Seizure - what is it? Causes, symptoms, treatment

Seizure - what is it? It is a contraction of the muscles, which occurs involuntarily and has a paroxysmal character. Cramps can appear suddenly and last usually not for long. After a certain period, a repetition of the state is possible. The contractions of the muscles are accompanied by a sharp pain.

Pain sensations are most often observed in the muscles of the calves, sometimes in the hips, abdomen and cover both one muscle and several. Cramp - what is it and why can it occur?

cramp what is

Physical overstrain

One of the factors that provoke a convulsive condition may be a delayed blood flow in the muscles that occurs due to physical exertion or overwork. In the process of stress, there is an accumulation of metabolic products causing spasms.

A properly distributed load can alleviate the condition and reduce the intensity of convulsive contractions. That is, physical activity should be moderate and regular.

Influence of external factors

Why cramps are so common? They arise due to the influence of external factors, from a sudden unexpected sound and to the regular uncontrolled use of alcoholic beverages. Convulsive contractions are also observed with fatigue of a certain group of muscles. This problem often happens in people who have to work standing up. Work associated with repetitions of monotonous movements for a long time can also cause seizures.

In some cases reduces the muscle spasm in the presence of nervous disorders.

With the appearance of this disease, athletes can talk about the lack of salt, the loss of which occurs due to increased sweating during classes.


Baby cramps

Seizure - what is it and can it disturb children? Yes, and this may indicate that nerve fibers and the brain are not sufficiently formed. Provocators may be the wrong way of life of a pregnant woman, severe labor or violations of the postpartum period. During pregnancy, the health of the baby is negatively affected by toxicosis, medication, the presence of infectious diseases.

Convulsions in elderly people

Very unpleasant is a disease like a spasm. What is a convulsive muscle contraction, do not need to tell older people, as they often have to deal with them because of the reduction in muscle mass. In general, this period is from forty years. With the passage of time, with a sedentary lifestyle, muscle mass leaves faster. Aging provokes shortening of tendons, which leads to convulsions.

Exit from the situation will be regular exercise and a balanced diet that would help build muscle.

Metabolic disorders. With the slowing of metabolism, there are changes in blood vessels and blood viscosity, as well as muscle fatigue, which leads to the appearance of seizures.

About febrile convulsions. Due to an increase in body temperature to + 39 ° C and + 40 ° C, which occur in infectious diseases, febrile seizures are caused by poisoning the body with harmful bacteria.

About affective-respiratory convulsions. The cause of such muscle contractions is stress. There is an increased rate of breathing, the level of carbon dioxide decreases, there are muscle contractions.

convulsions at night

Club foot

Cramps the legs and with clubfoot. The heel, inclined inside the foot, eventually provokes a curvature of the ankle joint. After some time, the legs get tired, and there are uncomfortable sensations. With the passage of time, the circulation worsens in the limbs, and convulsions arise.

Cramps in

If a person is sick with polyneuritis, cramps in the muscles of the legs, crawling with limb numbness, usually occur at night.

Also, the appearance of unpleasant sensations accompanied by varicose veins, in which blood can stagnate. It is advisable to wear compression stockings and pantyhose. Phlebologist can help you find the right product.

A sedentary lifestyle and permanent constipation provokes enlarged veins in the rectum. The situation occurs against the background of a lack of a number of vitamins. Particular attention should be paid to magnesium, vitamins P, C and K.

nocturnal cramps

Nocturnal cramps

Night convulsions are most affected by people whose age has crossed the thirty-year boundary.

Causes of seizures at night:

  • Physical stress, accompanied by an overstrain of a certain group of muscles.
  • The emergence of this problem is associated primarily with stress and poor blood circulation.
  • Sitting in one place is just as harmful as standing. Especially if a person has a habit of crossing his legs, creating a pressure on the veins, disrupting the blood flow.
  • Specialists in this field state that the dehydrated organism is more likely to suffer from nocturnal cramps. Visiting a sauna or a sauna, intensive training or summer heat can become provocateurs. Therefore, it is important to monitor the water balance and drink enough water.
  • The presence of a number of different diseases in the body also provokes nocturnal cramps. This category includes Parkinson's disease, diabetes mellitus and others.
  • Thyroid dysfunction.
  • While taking some medications that lower blood pressure or are needed for heart disease, there may be nighttime convulsions. Often, diuretics are also their cause, as in the process of treatment the body loses a number of trace elements necessary for muscle contraction and transmission of nerve impulses.
  • During the course of pregnancy often there are nightly convulsive contractions, caused by a load on the limbs and a lack of calcium.

If convulsions occur at night on a regular basis, it is worth consulting a specialist. He can adequately assess the situation and prescribe treatment.

why cramps

Convulsions in the arms and legs

Sometimes a person can have muscle contractions only of the hands and feet. There are a number of reasons for this, with which it is necessary to familiarize and take measures to eliminate them.

The most common cause of seizures in women is a high heel or tight shoe models. In the presence of unpleasant sensations, shoes should be changed immediately. Optimal heel height - no more than 5 cm.

If a person suffers from flat feet, cramps will be a frequent companion. Therefore it is necessary to address to the orthopedist who will appoint special footwear and massage.

Sometimes spasms of hands and feet may occur in a dream. You can just change the pose, because often an uncomfortable position is a provocateur.

Causes of seizures can be the abuse of coffee and smoking. Frequent use of this drink flushes valuable calcium out of the body.

muscle cramps

The influence of the profession on the appearance of seizures in the hands of

Seizures are a common disease. People in certain professions may be subject to it. Convulsions of the hands are most affected by people whose professional activities are connected with a computer. Brushes are constantly on the same level for a long period of time.

To cope with cramps, you can do gymnastics, which consists in moving your fingers, as well as squeezing and unclenching your fists.

Massage is also an integral part of the fight against involuntary muscle contractions. Often a cramp occurs in one limb. Therefore, a free hand can massage the painful areas.

cramps of hands and feet

How to deal with convulsions of the hands and feet

With sudden convulsions, the patient site can be pinched and rubbed intensely. If pain occurs in the foot, it is important to gently pull it in the opposite direction.

If the problem occurs regularly, a warming ointment can be applied overnight, which will have a positive effect on the condition of the joints.

When cramps occur at night, it is necessary to do the baths in cool water before going to bed, and then the feasible gymnastics that strengthens the blood circulation.

After having managed to cope with the pain, it is necessary to put a roller under the leg and lie down in this state for a while. Thus, the blood flow will improve, which means that the threat of a repeated spasm passes.

Prevention of seizures

An improperly composed diet and harmful food, absorbed from day to day, also contribute to the occurrence of seizures. The content of essential trace elements in the blood decreases, with time they are deficient( in particular, magnesium).With a lack of magnesium, there can be strong hair loss, forgetfulness, constant irritability and disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Daily on the menu it is important to include products containing calcium, magnesium and potassium. Suitable can be considered baked curd, milk, fresh herbs, bananas.

Strangely enough, but the lack of full sleep can also lead to the appearance of convulsive muscle contractions. Normalization of sleep helps to restore health, cramps stop worrying.

The supercooling is also negatively displayed on the human condition and can provoke a convulsive state. Therefore in the cold season it is better to wear warm mittens.

During bathing, it is necessary to add in advance a small amount of sea salt, which contributes to strengthening the bone system and improving the body as a whole.