The city of Karaganda, the clinic "Merey": a high-precision examination of the body

Merey Medical Clinic is a new multidisciplinary center in the territory of Kazakhstan, which provides services to the population at the European level. Assistance to patients is provided according to the rules of modern evidence-based medicine of the 21st century.

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Services of the

clinic The Republic of Kazakhstan has long been renowned for its quality of medical services, and Karaganda is no exception. The clinic "Merey" confirms this.

The most important and priority direction of the clinic is gynecology and the study of female health. The list of medical institution services includes examination and treatment of gynecological diseases at any level. In addition, the main direction of the clinic is the management of pregnancy. On weekdays, the clinic specialists conduct the reception of citizens from 9-00 to 18-00.

Ultrasound examination is carried out as prescribed by the doctor, and without it. Examinations of the abdominal cavity, joints, internal organs, genitourinary system, etc. are carried out. The research is carried out by modern apparatuses of ultrasonic diagnostics Medisson.

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In addition, the institution employs qualified specialists who perform examination and diagnosis of the kidneys. This includes tests for the detection of pyelonephritis. I would like to emphasize the qualitative work of the hemodialysis department and Abbot laboratory system, which Karaganda can boast of. Clinic "Merey" carries out the removal of toxic substances from the bloodstream in case of renal insufficiency.

Advantages of the Merey clinic

The accuracy of the survey results is achieved through the use of modern equipment from the European firm Abbot. The city of Karaganda, Kazakhstan as a whole, has only recently concluded a contract with a medical company whose research is widely known in the field of health.

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Abbott is a well-known company in Europe, whose activities are aimed at helping people who dream of health. The firm is engaged in the creation of special analyzers A RCHITECT, which have the following advantages:

  • The ability to pass tests in the shortest time without waiting for a queue.
  • Guarantee of anonymity.
  • Use of high quality reagents for analysis. Such an advantage can not boast of every medical institution, even in a city like Karaganda. The clinic "Merey" has this distinctive advantage.
  • Repeated blood collection is not required for additional studies.

Why should I contact Merey?

The medical clinic "Merey" concluded a cooperation agreement with the leading centers in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This means that if there are doubts about the reliability of the results of the test, the tests can be retested.

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In addition, 24 hours a day in the online mode, the laboratory work of this institution is carried out.

The Merey Clinic provides its visitors with a wide range of medical services. Specialists of the medical institution regularly attend refresher courses in the capital's centers and on numerous internships throughout the country. This institution is rightly proud of Karaganda. Clinic "Merey" takes the leading place among medical institutions of this level.