How to survive abortion: stress and depression after abortion

Today, the issue of relationships, family and marriage is more relevant than ever. People are constantly in search of the second half, building a relationship based on the brick, seeking mutual understanding and love, in order to find an unbreakable union - the family. But there is another important issue in this topic - pregnancy. Someone is waiting for this state with impatience, someone just starts to think about children, and someone else is not ready at all or does not want to have children at all.

But sometimes it happens that a woman has to interrupt pregnancy. For what reasons? What you need to know about abortion and how to survive an abortion?

Reasons for termination of pregnancy

how to survive an abortion

If several decades ago such a procedure as abortion was not at all relevant, and somewhere it is even banned, then today women are increasingly turning to hospitals on this issue. And the reasons for this can be a lot:

  1. One of the main reasons for abortion is the unwillingness to become a mother. Most often this problem concerns young girls, whose life is only gaining momentum. Work, study, permanent employment - all this does not allow the girl to become a full-fledged mother. And besides, very often young couples are simply not morally ready for such a responsibility, and therefore their first step is to go to a medical facility.
  2. The second reason for abortion is the inability to provide a decent upbringing for a future baby. This problem concerns already more adult people who have just started building a career and are completely immersed in it. And as you know, to educate an individual person, you need a lot of energy, time and money. Responsible couples first of all prepare conditions for the future baby and only then make such a responsible decision - to give birth or not to give birth to a child.
  3. Another unpleasant situation for a woman is the presence of serious diseases or pathologies. Despite the fact that most diseases today can be cured or at least weaken so much that a person will completely forget about them, a future mother may have serious problems during pregnancy that can lead to a miscarriage. How to survive forced abortion? This situation is one of the most critical, because in this case, most often a woman wants to become pregnant, but can not, and this leaves a strong imprint on the psyche of the failed mother.
  4. And the last, no less difficult problem is the situation when a pregnant girl is already forced to terminate a pregnancy in case of having a pathology in the fetus. Of course, when serious diseases are discovered, every mother has a choice - to keep a pregnancy or interrupt, before it's too late. And each person has an individual attitude to this issue. Someone thinks that the just-begotten ovule must become a full-fledged little man in the future, even if it's sick, and someone decides to abortion so as not to torment the child and himself. The choice here is purely individual, but the fact is one - women who survive abortion, experience a huge nervous shock, which is not so easy to cope with.

how to survive depression after an abortion

Why do we look at each cause of abortion in such detail? The whole point is that, whatever the situation, after the termination of pregnancy, every woman passes through a difficult life stage. Depending on the reason for the abortion, a girl can calmly survive the procedure, and immerse herself in a serious mental condition - postabortny syndrome.

Postabortion syndrome

Postabortion syndrome is a mental disorder that can lead to deeper consequences - depression and apathy.

Symptoms of this disorder are easy to recognize. These include:

  • Obsessive thoughts that can lead to the emergence of anxiety, nervousness.
  • Reduced performance, unreasonable fatigue.
  • Reluctance to be among people, the desire for solitude.
  • Impairment of appetite, sleep disturbance.
  • Decreased libido.

It should be noted that these are the main symptoms that can mask more serious problems.

What could be the consequences?

One of the common effects of postabortion syndrome is the emergence of conflict in a relationship. Often a woman who has had an abortion has a dislike for her partner, especially if the decision to terminate the pregnancy was dictated by a man. But even if the decision was taken jointly, without pressure, then this problem can still manifest itself.

The cause of conflict may not necessarily be a problem in female psychology. Ironically, a man in this situation, too, may be prone to post-abortion syndrome. This does not mean the weakness of your partner's spirit. Psychologically, a man is also subject to experiences, only unlike women, the male half of humanity tries not to show his emotions.

Thus, sometimes the problem of post-abortion syndrome can be an unexpected phenomenon for both a woman and a man, which can lead to problems in the relationship.

And now let's move on to the issue of how to survive abortion.

An independent solution to the
women who survived abortion

problem. You can come to the solution of the problem in different ways. And if you start to notice any symptoms of post-abortion syndrome, do not be afraid: there are a lot of options how to cope with this problem.

Excitement about the operation in the first month after the abortion occurs in 90% of women. This is quite normal, and take the excitement for postabortny syndrome is not worth it. However, you need to normalize the condition now. How to survive abortion yourself?

Talking on the souls of

First of all you need to let go of the morally happened situation. Whether it is intentional or forced abortion. This may seem strange, but you need to talk to your unborn baby. How to do it?

You can use ultrasound images or simply imagine the fruit in your imagination. Do not be afraid to be frank. At this stage it is very important to release your emotions and experiences outside. You can ask for forgiveness, tell you why you decided to take such a step or what led you to it. Say everything that you have on your mind.

This may take a lot of time, and maybe even more than once, but this method perfectly helps to cope with depression in the first time after the operation.

It is especially important for the female body to observe the regime of the day. Pay attention to your lifestyle. Try to monitor food, eat more foods containing vitamins, more often go out into the fresh air. Try to go to bed on time and as little as possible to overwork.

to survive medical abortion

As often as possible spend time with your loved one and with your friends, do not shut yourself up. Once you return to the habitual way of life after abortion, you will notice that anxiety and nervousness recede, and your life is filled with colors again.

The help of a loved one

Every woman knows how important is the support of a loved one every day. What about the situation like abortion, which in any case is an intervention in the female body, which can become a great stress. Even if you carry out medical abortion, the drugs used usually have a strong effect on the hormonal background of the female body, which can lead to frustration.

how to survive abortion

In such a situation, the conversation and support of a loved one, whether your spouse or just a native person, is needed more than ever. It's great if your second half understands the gravity of your situation and wants to be close. But do not be afraid to go to the dialogue yourself.

Talk to your loved ones. Explain that you need support and you need to speak. Tell us about your fears and what worries you. Learn the stories of couples who survived abortion, talk with people who have gone through it. Spend more time together, for a while change the situation - sometimes just walk in the park or visit a place of cultural rest.

Talking heart to it with your man will bring more benefits than a dialogue with a friend or relative. After all, it is with this person that you are most strongly connected, and he is also involved in this situation.

Refer to


If you begin to notice that talking and self-hypnosis do not help, the symptoms of post-abortion syndrome are showing up more and more, you can not linger. How to survive an abortion if you notice that you are not coping yourself? It is necessary to contact a specialist.

how to survive abortion psychologically


The first doctor you should go to is the specialist who was involved in your operation, or your gynecologist. Why it is necessary to begin with him?

The most common cause of postabortion syndrome is a disorder of the hormonal background. Because of this, sometimes a woman herself can not determine how to survive a medical abortion and why anxiety does not leave her. In this case, the course of prescribed drugs and vitamins will help normalize the condition of your body, which can be assigned only by a specialist after studying the analyzes and features of the female body.


But if your physician has not found any problems with the body, you need to consult a therapist and find out how to survive abortion psychologically. How can this specialist help?

First of all, the therapist will determine the root of your problem and tell you how to survive abortion morally. Depending on the severity of the situation, the doctor prescribes certain medications( these can be conventional sedatives or preparations of a wider spectrum of action) or conducts psychotherapy.


And the last specialist to be contacted is a sexologist. Since abortion is a serious decision for both partners, on this ground, there are often problems in sexual life. One of such problems is the reduction of libido, in other words, the lack of attraction to each other. And this disorder can manifest both in man and in woman, therefore it is necessary to consult a specialist alone.

A doctor can prescribe drugs that not only allow you to return sexual activity, but also to understand the family problems that have arisen after the operation. An appeal to a sexologist will help to find an answer to the question of how to survive stress after an abortion.

how to survive stress after an abortion

You can not delay

The last thing to say about this problem is that for some reason many people do not want to go to the doctors and try to cope with the problem themselves until the last. But do not forget that if at the first stage of the disturbance you could not overcome it yourself, then you should not pull with the reference to a specialist. The longer you wait, the more deeply the roots of the problem deepen, and fixing them will be much more difficult. Do not be afraid to visit specialists. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can return to the habitual way of life.


Now you know how to survive depression after an abortion. Even the most serious problem can be solved, the main thing is not to be afraid to look for solutions. If you are wondering how to survive depression after an abortion, do not sit back.