a piece of care to their family and friends, the administration of the center offers to buy gift certificates of two denominations with a list of available services, namely:

  • A certificate worth 5 thousand rubles includes services for gas-liquid peeling of the scalp, pressotherapy and ultrasoundcleaning the face.
  • The certificate for 10 thousand rubles will provide the owner with a procedure for chromotherapy of the scalp, lipolaser, diamond peeling combined with massaging care and general body massage.

The services declared in certificates are much more expensive if they are purchased separately. Administration guarantees excellent performance of all procedures within the next 3 months from the moment of their purchase, with a later appeal, gift certificates are canceled.

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Positive feedback on

services Women, in a desire to preserve health and beauty, are ready to apply the most innovative methods, and often they are justified."Euroclinic" on Krasnaya Presnya, 21 reviews with positive ratings received for a full consultation at a primary reception with a specialist, a wide range of services offered. Some patients claim to have significantly improved the complexion due to injection procedures, peelings and massages.

There are also testimonials from those who undergo rehabilitation courses for the back. They believe that the masseurs of the center are doing miracles, thanks to their professional work, many women felt much better - the stiffness of the movements disappeared, the excess weight went away, the puffiness disappeared.

Many patients underwent a tridlifting and 3D mesonitis procedure. Feedback on effectiveness divided - some believe that a metamorphosis occurred with the face, the wrinkles were gone, the face oval became clearer. And some patients felt that they gave the clinic money - they did not see any result.

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Negative feedback from

Many women considered themselves to be victims of the company "Evroklikika" on Krasnaya Presnya, 21. The reviews tell about the unpleasant practice, which is not disdained by the management of the institution. In the reviews it is written that women are invited by phone to a free procedure, an important condition for the visit is the presence of a passport and the age of over 29 years. Some ladies after long persuasion agree to pleasant speeches and the opportunity to test previously unknown services.

Getting into the clinic, most of the ladies allowed the secretaries to take copies of their passports and sign an agreement on allegedly free procedures. In fact, it turned out that the services consist only in a conversation with a doctor, during which it was found out that the skin and health of the client are in a deplorable state. In this connection, the specialist offered a set of procedures lasting not less than six months with the payment being made this very second. Of course, most of the visitors of such amounts were not available and therefore they were offered to apply for a loan directly in the clinic, because the representatives of these organizations are in the next room and are ready to sign all the necessary papers. Some women agreed, but later very regretted that they succumbed to the persuasion of the managers of the company "Euroclinic".Prices for services in the center are high, and most patients have not been able to get most of the procedures, because either the clinic ceased activities, or the quality fell sharply after 3-5 sessions. And the loans had to be repaid long after the disappearance of the center.

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Merciless marketing of

To attract customers, there is another way that the management of Evroklikica LLC uses at Krasnaya Presnya 21. Reviews tell that potential visitors are invited to become a "secret buyer" in order to check the quality of the center's services, calls are received from a third-party organization,but the development of further events leads to the signing of credit papers.

Also in the center use a trick with an invitation to covert testing in order to then get on TV as a guest of the program "Health", sometimes mentioning the name of Malysheva, but ultimately the result should be a loan to pay for the services of the clinic. Another way to attract clients to the center is to provide services after writing a positive response on the Internet sites, most often leaving a review, the patient is offered a comprehensive service with a credit line from the bank.