Maternity hospital No 4 in Tomsk: address, conditions of stay and reviews

The choice of maternity hospital needs to be done even during pregnancy. A woman should be confident in the quality of the services provided, equipment and skills of doctors. Therefore, future parents often monitor all medical institutions for this profile in their locality and not only.

Roddom № 4 in Tomsk has on its base all the necessary equipment. It creates comfortable conditions for patients to stay in all departments. Professional obstetricians-gynecologists work here, who by virtue of their experience are ready to accept births of any complexity.

Where is it and how does it work?

Maternity hospital № 4 is located on the street. S. Lazo, 5. All departments of the medical institution are located at this address. There is a hospital in the hospital around the clock. Women's consultation takes patients Monday through Friday from 8.15 to 17.00.

4 maternity hospital in Tomsk

You can make an appointment with the right person by calling the Registry office of the maternity hospital № 4 in Tomsk. Here, the consultants

will tell you about the schedule for receiving doctors and the services they provide.

Obstetric department of the pathology of pregnancy

There are two forms of stay during the treatment of patients. Women can be in the day hospital if the state of health allows. Until 14.00-16.00 they go through all the necessary procedures and go home at night.

And also patients can be in the department around the clock. Thus, they are monitored continuously and medical care can be provided at any time.

There are women who have different pathologies during pregnancy. In the department they undergo qualitative examination:

  • ultrasound with doppler;
  • ECG;
  • daily monitoring of cardiac pressure and rhythm;
  • cardiointervalography.

4 maternity hospital schedule Tomsk

In the maternity hospital № 4 of Tomsk there is a modern laboratory around the clock. It can carry out various studies:

  • clinical;
  • biochemical;
  • immunological;
  • bacterial.

The hospital is successfully used in the treatment of a pressure chamber, plasmapheresis, therapeutic exercises in a equipped gym.

Obstetric and maternity ward

Pregnant women are accepted around the clock, and there is a separate reception unit for this. There are 7 maternity rooms and two operating rooms in the department. Everywhere is installed equipment that meets modern requirements for the quality of medical care for both mothers and babies.

4 maternity hospital in Tomsk

Maternity hospital No 4 in Tomsk permits the stay of a husband or other relatives during the period of labor and attempts. A woman, if she wishes, can choose a "vertical" type of delivery.

In a medical institution, analgesia is widely used with the help of epidural anesthesia. The department conducts both scheduled and emergency cesarean sections. The child after birth is immediately applied to the breast of the mother, if she is conscious and no general anesthesia has been used.

All chambers in the department have fresh repairs and comfortable conditions for mother and child stay. Most of them are individual, but there are several designed for 3 people.

With favorable health indicators for a woman and a baby, the discharge is scheduled for 3-4 days after delivery.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Children who are born before the term or have other pathologies are placed in special boxes, where they are monitored around the clock by neonatologists.

Continuous monitoring of vital functions makes it possible to assess the situation every minute. The hospital uses the most modern apparatus for artificial ventilation. Thus, the risk of complications from the respiratory system after leaving it is minimal.

Mothers are allowed to stay with children in the intensive care unit at any time of the day. After improving the health of newborns and with a positive dynamics of weight gain, children with women are transferred to a joint stay in the ward.

Paid services

In the hospital it is possible to service patients on special conditions. Paid services can be used by women who do not have a policy or want to receive counseling and have a diagnosis without referral to a district gynecologist.

maternity hospital 4 in Tomsk

And also for payment under the price-list can be observed and give birth to patients who do not have Russian citizenship. You can go to the home of an obstetrician-gynecologist by a pre-arranged contract.

In the registry of the maternity hospital № 4 in Tomsk, consultants will be able to tell in detail about this type of services provided. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

Maternity hospital No 4 in Tomsk: feedback from

Many positive comments on the Internet about the work of this medical institution. The mothers are satisfied with the equipment of the clinic and the qualifications of the doctors. Women note that in the waiting room the registration of patients is carried out quickly and they are sent immediately to the departments.

And also pregnant women are pleased with the possibility of natural births here after the first cesarean section. After a full examination of a woman, she is given such a chance. At the same time, the presence of relatives is allowed, so that the patient feels more confident.

maternity hospital 4 Tomsk reviews

From negative reviews, it can be noted not always a tasty and varied food, as well as a rough attitude towards women from the junior staff of some duty brigades.

There are comments, which indicate the inconvenience of beds in the common chambers. Another disadvantage of the patient is the frequent ban on visits by relatives in the wards. Thus, we have to leave the child alone and go out into the corridor for the transfer.

And also not always the schedule of doctors in the hospital № 4 in Tomsk coincides with the actual schedule of admission. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a visit to a specialist in advance.