Is there a cure androgenetic alopecia? Causes of baldness. Hair transplantation

Is it possible to cure androgenic alopecia? There are a number of methods that have proven effective in combating the disease. Let's consider what leads to the development of a malfunction in the body, how to stop the abnormal hair loss.

Risk groups

bald men As the results of studies show, at the age of 25 years androgenic alopecia affects not more than 30% of the stronger sex. In the fifth to sixth decade of life, symptoms of the disease appear in half of men.

Among women, pathology is much less common. Most often, the direct signs of alopecia here arise in response to a sharp change in the hormonal background. Approximately 30% of women develop the disease in the post-menopausal period.

Types of androgenic alopecia

There are several types of the disease:

  1. By type of horseshoe - the most common type of androgenic alopecia. The disease manifests itself sharply, intensified by the loss of hair along the entire circumference of the head. In this case, the rarest cover is observed in the frontal part, as well as in the temples. At the final stage of the pathology development, the hair and the parietal zone are finally released. If you look at the head from above, the bald area resembles the Latin letter U.
  2. . Like the nest, as in the previous case, the process begins abruptly and is accompanied by a profuse thinning of the hair throughout the head. The main manifestation is characterized by the appearance of an absolutely bald, rounded patch in the parietal zone.
  3. Focal type - bald areas arise in any order in any part of the head. In this case, bald spots are most often round in shape.
  4. Scarring alopecia can be caused by burns, exposure to the scalp of unfavorable radiation. In some cases, it is a consequence of the development of diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, leishmaniasis.
  5. Androgenic alopecia in men in a mixed type - simultaneously with the appearance of bald patches in the frontal part of the head, a round, hairless region is formed on the vertex.

Causes of the disease

hair transplantation The etiology of the most sudden, violent manifestations in androgenetic alopecia is still unknown. Therefore, when identifying the causes that cause pathology, experts traditionally consider a set of factors.

If we talk about focal alopecia, the occurrence of its manifestations often lead to severe stress. The formation of foci of hair loss can be observed also in autoimmune failures, intoxication of the body. Focal alopecia is often traumatic. In the latter case, baldness on randomly located areas of the head can lead to too careful tightening of the hair with an elastic band, resulting injuries, etc.

Bald men often have hormonal failures in the body. Violation of the balance between androgens and estrogen can lead to partial baldness. If this factor is present, hair loss is usually observed throughout the head.

Alopecia can be hereditary. In the genetic type of the disease, baldness is often manifested at an early age, and the only option is hair transplantation.

Symptoms of

Is there a cure androgenetic alopecia The first clinical manifestation of the disease is the formation of thinning hair throughout the head. After a month, the fallen hair can be completely restored. However, soon the process grows with renewed vigor, and completely bald zones occupy a much larger area. In some cases, the symptom is the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Medication for

Can androgenic alopecia be treated with medications? There are a number of medicines that have proven effective in combating hair loss:

  1. "Spironolactone" prevents the development of stagnant processes in the body, improves blood circulation and supplies injured hair follicles with nutrients. The drug is available in the form of tablets. It is used in combination with hormone therapy. A noticeable effect of taking the drug is evident for several months.
  2. "Minoxidil" normalizes blood pressure, activates the flow of oxygen to the damaged cells of the scalp. The drug is applied topically, in other words, applied directly to bald patches. For the manifestation of significant results, therapy takes place during 4-6 months.
  3. "Finasteride" activates the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is required in the body to strengthen the hair follicles. The drug is recommended for men and women who suffer from moderate and mild manifestations of androgenic alopecia. Take the drug daily until there is a noticeable effect.
  4. "Cimetidine" - the use of a medicine for alopecia is recommended to women. Its reception helps to block the intake of the hormone histamine in the blood, which affects the reduction in the effect of drying out the hair follicles.

Darsonval with androgenic alopecia

darsonval with androgenic alopecia Darsonval is a device that acts on the affected areas of the skin of the head with high voltage current, but low strength. There is no formation of heat in the tissues. AC action causes mild muscle contraction.

Is it possible to cure androgenic alopecia with darsonval? Short-term vasospasms that arise as a result of the use of the device, promote the improvement of blood circulation in the surface and deep layers of the skin. Thus, the effect of venous stasis is eliminated, oxygen supply to affected hair follicles is improved, inflamed patches of tissue are absorbed. A small electrical discharge also has a bactericidal effect on the scalp.

The result of the therapy with darsonval is the decrease in the saturation of the sebaceous secretions, the decrease in the activity of the sweat glands. It is these manifestations that are often the culprits of baldness.

Laser therapy

androgenic alopecia in men With androgenic alopecia, bald men often resort to laser treatment. It is most advisable to undergo a course of therapy in private clinics, which have modern, powerful facilities that make it possible to achieve remarkable results in a short time. The home alternative to such devices are the so-called laser combs. The advantage of the latter is the possibility of conducting treatment at any convenient time, as well as saving money on attending special procedures in medical centers.

Hair transplantation

medicines for alopecia People who have a hereditary form of alopecia resort to transplanting their own hair. The application of the method makes it possible to restore the former density of the hair cover also in those cases, if none of the above methods of therapy yielded a result.

During the procedure, healthy hair bulbs are transferred surgically from the lateral areas and the occipital region of the head to bald areas. The result is the preservation of normal hair growth throughout life, provided that the transplanted follicles have taken root in a new place.

Today, as an alternative to the procedure, scientists are developing methods of cloning hair for the purpose of their subsequent transplantation to various patients.


abnormal hair loss Currently, many men and women are trying to find the answer to the question: is it possible to cure androgenic alopecia? In fact, it is easier to eliminate the problem at its first manifestations, rather than resort to long-term complex treatment.

If you detect symptoms of androgenetic alopecia, it is worthwhile to ensure proper hair care. First of all, to clean the head should get quality shampoos, using warm water at a temperature of no more than 40 and at least 35 ° C.To dry hair is not recommended to use a hair dryer. Since moist follicles are more fragile, do not comb wet hair.

Prevent fallout allows proper nutrition. To supply tissues with useful substances, the majority of the diet should consist of fresh vegetables and fruits. A prerequisite for preventing the development of alopecia is the use of protein foods: lean meat, fish, eggs, fermented milk products. It is believed that the abundant intake of vitamins, carbohydrates and trace elements in the body significantly slows down the development of processes that affect the decrease in the strength of hair follicles.

To prevent hair loss, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of too sweet food, smoked products, alcohol. You also need to avoid stressful situations. At the first manifestations of alopecia it is necessary to undergo examination at a dermatologist or trichologist.

In conclusion

As practice shows, the effectiveness and results of therapy for androgenetic alopecia depend on the stage of development of the process and the time of treatment to a specialist. Unfortunately, pathology is characterized by rapid development. Therefore, in treatment, the account always goes for months.