Doctor-psychiatrist Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich: biography, features of activity and feedback

Very few today, unfortunately, good specialists in psychiatry. After all, a true psychotherapist should not only give qualified advice, but also support with wise and warm words. Such geniuses include Oleg Ivanovich Kantuev, a psychiatrist of the highest category. Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich


A lot of people for one reason or another do not dare turn to a psychiatrist and write to an online consultation. Lucky for those who helped Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich. Where does this specialist accept? Oleg Ivanovich lives in Omsk. Register for him at the reception can be, referring to his personal website or by phone: +7( 913) 9614414.The main components in the work of the psychiatrist Kantuev considers attentiveness, competence, thoroughness, politeness, work for results.

Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich - psychiatrist-narcologist, he defended his thesis. In psychiatry, Oleg Ivanovich has the highest qualification category. He is also a member of such world organizations as WHO( World Health Organization) and NNOS( National Narcological Society of Russia).Doctor-psychiatrist Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich will answer all questions of medical legislation and law. A special merit of this specialist is the treatment of patients with hypnosis.

Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich reviews

Trust a good specialist

Today, a lot of families are faced with mental abnormalities in this or that cell member. Some deal with teenage or children's bias toward beer, problems of alcoholism, gambling, dependence on computer entertainment, and some with an even greater dependence on addiction or substance abuse. Many immediately turn to various healers, charlatans, "grandmothers", instead of going to an experienced specialist. In such cases, only a good psychotherapist or psychiatrist-narcologist can really help. Especially do not give up when the patient is already losing faith in what can be cured. Help in such a situation can such a professional as Oleg Ivanovich Kantuev. Reviews about his work are only the most positive. Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich where he takes

The main areas of activity of

The treatment of mental illnesses lasts more than one day, it's a rather long process. Patients and their relatives need patience. Working with the soul of a person requires care, support, warmth, security. It is this motto that guides Oleg Ivanovich Kantuev. Here are the areas in which he works:

  • Provides Skype-consulting.
  • Conducts online-consultation.
  • Responds to legal questions on narcology and psychiatry.
  • Helps to understand the controversial issues related to conscription. She gives advice on how to get a deferment or release from emergency service.
  • Assigns treatment for various phobias and anxiety states.
  • Conducts treatment for obsessive neuroses.
  • Helps with adaptation and disorientation disorders.
  • Relieves stress, treats neuroses, depression.
  • Solves problems with sleep disorders( insomnia, drowsiness, nightmares).
  • Treats alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Helps to understand the causes of inadequate behavior.
  • Assigns treatment for enuresis, stammering.
  • Helps cope with panic attacks, fears, anxiety.
  • Prepares and prepares a package of documents for a narcological or psychiatric examination.

psychiatrist Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich

Treatment of alcoholism

Perhaps the most common mental illness today is alcoholism. It is chronic, the patient is not able to stop taking alcohol himself. Treatment of alcoholism depends on the degree of development of the disease, and there are three. At the initial stage, the patient can cope with drinking with the help of willpower and folk remedies. But on the second and third it will not be enough, and professional intervention is required.

Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich helps with problems of alcoholism. For complex treatment, he applies both medicamental and psychotherapeutic measures. A great achievement of this specialist is the use of psychoanalysis, hypnosis, autogenic training. Cognitive psychotherapy is also used, which improves the character of the patient and changes his worldview.

It is very important for the doctor to keep in touch with the patient's family, to set everyone up for a positive result. This is perfectly handled by Oleg Ivanovich.

Features and principles of work Kantueva OI

  • A doctor should never promise what he can not do.
  • Individual approach to each patient, negation of any patterns.
  • Thorough consideration of all your appointments.
  • Application of complex treatment, combination of medications and psychotherapy.
  • Constant monitoring of changes in the patient's condition.
  • Belief in the positive result and patient support in difficult situations.

Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich, a psychiatrist of the highest category

Do not be afraid of the therapist

Recently, people increasingly began to contact specialist psychotherapists. This fact can not but rejoice. Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich, like many other doctors, notes the importance of this profession. After all, everyone has ever experienced fear, failure, tension, bad mood, stress. When should I see a doctor? Someone is tormented by anxiety attacks, someone has lost the meaning of life, someone has obsessive habits and fears, someone can not gain self-confidence. A person must develop all the time, and if this development blocks something, then internal disharmony is obtained. The reasons for its occurrence just help identify a doctor-psychotherapist.

The patient should understand that psychotherapy can not change it completely. Sometimes the symptoms of timidity, depression, anxiety are simply temporarily relieved. The real goal of the therapist is to restore the person's ability to cope with problems on their own. The specialist will not do everything for the patient, he will teach him to take care of himself, to use the freedom of choice, if something does not suit him. A psychotherapist can help a person only if the latter so desires.

A true psychiatrist knows the theory of personality very well, has tried the results of psychotherapy on himself, and he is a very responsive and responsible person. This is what Oleg Kantuev, a psychiatrist-narcologist, is. Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich Psychiatrist Narcologist

Hypnosis treatment

Hypnosis is something like an artificially induced sleep of varying depths. To achieve this state, today there are several special techniques. Kantuev Oleg Ivanovich well owns them. With the help of hypnosis, you can get rid of many neuropsychic diseases: neuroses, obsessions, enuresis, phobias, stammering, etc. It should not be afraid, it is absolutely safe and only benefits the body.


Many patients of Oleg Ivanovich note that he has a kind heart and an open mind. In a few words, one can not describe the remarkable doctor Kantuev. If everyone worked so responsibly, then the medicine would move a few steps higher. Many people turned to Oleg Ivanovich several times. Not one family, he brought happiness back to the house. Very competent specialist, working for the result. As his patients point out, he does not think only about fees, as others do.