The jaw hurts when opening the mouth: the reasons and recommendations for the removal of unpleasant sensations

If your jaw hurts when you open your mouth, you should immediately contact your dentist, neurologist or surgeon. Only experienced specialists after a personal inspection will tell you about why this phenomenon bothers you. But if you can not visit the hospital in the near future, then below we will present some of the most probable reasons why the jaw hurts, and how to eliminate discomfort.

aching jaw when mouth opens

Fracture of

Serious jaw fracture can occur in a fight if the same fatal blow fell on the face, as well as during an accident, accident, etc. In such situations, a person feels severe pain, difficulty or inability to chew, swelling, bruises andbruising.

Osteomyelitis of jaws

Another reason why the jaw hurts when opening the mouth, it may well be an infectious inflammation of bone disease. Currently, doctors distinguish 2 types of osteomyelitis:

  • odontogenic;
  • is hematogenous.

It is the first form that arises from the infection that gets into and hits the "dentogingival" pocket. Quite serious pathogens of such inflammation can be staphylococci, streptococci and various anaerobic bacteria. The main symptoms of this disease include permanent headaches, pulsating pain in the jaw, teeth and their reeling, as well as body temperature reaching up to 40 degrees.

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why does the jaw hurt

Diseases of the mouth

To such diseases, because of which the jaw hurts when opening the mouth, include pulpal lesions, caries with inflammation of the nerve and periodontium. The main symptoms of these diseases are pulsating pains in the jaw( at night much stronger than in the day), numbness of the lower lip, a significant decrease in the tone of the masticatory muscles.

Arteritis of the facial artery

This disease is characterized by damage to the artery located in the jaw. Symptoms of this deviation are a strong burning sensation that extends from the chin to the lip and nose.

Disorders in the functions of the temporo-maxillary joint

This deviation can be preceded by both an incorrect congenital bite and an inflammatory process in this area of ​​the face. Among other things, the reasons that the jaw hurts when opening the mouth, can serve:

  • cranial neuralgia;
  • neuralgia of the glossopharyngeal nerve;
  • neuralgia of the laryngeal nerve( upper);
  • ear node neuralgia;
  • carotidinia( a particular type of migraine);
  • is an osteogenic sarcoma( or malignant tumor).

what to do if the jaw hurts What if my jaw aches?

To determine why you are disturbed by this phenomenon, it is necessary to visit a specialist in person. And only after the diagnosis is made you will be assigned a course of treatment, as well as physiotherapy. But if in the next few days you can not get to the hospital, then you should follow the recommendations below, which will provide complete peace for your lower jaw joint:

  1. Try not to open your mouth too wide. In this case, the food should be taken with a dessert spoon. Food should be a mushy consistency.
  2. Try to refrain from yawning.
  3. Restrict to only those chewing movements that are necessary for food intake.