"Acetal C 600 mg": instructions, indications for use, reviews

"Acetal C 600 mg", the instruction to which is given in this article, is a very effective bronchosecretory, expectorant and mucolytic agent with anti-inflammatory activity.

Composition of the preparation

One tablet of the drug "Acetal C 600 mg"( the instruction is described in detail later) contains 600 mg of acetylistein, which is the main active substance.

acetal with 600 mg instruction

The following additional components can also be found in the preparation: peppermint oil, aspartame, citric acid, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide.

The dosage form of the preparation

"Acetal C 600 mg", the instruction to which is described in this article, has the form of white tablets. Each pill has an elongated shape and a biconvex surface. This drug has a pronounced smell of mint. Sometimes a marble shade can be seen on the tablets. This is considered the norm.


The preparation "Acetal C 600 mg", the instruction to which is given in this article, has the main active ingredient acetylcysteine, which has mucolytic and mukokinetic effects, getting into the bronchi. Due to the flow of special processes, the active substance splits sputum and helps to reduce the viscosity of mucus. This drug is often used for colds. Active components dilute sputum and significantly increase its amount.

with dry cough

In addition, "Acetal C", whose price fluctuates around two hundred to three hundred rubles, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, the development of inflammatory processes in the lungs and bronchi is suspended. By the way, doctors recommend these pills and in the presence of purulent sputum. If you use the medicine as a preventive measure of safety, you can minimize the risk of getting severe exacerbations.

"Acetal C": indications for the use of

"Acetal C" is very often used by patients for the treatment of diseases associated with the respiratory system. This includes pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis and other viral and bacterial infections. Also, the pills proved to be effective when used after surgery and serious injuries. Sometimes the remedy is used for paracetamol poisoning syndrome.

Are there any contraindications to the use?

Please note that "Acetal C" can not be used in all cases, therefore, before using it, consult your physician. Note that you can not use the drug if you have seen allergic reactions to at least one of the components of the drug.

for colds

Also, do not take the pill if there are ulcers of the digestive system. The instruction does not recommend taking medication in the presence of liver, kidney, pulmonary hemorrhage and incorrect absorption of galactose and glucose.

Safety measures when using

"Acetal C", which can be read about in this article, are not recommended for patients with liver and kidney disorders, as this can lead to increased absorption of nitrogenous substances.

Scientists have seen several cases of negative skin reactions, such as Lyell's syndrome and the Stevens-Johnson reaction. If any negative reactions occur on the skin, you should immediately contact your doctor and immediately stop using the drug.

With special care and under the supervision of a doctor, you can take pills for patients with bronchial asthma and ulcers. In these cases, you can use the medicine, but only if you periodically take the tests.

But patients with intolerance to lactose and galactose can not use the remedy categorically.

acetal with price

Please note that the medication may have a poor effect on persons with phenylketonuria, since the tablets contain aspartame, which has a negative effect on such patients.

Can I use pregnant and lactating women

Use of "Acetal C" for dry cough for pregnant and lactating women is not recommended, since, unfortunately, studies have not been conducted for this group of people. Therefore, if you can not refuse to take the drug, then you need to stop breastfeeding.

Use of the drug for dry cough in children

These tablets can be administered to children of different age categories. However, patients who are under the age of two, to appoint acetylcysteine ​​should be used with extreme caution. This is done only in a hospital environment under the close supervision of doctors. The drug, which contains 600 mg of active substance, is not recommended for children under fourteen.

Babies at the age of two to six years can use the medicine in the form of a powder containing 100 mg of active ingredients. Children from six to fourteen years of age can increase the dosage to 200 mg.

Dosage and route of use

Tablets and Acetal C powder for colds should be used according to the instructions for use and the recommendations of the treating physician.

The drug is used orally after a meal. The tablet can be swallowed whole or in a grinded form, washed down with a lot of water. You can not chew the pill in your mouth. By the way, if this method of application is unacceptable for you, then you can dissolve the pill in a glass of water.

acetal with 600 mg powder instruction

"Acetal C 600 mg" instruction( powder) recommends taking children and adults two times a day.

Note that the mucolytic effect of the drug increases with a high fluid intake. The length of the course of treatment depends on the symptoms of the disease and the general well-being of the patient. Each case is determined individually.

In patients with chronic bronchitis, treatment can take a long enough period. At the same time it is necessary to be constantly observed at the attending physician.

Cases of overdose

To date, there has been no negative toxic effects on the human body in case of excessive use of the drug "Acetal".However, an overdose can affect the digestive system and is accompanied by nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

acetal with reviews

To get rid of the effects of an overdose, symptomatic treatment will help.

Side effects of

Of course, not often, but during the application of the drug in some patients side effects from different organs and systems were noticed. It is worth paying attention to such symptoms:

  • severe headaches, dizziness and tinnitus;
  • abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn;
  • hypersensitivity to some components of the drug, which manifested itself as allergic reactions;
  • febrile condition and tachycardia.

If there are side effects, do not hide them from your doctor. Be sure to tell him about it, and he will select you a treatment that is right for you.

Interaction with other medications

You should not combine the drug "Acetal C" with other antitussive drugs. After all, it can reduce cough reflexes. This phenomenon will lead to the accumulation of dangerous sputum and further complications. Therefore, in no case do not take two funds at the same time.

acetal with indications for use

Please note that this medication is not compatible with antibiotics. Active components significantly reduce the absorption of tetracyclines, penicillins and cephalosporins. Therefore, if you still take such drugs, then take a break between them for at least a few hours.

Shelf life and storage conditions

Tablets and powder you can buy without a prescription. Shelf life of the drug is two years, after which it is strictly prohibited. Keep in original packaging, away from children, at ambient temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.


The drug "Acetal C" is very popular among patients and doctors. Correctly selected composition has an excellent effect on the respiratory system, reducing and eliminating phlegm. A few days after the application, patients noticed positive results. The main thing is to take into account the recommendations of the doctor and not to miss the reception of funds.

Medication can be given to children, but only under the strict supervision of doctors. The drug has a positive effect on the children's body, but only with reasonable consumption.

More than eighty percent of patients were satisfied with the result after using this medication, so it can be safely said that it justifies all hopes and copes with dry cough and removes sputum.