What is the use of chokeberry ashberry?

Chokeberry( aronia) is a tree or shrub of one of the species of mountain ash. The native land of this plant is North America. In countries with a temperate climate, black chokeberry became known only in the late nineteenth century. This tree is very popular among gardeners due to excellent yield and unpretentiousness. Fruits the plant with small berries. They have a pleasant aroma and tart taste. In the arsenal of official and traditional medicine has long been standing chokeberry.

the use of aronia Benefits of berries of this plant, ripening at the beginning of the autumn season, persists until the very spring. In the composition of dark fruits is a large number of useful components for humans. The vitamins A, P, E, C and K are found in the black chokeberry. The fruits of the medicinal plant are rich in folic acid, valuable thiamine, and also active riboflavin. Berries of aronia are rich in iodine and iron, magnesium and manganese, phosphorus and organic acids, pectin and tannin components.

The use of chokeberry ashberry is manifested in its beneficial effect on the digestive tract. This is made possible by stimulation of bile secretion, increased activity of gastric enzymes and increased secretion of gastric juice. Healing berries are useful for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as for nervous disorders. The fruits of aronia contribute to an increase in immunity and the removal of pathogenic microorganisms from the body.

chokeberry The use of aronia blackberry is manifested in its ability to reduce permeability and fragility of capillaries. The fruits of chokeberry are recommended for diabetic patients and people suffering from liver pathologies. It is helped by chokeberry with a tendency to bleeding. Its use allows you to expand the vessels.
Fruits of aronia help hypertensive patients recover normal pressure. The use of aronia is also included in its ability to improve oxidative and regenerative processes in the body. Healing berries help with atherosclerosis and thyrotoxicosis.

chokeberry Folk healers often recommend the use of fruit juice chokeberry. It brings invaluable benefits in the treatment of various skin diseases. It is recommended for patients with hemorrhagic diathesis, rheumatism and allergies. The use of chokeberry, enclosed in the juice of its fruits, is priceless in radioactive irradiation and viral infections, glomerulonephritis and septic endocarditis, arachnoiditis and diabetes. Among other things, this drug is prescribed to patients with measles, scarlet fever and typhus.

The fruits of chokeberry fruit also help in combating excess kilograms. They include a special substance that prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. Especially its effect is manifested in the abdomen.

Chokeberry, whose benefits and harm have been known for a long time, has a number of contraindications. Due to the fact that the fruits of chokeberry contain a lot of ascorbic acid, their use is not recommended in large numbers to patients suffering from angina and hypertension. Also, the abuse of berries of black chokeberry is forbidden with the current inclination of a person to thrombophlebitis. It is not recommended to take fruits of chokeberry in the presence of duodenal ulcers or stomach, high blood coagulability and gastritis with increased acidity.