The algorithm of instillation of drops in the eyes of adults and children

The therapeutic effect of drops can be significantly reduced due to improper procedure. The doctor may be prescribed instillation of drops in the eyes, ears, nose. dropping-in algorithm The algorithm of procedures has a common basis, but differs in particular moments. With the wrong instillation of the eye drug, it does not come into contact with the mucosa and does not have the expected effect. Special attention deserves dropping of drops in the eyes of children. The algorithm for children's procedures has some nuances.

Preliminary procedures for

If eyeglasses glue together eyelashes and eyelids, an additional purification procedure must be performed. For its carrying out, gloves, 2 trays, several sterile cotton swabs and an antiseptic solution will be needed. instillation of drops in the eyes ears nose algorithm

Stages of the procedure:

  1. Thoroughly clean hands, pull gloves.
  2. At the bottom of the sterile tray, put about 10 tampons, add a solution of antiseptic.
  3. A little press the tampon and wipe the eyelid edge of the eyelid, directing movements from the outer corner to the bridge of the nose or from top to bottom, throw out the used tampon.
  4. Repeat rubbing with other tampons 5-6 times.
  5. Carefully remove residual antiseptic with gentle movements.
  6. Remove your hands from the gloves and wash them.

Children often experience undesirable responses to medications, so it is worthwhile choosing an antiseptic solution carefully.

Preparatory manipulation of

The algorithm for instillation of drops into the eye includes preliminary actions to prepare for the procedure itself:

  1. Prepare the pipette by rinsing it with hot boiled water from all sides, including from the inside.
  2. Prepare a few sterile cotton swabs.
  3. Once again, review the instructions for use, the expiration dates, make sure that it is at normal room temperature.
  4. Make sure that the location of the procedure is sufficiently lit, to prepare a chair or a place where you can lie down.
  5. If you plan to conduct a burial yourself, you should prepare a mirror.

During the procedure, make sure that the medicine does not flow into the rubber part, to do this, keep the pipette in an upright position.

self-procedure algorithm The algorithm for instillation of drops into the eyes looks like this:
dropping-in technique

  1. Collect the drug in a pipette.
  2. To occupy a comfortable position( sit down, resting on the back of a chair, or lying down).
  3. Tilt the head and pull the lower eyelid with the fingers of the left hand to form a channel.
  4. Look up, but do not lose sight of the end of the pipette.
  5. Approach the pipette and remove the required number of drops of the drug into the canal of the lower eyelid.
  6. The procedure can be completed if the droplets hit the intended place, or repeat if they have fallen over the face.
  7. Repeat all actions on the second eye( if appointed by a doctor).

Important: Do not bring the eyedropper very close to the eyeball, it can lead to injury or infection from another eye. The algorithm of instillation of drops into the eye involves the introduction of no more than 2 drops in one channel, since more will simply flow out.

After the main procedure

After the procedure, it is recommended to cover your eyes and gently press the pads on the inner corners of the eyes. This will prevent the flow of the drug into the nasal cavity. Eye tissues will be fully provided with a medicine.

When two types of medication are prescribed, the interval between procedures should be 15 minutes or more. The technique of instillation of drops into the eyes does not change in this case. Contact lenses can also be installed after a quarter of an hour. If an ointment is also prescribed for the eyelid, it can be performed at the end of the procedure with drops.

Preparing the child for eye dropping

Children are often prescribed drops, eyes, ears, nose. The algorithm for the preliminary cleansing of the eyes in children is the same as in adults. It is required for excessive discharge from the eye, gluing eyelids and eyelashes. instillation of drops in the eyes of a child

With older children, it is advisable to conduct a conversation before the procedure, informing about the benefits of the drug, and also describing in detail all subsequent actions for its administration. In this case, the anxiety and fears of the child will noticeably decrease, it will be easier to perform all the manipulations.

When dropping eye drops to a small child, the main thing is to fix its position. For babies up to a year for this purpose, you can use a diaper, tightly pressing the handle to the body. If you need to instill drops in the eyes of a child from 2 to about 7-8 years old, it is worthwhile to invite an assistant who can hold his head, as well as arms and legs.

Introduction of drops in the eyes of a child

Before the procedure for the introduction of the drug, it is necessary to carry out all the preparatory manipulations: prepare a place, wash your hands, get cotton swabs, wash the pipette, review the instructions and expiration dates. Instilling droplets in the eyes of children( algorithm) includes the following steps. instillation of drops in the eyes of children algorithm

  1. Lay or sit the child, depending on his age.
  2. Take the medicine in the pipette, hold it in the leading hand.
  3. Use the other hand to take the swab. With your index finger, hold the upper eyelid, and the big one with the put cotton fleece - the lower one.
  4. Dilute fingers, slightly pulling the lower eyelid.
  5. Introduce 2 drops of the drug from the pipette into the formed channel of the lower eyelid.
  6. Gently wipe the eye with swab movements from the outer edge to the inside.

The algorithm of instillation of drops in the eyes of children and adults is almost the same, the nuances are more relevant to the period of preparation for the procedure. The skill of this method of administering the drug is produced quickly enough.