Chalk food: what is its use and how to apply it correctly?

Many people know the feeling of an irresistible desire to eat a piece of chalk. And some people can not do without the daily portion of this supplement. What is the cause of such a need of the body, and what chalk can I use? For eating is ideal chalk food, which does not contain harmful substances in its composition and is purified.

What is the cause of the desire to eat chalk?

Such oddity in taste preferences, like an unexpected desire to eat chalk, most often speaks of a malfunction in the body. It should be understood that a piece of white matter will not relieve the true cause of the emergence of desire. Experts argue that the problem can be covered in iron deficiency anemia( anemia).Lack of iron causes a decrease in hemoglobin. This condition leads to rapid aging of the body.

Chalk food

Calcium deficiency is another reason for eating chalk. Not receiving this trace element in the required quantities, the body begins to give such a kind of "signals".To normalize the condition, you need to revise the daily diet and start taking supplements, for example, chalky food.

Another 10-15 years ago on the blackboard were written with chunk chalk, which can even be eaten. It was this chalk that many had time to taste. It does not contain any harmful substances in the composition, but it has no special benefit for the body.

Calcium carbonate is the main component of lump chalk. It is used to produce medicines that make up the shortage of trace element in the body, improve the condition of hair, nails and bone tissue.

Can I eat chalk during pregnancy?

During the period of gestation, the female body experiences a huge load. Almost every pregnant woman suffers from a deficiency of microelements and nutrients. Such a problem can express itself in an irresistible desire to gnaw a piece of chalk. Pregnant women may also like the smell of soap, whitewash.

chalk food photo

Specialists say that in small amounts of chalk( food) during pregnancy, you can use your future mother. However, choose this "delicacy" should be carefully. Crayons for drawing contain various additives in the composition and are not at all similar in taste to the original. In their food is better not to use.

A piece of natural chalk for a pregnant woman will be a good source of calcium. Before using such an unusual product, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Perhaps the future mother will need to undergo a survey to find out the reason for such a desire.

Chalk food: use and harm to the body

According to the opinion of doctors, for use is suitable only pharmacy chalk, purified from various harmful inclusions and impurities. It will benefit the body exclusively: it will strengthen the walls of the vessels, fill the deficiency of calcium ions. Take such chalk is necessary according to the age dosage.

chalk food application

For lovers of chalk, the most delicious is the food, refined product. A few small pieces of the day the damage to the body will not exactly cause. Although, on the other hand, it is not worth the wait for this "delicacy".The lack of useful substances in the body food chalk does not affect.

Chalk food: application of

Most melo eaters can not live without their favorite treats and day. Each of them has its own "dose".How much can you use chalk not to harm the body? Experts recommend not to get involved in eating this substance.

Some people can cope with the acidity of the stomach helps food chalk. To do this, it is ground into powder and consumed one teaspoon per day. Some pharmaceutical preparations designed to reduce the acidity level of gastric juice contain calcium carbonate in the composition. The substance has antacid properties and can be used for peptic ulcer.

Can chalk be given to children?

Unexpected taste preferences can be observed in children. For parents, this is a kind of signal that the growing body lacks nutrients. If the baby started eating chalk, it is worth considering that the child's diet is not balanced. Calcium deficiency in the period of active growth of the skeleton represents a serious danger to the normal physical development of the child. The microelement is necessary for strengthening of muscular and bone tissue, participates in the formation of strong teeth.

chalky food during pregnancy Cretaceous to chalk can develop in a child with reduced hemoglobin. Iron deficiency anemia in children is a dangerous ailment. The body begins to suffer from a lack of oxygen, which leads to rapid fatigue, dizziness. With such problems, you should always contact the pediatrician.

To refuse a child to eat a piece of chalk is not worth it. However, you should choose the most secure product for this purpose. School chalk or the one that is intended for drawing, is absolutely not suitable for use as a food additive.

Pharmaceutical chalk is considered harmless. It is released in the form of calcium gluconate tablets. Dosage is calculated according to the age of the baby. Purified chalk( food) can also be given to gnaw the child. It is rarely found in pharmacies. More often such "delicacy" get through Internet shops.

Additional measures

There is always chalk( even food) - this is not an option. To make up for the lack of trace elements in the body, the diet should be adjusted. In anemia it is useful to eat foods enriched with iron. These include:

  • liver( pork and beef);
  • buckwheat groats;
  • grenade;
  • prunes;
  • bananas.

chalk food benefit and harm

With a big desire to eat a bit of chalk, of course, you can. Only this must be necessarily a quality product. It should be remembered that you can use only white, purified from various harmful substances chalk( food).Photo of such a product is in our article. Please note: chalk pieces must have an irregular shape. Sometimes it is possible to find sawn chalk in the form of brusochkov. On their surface are visible grooves from sawing tools.