Instructions for the use of "Hepatrombin" and "Gepatrombin G".Ointment "Gepatrombin" and "Gepatrombin G": instructions for use."Gepatrombin G"( suppositories): instructions for use

Before using any( even the safest) drug, the user should carefully study the annotation. Even if the drug is prescribed to you by a doctor - you should not use it thoughtlessly. Be sure to learn how to use it after acquiring a drug product in a calm environment. Pay attention to all the nuances - indications, contraindications, restrictions and doses. This article will tell you about what the instruction on the application of "Gepatrombin" says. You will learn about the forms of production and its composition. You can also find out some of the features of the drug.

instructions for use of hepatrombin

Form of release of the drug, its composition and type

About the drug "Gepatrombin" instructions for use says that the drug refers to antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory drugs. The product is available in the form of ointments, gels and rectal suppositories. The choice of this or that kind of medicine is carried out in accordance with the patient's complaints. The main active substance of all medicines is heparin.

Candles also contain prednisolone and lauromacrogol. In the ointment "Gepatrombin" there is additionally dexpanthenol and allantoin. The medication for topical use with the trade name "Gepatrombin G" contains prednisolone and lauromacrogol.

hepatrombin ointment

Indications for the appointment of

What information does the instruction on the use of "Hepatrombin" give to the user? The annotation indicates the main indications for the use of the drug. However, they differ depending on the type of medication. The agent "Gepatrombin G" is used in the following cases:

  • external hemorrhoids;
  • formation of internal nodes;
  • inflammation of the anal area;
  • cracked anus;
  • thrombophlebitis, fistulas.

Instruction for the use of "Hepatrombin" usually calls the following indications for use:

  • thrombophlebitis veins( inflammatory process);
  • formation of blood clots in the vessel( thrombus);
  • varicose veins of the lower limbs;
  • formation of lesions and ulcers on vessels and skin;
  • inflammation in the mammary gland and lymph nodes.

As you can see, the described drugs differ not only in the composition, but also in the situations in which their application is necessary.

hepatrombin g ointment

Restrictions: pay attention to the contraindications to

What other important information can the user give the instruction for use?"Gepatrombin" in different forms has contraindications. The drug is never used in cases of hypersensitivity to its components. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the main active substances, but also to additional components.

  • The medicine "Gepatrombin" is contraindicated in case of skin infections and its damage, thrombocytopenia and hemorrhagic diathesis, hemophilia. Use in pregnant and lactating is undesirable, but possible in case of emergency.
  • Medication "Gepatrombin G" in the form of an ointment is contraindicated in syphilis or tuberculosis, skin lesions( due to infection), with a tendency to bleeding. During pregnancy, the composition is not allowed to use only in the first trimester.
  • When should I not use "Gepatrombin" - candles? Instruction for use says that contraindications to treatment are tumors of various types, intestinal infections and bleeding. It is acceptable to use suppositories in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, as well as after childbirth.

"Gepatrombin"( ointment): instruction for use

This product is applied exclusively on the surface of the skin. The drug is usually recommended in a dose( strip) to 5 centimeters. After applying the drug, you need to gently rub it from the bottom up. Multiplicity of application can reach 3-4 times a day as needed.

hepatrombin g suppositories application instructions

The drug "Gepatrombin G"( ointment) recommends the use of the instruction on the anal area only. In this case, the location of hemorrhoids is of great importance. With their external localization, the drug should be treated 2-4 times a day. If the hemorrhoids are located inside, it is advisable to use a special batcher, which is inserted into the anus. Once you feel better - the frequency of the medication is reduced to once a day for a week.

"Gepatrombin G", suppositories: instruction for use

Suppositories should be injected into the anus. A special feature of the drug is that it is necessary to clean the intestines beforehand. If you can not do this yourself( which is often the case with hemorrhoids), then it is necessary to use improvised laxatives. Be sure to wash your hands before administering the medication. This way you will save yourself from additional infection.

hepatrombin g instructions for use

The medication is usually given on 1-2 suppositories per day. When eliminating discomfort and pain, it is worth switching to a one-time use of the drug. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor individually, but usually does not exceed two weeks.

how to use hepatrombin in different ways

Action of medicines

You already know what this or that kind of drug "Gepatrombin" consists of. Ointment instructions for use are divided into two types. Depending on the components of the drug, its mode of action will change.

Heparin is a direct action coagulant. It helps improve blood circulation, normalizes the condition of the walls of blood vessels, improves the circulation of platelets. With the course of therapy, the drug accumulates, which means that even after the end of treatment, there will be a positive effect. Prednisolone refers to corticosteroid substances. It removes swelling, eliminates inflammation and pain.

Unlike the annotation to the drug "Gepatrombin G", the instruction on the use of "Gepatrombin" suggests that it contains dexpanthenol. It is an emollient component that contributes to the rapid healing of wounds and damage to the skin. Allantoin enhances the penetration of heparin and protects the skin from additional injuries and infections.

hepatrombin instructions for use

Reviews about

The users respond as follows about the product "Gepatrombin G"( ointment): the instruction for use is described in great detail and it is understandable, it is convenient to use the drug. And indeed, if you study the annotation carefully, you can get maximum information about the drug. It also indicates the shelf life and the manufacturer. How the convenience of using the ointment "Gepatrombin G" instructions for use notes that a special tip is attached to the package. With it, you can enter the right dose of medicine in the rectum.

What do consumers say about the drug "Gepatrombin G"( candles)?Instruction for use provides for the use of the drug twice a day for two weeks. However, most patients report that it is sufficient to apply candles once a day. In this state of relief is observed for several days.

Unanimous opinion of consumers suggests that the drug almost never causes side effects. It is effective and safe. The cost of the medication is called relatively low. For packaging candles will have to give no more than 300 rubles, while the ointment is almost twice cheaper.

hepatrombin suppositories instructions for use

In conclusion of the article. ..

you were able to learn about the drug "Gepatrombin G", the instruction on the use of this medicine and other form of the drug is presented to your attention. Remember that such remedies should be used only after consulting a doctor. Often, patients are prescribed complex therapy, which includes additional medications. Good health and healthy veins!