Onychomycosis: treatment is long, it is better not to get sick

This disease does not die, but it can make life very unpleasant. We are dealing with nail disease, which causes soreness, restrictions in certain types of work and, in general, a decrease in the quality of life. In this article you will read about onychomycosis, treatment and its prevention.

There are several forms of the disease. At the first, the most common, disease-causing fungus migrates from the sole of the foot to the nail, penetrating it through the hyponychia. Inflammation that occurs in these areas, provokes the classic manifestations of this type of disease - yellow nail.

With the second form, the pathogen penetrates directly to the nail plate, so the defeat of white color is not very deep.

With the third variety, the fungus comes to the nail through the nail roller, but this is rarely the case. In this case, a part of the nail plate near the base of the nail is deeply affected.

When the whole nail is hit, a total onychomycosis is diagnosed. The treatment in this case is not very different from the treatment in the previously mentioned.

Sometimes onychomycosis is caused by candida, but this happens, as a rule, in people with immunity problems or chronic inflammatory nail diseases. In such cases, candidates are only a secondary cause.

The disease is quite widespread - about half of all cases of nail diseases - cases of onychomycosis. Older people are more likely to suffer than adults. Adults are more than children.

How to treat onychomycosis? The specific scheme depends on the variety of the disease, the number of affected nails and the severity of the disorders. If the pathogen has penetrated the nail from the sole or through the nail roller, local treatment will not be possible. Total onychomycosis treatment also requires a systemic one. Only in the case of superficial onychomycosis will more simple measures help. So, how to cure onychomycosis?

Ideally, the doctor combines general treatment and local, because if you confine yourself to local, the disease can return and intensify. Unpleasant disease onychomycosis, treatment, however not very painful. But self-medication alone will not help you - if you spread the cream yourself, then the drugs for general treatment are not so accessible and the dose should be prescribed by the doctor. Do not look for folk remedies, immediately contact a graduate doctor. Of course, life does not threaten this disease, but you will prolong your suffering, and, probably, lose money for doubtful means.

The surface effect agents( amorolfin, bifonazole) are unable to penetrate deep enough to destroy the pathogen, which is why they are used only if the nail plate is damaged slightly or if the patient does not tolerate general treatment. But this is a very, very rare case.

Cyclopyrox medicine penetrates deeply, but it can not help individually, so the doctor should choose the medicine and take into account the situation of each individual patient. This drug, however, is extremely effective for the prevention of relapse and is usually used after systemic treatment.

Systemic treatment means taking the funds through the mouth, they have an effect on the entire body. These are such drugs as itroconazole and terbinafine( lamizil).These drugs replaced previously used, because they have more efficacy and less severity of side effects, and cure occurs faster than after treatment with first-generation drugs. There is also the newest drug fluconazole. However, the most effective - teribinafine, it allows you to reduce the severity of the disease after a few days, bringing relief.

The best prevention is banal hygiene. It is especially important not to wear someone else's shoes and use rubber slippers in public showers, and also thoroughly wash the floor before you step on it, even in slippers. Onychomycosis treatment involves a long( sometimes more than a year until complete recovery), so why get treated if you can not get sick?