Why does sweat smell of vinegar?

If sweat smells of vinegar, what does it mean? Such manifestations may indicate the presence of failures in the body or the conduct of an incorrect lifestyle. Let's find out why sweat smells like vinegar, we will consider recommendations that will help to solve the problem.

What role does sweat play in the body?

sweat smells of vinegar causes Sweat secretion is the result of the activity of endocrine glands. About 90% of the body fluid is ordinary water. The rest of the substances are mineral salts, urea, acids, other organic components.

Strong sweating provides cleansing of the body from accumulated toxins in tissues, unnecessary salts. In addition, the release of liquid on the surface of the skin prevents overheating of the body.

The sweat of healthy people practically does not have a pronounced unpleasant odor. However, in the presence of certain problems in the body, the body can exude smells of ammonia, chlorine, fish and vinegar. Such manifestations cause a person to feel psychological discomfort, feel insecure in the company of other people.

Why do individual people smell differently?

severe sweating Each individual has a specific course of metabolic processes that determine the ratio of organic components and minerals in bodily fluids. A significant advantage in favor of any substance is fraught with the creation of an enabling environment for the spread of certain bacteria. The results of the vital activity of the latter are reflected in the formation of the smell of our body.

Acetic sweat odor or any other atypical aromas often result from the development of certain diseases. In the presence of pathologies, the human body tries to clear from harmful substances with redoubled force. This, in turn, leads to a proliferation of bacteria in the environment of the products of the decomposition of toxins.

Endocrine disorders in the body

Why does sweat smell like vinegar? The causes are often hidden in the malfunctioning of the endocrine system. The negative effect is often the result of inadequate thyroid function. In particular, an unpleasant smell of vinegar occurs when there is an excess or lack of iodine in the body.

Changes at the hormonal level, as a rule, have the most negative consequences for health. Therefore, if the sweat smells of vinegar, it is worth immediately passing a test for failures in the endocrine system.

Diabetes mellitus

Sweat often sweats with vinegar as the blood sugar level rises. Eliminate an unpleasant manifestation completely and completely allows adherence to special diet programs. The appropriate specialist can develop or adjust the power plan.

As for the first symptoms of the development of diabetes itself, it is worth noting a sharp set of weight, a strong sweating with minor physical exertion, a feeling of dry mouth in the morning.


why sweat smells like vinegar To lead to the fact that sweat smells like vinegar, there may be a deficiency of B and D vitamins. It is the lack of substances of the presented category that leads to the formation of a specific, sharp body odor. Eliminate the problem in this case will help to take a complex of vitamins, which will restore the healthy balance of useful trace elements in the body.

Diseases of the respiratory organs

When considering why sweat smells of vinegar, the reasons for this phenomenon can not be avoided by serious diseases. To cause the appearance of an unpleasant body odor are capable of inflammatory processes in the lungs and bronchial ways.

If sweat smells of vinegar, one of the most common causes is the development of tuberculosis. The first signs of the disease is a sour aroma that comes from the body, a general fatigue, a pronounced cough, and an increase in temperature at which profuse sweating is observed.


acetic odor of sweat Acts as a female disease. Men can undergo development of mastopathy only in old age with complex hormonal failures in the body.

Some women note the presence of an unpleasant, sourish dush after wearing a bra. Smell so can substances that are secreted through the skin in benign mammary tissue transformations. If, in addition to the presence of a non-characteristic body fragrance, dense nodules in the chest are felt, this is the reason for seeking help from a mammologist.

Stress states

Acetic fragrance often comes from the body of people who are exposed to serious emotional stress. One of the side effects of a permanent finding in an unsatisfactory mental state is vegetotvascular dystonia. This disease also affects the formation of the acetic odor of sweat.

In general, a sharp odor can come from the body with a lack of sleep, the need to resolve difficult situations at work and at home, in the case of debilitating physical exertion.

Incorrect food

A sharp sweat aroma often occurs in response to the use of an abundance of spicy, salty or acidic foods. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to refuse for a while from smoked products and salines, sauces and spices. However, these products may not cause a sour smell of sweat in people for whom such food is a traditional part of the daily diet.

How to eliminate the sour smell of sweat?

sweat smells like vinegar To cope with an unpleasant odor allows a complex of hygienic measures:

  • regular reception of a contrast shower;
  • thorough washing of skin areas where profuse sweating is observed;
  • use of quality antiperspirants;
  • wearing free light clothing made of natural materials;
  • daily change of underwear;
  • wash everyday wear after each use.

People who suffer from an unpleasant odor of sweat, it is useful to take herbal baths based on St. John's wort and chamomile. Also contribute to the elimination of sweating essential oils of eucalyptus, pine, cypress.

In conclusion

if sweat smells like vinegar, what does it mean As can be seen, in order to combat the acetic odor of sweat, it is important to identify the root cause that contributes to the occurrence of the phenomenon. In some cases, the change in body fragrance is a symptom of a serious ailment, which suggests that you need to see a doctor.

Naturally, get rid of the unpleasant odor of sweat simply impossible, because the separation of body fluid through the pores of the skin is a natural process of life. To get rid of the delicate problem and to identify possible violations in the body, it is necessary to resort to a corresponding outpatient examination.