Ciba Vision color lenses: reviews

Worried about the fact that the lens may not suit you, because the brown eyes are hard to cover with another shade? But such a task can easily be solved if a person purchases polymer products from the Ciba Vision trademark. Contact lenses of this company differ from others in that they are suitable for owners of any color of the eyes. And the look in them is always expressive and fascinating. Today we find out in what shades these eyeglasses are produced, and also what people think about them. colored lenses ciba vision freshlook dimensions


Ciba Vision manufactures 30 contact lenses. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of vision correction products. The revolutionary project was the polymer products FreshLook from the company Ciba Vision. Color lenses are produced both for correction of myopia, and for aesthetic pleasure( for people with good eyesight).

Such colored glasses replacements of the FreshLook range are produced under the following trademarks:

  • Colorblends.
  • Dimensions.
  • Colors.

Together with an ophthalmologist, a person can choose the model they like, taking into account such parameters as the color of their own eyes, visual acuity.

colored lenses ciba vision freshlook colorblends

Popular eyeglasses for all eye shades

Ciba Vision FreshLook Colorblends from the recognized developer are the most common. Such soft products are both with diopters, and without them. If the vision is poor, then these polymer products are selected with the necessary "minus".But if a person sees perfectly and wants to change the color of the organ of vision, then he can choose for himself lenses with zero diopters.

The peculiarity of this model of polymers is that the combination of patterns in them changes the color of the organ of vision in a natural way. Each shade is created uniquely: from mixing the three different colors you get a bright, juicy, but at the same time natural tone. Due to the dark rim of the lens, the eyes visually increase. They become more expressive, and the look deep.

These polymeric products are made of modern material - femfilcon, providing comfort when worn. These contact lenses have a special FL inversion indicator for proper installation on the eyes. And still such eyeglasses protect the organ of vision from ultraviolet radiation.

ciba vision freshlook colors

Lens shades Ciba Vision FreshLook Colorblends

Thanks to the wide choice of colors for these polymer products, anyone can change the tone of the eyes. Such eyeglasses are made in 12 colors. This is:

  1. Turquoise.
  2. Green.
  3. Blue.
  4. Brown.
  5. Gray.
  6. Silver.
  7. Rich blue.
  8. Nut.
  9. The Emerald.
  10. Honey.
  11. Purple.
  12. Blue.

Opinions of people about the model of polymer products Colorblends

Color lenses Ciba Vision specifically of this type deserve positive user ratings. People note that these polymer products are comfortable and easy to wear. The quality of such a substitute for glasses always remains on top. A large number of comments leave the owner of brown eyes. They rarely managed to change their dark eyes to green or blue before and make it amazing. But with the lenses of the Colorblends line their dreams come true. Now, the owner of dark eyes can experiment.

Ideal for light eyes

Ciba Vision FreshLook Dimensions are specially designed for people with blue, green eyes. This model of polymeric products of the famous company is presented in 3 shades. This is:

  • Blue azure.
  • The green lagoon.
  • Caribbean waters.

You can wear these eyeglasses only during the day. The period of their replacement is 1 month. By the way, these polymer products can go with or without diopters.

Color lenses Ciba Vision Dimensions are unique in that they have a carbon contour, due to which the eyes visually increase. A smooth transition from the transparent zone to the substrate creates an effect of naturalness and naturalness. Another plus of these glasses substitutes is that the unpainted area under the pupil is wide, so that the clarity of vision is not lost.

The cost of these polymer products is about 400 rubles per 1 piece.

colored lenses ciba vision

User Reviews of the Contact Correction Model Dimensions

Ciba Vision color lenses of this color model receive mixed reviews. Some people are delighted with them, others, on the contrary, consider them unsuitable for wearing. A discontent is based only on the fact that the owner of brown eyes, buying these polymer materials, remain unsatisfied color. It turns out some kind of incomprehensible combination of two shades, blurred, unnatural. But nobody says that these lenses are suitable for dark eyes. This is a tinted substitute for glasses, they will only fit for those girls or guys who have green or blue eyes. Such polymeric products make the look more attractive and deep. Lenses model Dimensions will never work for brown eyes. Therefore, it is important to consider this moment if a person chooses polymers for himself.

Ideal for brown eyes

Colored lenses Ciba Vision FreshLook Colors are designed specifically for people who are naturally brown or even closer to the black eye color.

colored lenses ciba vision reviews

The ruler of this model of polymer products is presented in such shades:

  • Gray.
  • Purple.
  • Blue.
  • Nut.
  • Sapphire crystal.
  • Misty gray.

These lenses, as in the previous cases, can be worn only in the afternoon. You can wear them no longer than 1 month. In the manufacture of these eyeglasses, a special "3 in 1" technology is used, which allows the application of colors that resemble an iris pattern. Thanks to this, the user has the opportunity to have a natural modified eye color. These polymeric products are made of the same material - femphilcon, which admits ozone admirably. A high water content( 55%) helps keep the eyes moisturized throughout the day. Also, such products protect the body from harmful ultraviolet rays.

ciba vision colored lenses

User Reviews of the Lens Model FreshLook Colors

Ciba Vision color lenses of this type receive flattering responses from the owners of dark eyes. Now people with natural brown color can experiment with other shades. The eyes in such lenses look natural, the polymers overlap the natural color of the organ of vision. The only drawback, according to people, is that they can wear no more than 1 month. Some users quickly get used to such beauty and do not want to part with these polymer products after 30 days. And buying a new lens every month is too expensive. After all, for 1 piece you need to give about 600 rubles. If you change the rules( once a month), then for the year you need to shell out about 15 thousand rubles. For most people, this is expensive, so some people contrive and wear lenses for 2 or even 3 months. Although this can not be done, because each product has its expiry date.


This article introduced the reader to such unique substitute glasses as the Ciba Vision color lenses. Feedback from users about the polymer materials of this company is mostly positive. In order to have no negative feedback at all, it is necessary to select these glasses substitutes together with the ophthalmologist.