Fillers under the eyes: reviews, photos before and after

With age, the fairer sex increases the number of wrinkles. Many girls, wanting to cope with this problem, acquire a large number of creams and masks. It's no secret that they do not relieve wrinkles, but only maintain the former state of the face. Recently, many girls turn to cosmetologists and inject fillers under the eyes. Is this procedure effective? Will it help to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes?

History of

Fillers appeared in Germany at the end of the 20th century. At first, the German physicians introduced to everyone under the skin not a special preparation, but the most common fat. This allowed to get rid of wrinkles in all problem areas. Over time, the Austrian doctor recognized this finding. He carefully studied it and suggested replacing fat with paraffin. Because of this, people suffered significant facial defects and facial expressions. It is for this reason that it was decided to find the most suitable and safe material.

In the 40s of the XX century, silicone gel was actively used. However, after a while he was banned because he was extremely dangerous to health. In 30 years, synthetic fillers under the eyes were actively used. They included paraffin and silicone. It is worth noting that synthetic drugs could only be removed surgically. In 2003, fillers were created, which are known to us today. Their main component is hyaluronic acid. Such injections allow you to completely get rid of wrinkles, and also significantly improve the skin condition. With proper use, such drugs are absolutely safe for health.

Types of fillers

If you want to introduce fillers under the eyes, then first of all you need to find out all sorts of information about their features. Very few people know, but there is a wide variety of injections. All of them have advantages as well as disadvantages. fillers under the eyes

The most expensive and high-quality are those fillers, the effect of which persists throughout life. It is worth noting that their composition includes synthetic materials. Another type of filler is biosynthetic. As a rule, they contain biological components. Their use can cause serious complications. That is why biosynthetic fillers are not in demand.

The lipofilling eye filler consists of the fatty layer of the patient himself. Typically, this method is used in the event that the girl has an allergic reaction to other drugs. The most popular form of fillers are those injections that contain hyaluronic acid in their composition. It is easily absorbed by the body and has a minimum amount of contraindications. It should be noted that the fillers under the eyes are selected exclusively on an individual basis. It is for this reason that before the procedure it will be necessary to visit an allergist, cosmetologist and surgeon.

Indications for the procedure

It's no secret that absolutely every girl wants to stay young and attractive for as long as possible. Today, there are a huge number of drugs, creams and masks, which, according to their creators, will completely eliminate wrinkles. Unfortunately, not all are effective. Are the injected fillers effective under the eyes? Photos before and after the procedure demonstrate that the remedy is sufficiently effective.

It is worth noting that first of all injection fillers will please those girls who want to completely get rid of wrinkles. As we said earlier, the procedure also allows to increase the elasticity of the skin. This is an undoubted advantage for most girls. There are also fillers for the lips. As a rule, they are introduced into the middle layer of the skin. Thanks to them you can change the shape and volume of the lips. fillers price


It's no secret that absolutely any procedure has contraindications. Before deciding on the introduction of fillers, be sure to study all the positive and negative qualities of the injection. Like any other procedure, correction by fillers should never be done during pregnancy and lactation. If you have an allergic reaction to something or you often come across herpes, then you should treat the injections with caution. We strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified doctor before the procedure.

Few people know, but if a girl has previously resorted to the use of synthetic fillers, then in the future it is forbidden to do injections. Contraindications also include infectious diseases. Filler correction is a serious step that not every woman can decide. We strongly recommend that before contacting a beautician, talk with girls who have already gone through this procedure.

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid

There is a wide variety of eye fillers. The most popular are those drugs that contain hyaluronic acid. With the help of such injections, you can get rid of wrinkles, improve the skin condition and eliminate a number of its shortcomings. Often, girls also choose fillers for the lips. Fillers under the eyes of the photo before and after

Hyaluronic acid has several advantages. It quickly enough takes an organism, and the effect of such a procedure can be noticed after a day. It is worth noting that the result is maintained for two years. Plastic fillers based on hyaluronic acid will help not only to eliminate wrinkles under the eyes, but also to change the face oval, contour of the nose and chin. It is worth noting that such drugs can be divided into two categories: monophasic and biphasic. The first are used much more often, because they are the most safe for the body.

The most high-quality and popular fillers

Not every girl can decide to introduce fillers under the eyes. Photos before and after the procedure you can find in our article. They will come up with the idea: do you need this? It's no secret that injection is a serious and responsible step. In our article you can find information about the most high-quality preparations.

As mentioned before, the best face correction drugs are those that contain hyaluronic acid. Few people know, but depending on the composition of injections, the effect of them can persist for up to 10 years. The best fillers not only allow you to get rid of wrinkles, but also significantly improve the skin condition.

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The most popular drug is Restylane. It contains hyaluronic acid. The effect of such an injection persists for eight months. Restylane has many positive qualities. Gel is unusually mobile. It is for this reason that it is easily adjusted and does not change facial expressions.

Another popular filler is "YUVIDERM".The drug was developed in France and contains hyaluronic acid in its composition. The undoubted advantage is that its action does not cause any immune reactions. We strongly recommend that before deciding to take a serious step and go to a profile medical professional, you should study all information about the procedure and choose the safest drug.

The price of the procedure

To get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, many girls decide on plastic fillers. It is worth noting that a considerable role in choosing an injection is played by price. The cost of the procedure depends on many factors. First of all, this is the duration of the effect. If you want the result from the injection to persist for 5-10 years, then you will need to give about 70,000 rubles for 1 milliliter of the drug. Fillers have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The price of drugs, the effect of which persists to three years, is 9-30 thousand rubles. Cost directly depends on the quality of the injection and its manufacturer. plastic fillers

Negative feedback on the correction with the help of fillers

It's no secret that a large number of girls are unhappy with their appearance. With age, they have wrinkles, from which you can get rid by plastic fillers. Such a procedure, as we said earlier, has a mass of both positive and negative qualities. A large number of girls claim that they formed swelling and bruising after fillers. Comments from those who tried the procedure differ. Experts say that small lesions appear in those girls who have thin and light skin. Such side effects will disappear within five days after the procedure.

Often there are serious allergic reactions. As we said earlier, such a predisposition is for those girls who had previously encountered a similar problem. We strongly recommend that before deciding on plastic fillers, consult your doctor. Thanks to this you will protect your health, avoiding many side effects.

Positive Feedback on the procedure

The area around the eyes is a zone that is one of the first to undergo aging. It is for this reason that the girls most often correct this part of the face with the help of fillers. Most people who tried the drug on themselves, say that injections not only helped them get rid of wrinkles around the eyes, but also significantly improved the skin condition. It has become softer, more supple and well-groomed. It is worth noting that girls who complained of excessively dry skin, completely got rid of this problem after the injection. Analyzing all the information that is located in our article, we can conclude that fillers will not only help get rid of wrinkles, but also significantly improve the skin condition.

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Skin care after the procedure

After plastic fillers it is important to take care of the skin properly. Thanks to this, the effect of the procedure will be maintained for as long as possible. If you recently got rid of wrinkles in the eye area, then the first time you need to follow a strict diet. To avoid allergic reactions, avoid eating sweet, salty and spicy. An important factor is also a careful attitude to the skin. Until the edema recedes after the introduction of the filler, in no case should you use powder and tonal remedies. Adhere to all the recommendations that are given in the article. And the effect of the procedure will last as long as possible.

To deal with what problems fillers are used?

Fillers are used to deal with a wide variety of problems. The price of the procedure, unfortunately, is relatively high. Few people know, but fillers are used in cosmetology and plastic surgery to deal with many shortcomings. Thanks to them, you can get rid of wrinkles, change the shape and volume of the lips, tighten the skin and change the face oval. Recently, fillers are becoming more popular. This is not accidental, because this procedure has almost no drawbacks and side effects. If you want to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, then such injections you just will like. after filler reviews

Summing up

It's no secret that absolutely every girl wants to stay young and attractive as long as possible. It is for this reason that every member of the fairer sex has a whole arsenal of cosmetics. Recently, injection with fillers is very popular. This is natural, because the effect of this procedure is maintained for 2-3 years. If you decide to inject, then we strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor and study all the information that is given in the article. This will allow you to look as young and beautiful as possible.