«Aroma Rich» cigarettes

There are a lot of companies in the world that produce different brands of cigarettes. The main supplier of tobacco products to the market of smokers is China. Not all manufacturers conscientiously relate to the quality of the manufactured product. Many firms use low grade of tobacco to reduce the cost of cigarettes and add flavoring and harmful substances to the composition. This is not the manufacturer of cigarettes "Aroma Rich", which prepares its product for all canons of tobacco business. Cigarettes of this company are distinguished by a mild pleasant taste, giving the smoker a real pleasure.

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Aroma Rich: cigarettes

On the territory of the Russian Federation, OJSC Donskoy Tabak, the country's largest producer of tobacco products, has exclusive rights to manufacture and trade cigarettes of Aroma Rich brand. The company cherishes centuries-old traditions, not forgetting to introduce the latest technological achievements into its production. The cigarettes produced under the brand Aroma Rich have a unique taste, which is achieved by a special recipe. Tobacco of the highest quality, collected on the plantations of America and Africa, is smoked in a unique way and is kept for several months in barrels, and only then it is wrapped up in a tobacco leaf and released to the market.

Assortment and price

Already from the name on the pack you can see that it is flavored cigarettes, and it is clear what will be the smell. Today the manufacturer delivers cigarettes in an assortment of cherries and coffee, as indicated on the package:

  • Richmond Cherry Superslim;
  • Richmond Cherry;
  • Richmond Cherry Gold;
  • Richmond Coffee Superslim.

Not so long ago in the market there were cigarettes with vanilla and apple aroma sold under the brand Aroma Rich, but they were removed from production for unpopularity.

Cigarettes like the female sex for:

  • beautiful packaging design - each pack is framed with special care;
  • stylish brown color of the cigarette itself;
  • pleasant odor, which is felt even when the unit is opened.


Cigarettes Aroma Rich, whose price is now 85 rubles, are quite cheap, despite the fact that they occupy a niche of the premium class.

Composition of cigarettes

Cigarettes of the brand "Richmond" are created from 100% of tobacco. If you remember childhood and see that inside, breaking a cigar stick, you can make sure that the tobacco without hemp and pods, the composition is smooth and pleasant natural color. In the different grades of this brand, a different composition of resins, nicotine and CO, but even cigarettes Richmond Cherry, where the CO is 10 mg / cig., According to the smokers, stretch gently and easily, do not sore your throat and do not dry your mouth. By the way, such a high content of carbon monoxide creates a dense bluish smoke, which is very popular among young people today, who are fascinated by the new fashionable trend - wapping.

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From Aroma Rich cigarettes are equipped with a usual filter of acetate fiber without activated carbon, taste and smell. By the way, in science there is a kind of medical observation, which claims that delicious filters increase the number of cigarettes smoked, which obviously harms health.

Smoke cigarettes smoothly, smolder slowly, which adds advantages to the coin box of the merits of this brand.

Company "Don Tobacco"

Since 2014, the company for the production of tobacco products OJSC "Donskoy Tabak" is the 4th in the Russian market. The firm's history dates back to the mid-19th century, when in 1860, tobacco supplies from Bessarabia and Turkey were set up in Moscow. The founder of today's tobacco empire Vasily Asmolov, in 1857, having settled after long wanderings in Rostov, opened a tobacco shop.

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Since then, the company, carefully observing all the parameters and standards of preparation of mixtures, using computer technology and high-tech German software, is developing a stable business. OJSC "Donskoy Tabak", having exclusive rights to manufacture, produces with the famous name Aroma Rich cigarettes from impeccable tobacco, collected on the best plantations of the world.