Cough from electronic cigarettes: possible causes and characteristics of treatment

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is growing every day, and all thanks to their relative safety. It would seem that there should not be any problems with boiling. However, many users still face some difficulties. One of the most famous problems is a cough from electronic cigarettes. It is about him that will be discussed in this article.

Cough from electronic cigarettes

Problems of hovering

Electronic cigarettes appeared on sale about ten years ago, however popularity to them has come more recently. Many smokers switched to electronic cigarettes, arguing their decision by the fact that hovering is times safer for health. Whether it is true or not, is not fully proved. But there are some difficulties for amateurs to steam up after all. So, the owners of electronic cigarettes complain of nausea, unpleasant cramps, diarrhea, hiccups and many other not very pleasant things. However, the most frequent complaint that can be heard from lovers of steaming is that a cough from an electronic cigarette has appeared. With this phenomenon, almost everyone is confronted: both beginners and professional hobbyists. So why coughing is such a common problem? Let's understand.

Is coughing dangerous?

Cough from electronic cigarettes can manifest itself in different ways. So, some smokers who switched to electronic cigarettes began to cough much less often than before. Other fans of soaring note that earlier the swelling in the throat from a conventional cigarette was much weaker. It did not appear as often as a cough from an electronic cigarette. When tightening the device, nausea and light dizziness almost immediately appear. Are all of these factors the reason to throw away and return to normal smoking, or is it temporary, non-hazardous phenomena?

In fact, all the manifested ailments from the floating of electronic cigarettes are not so terrible. The main thing is to find the cause, the root of the problem. Causes of cough from electronic cigarettes quite a lot. And in order to conduct the correct diagnosis, you need to identify the real source of the problem. It is also worth noting that cough from electronic cigarettes can cause a variety of factors. That is why the causes of the ailment from hovering should be grouped.

Cough from an electronic cigarette when tightened

External causes of cough

The most common causes that can cause a cough when firing electronic cigarettes are external. These are various kinds of factors that appear from the outside. There are quite a few of them, and it will be difficult to enumerate everything. In addition, a person can probably guess the presence of such factors independently. However, there are several main external causes to be borne in mind:

  • No fresh air in the room. This is one of the most common causes of the ailment. And without that, a small amount of oxygen in a stuffy, unventilated place is mixed with vapors. This is the cause of the cough. It is best to soar in the fresh air or in well-ventilated, large rooms.
  • Passive floating. A strong cough from an electronic cigarette can also be caused by passive vapor. Often the owners of electronic cigarettes are not averse to getting together. Steam, coming out of the mouth of a companion sitting next to it, can provoke a cough from another person. However, the latter may not understand this. The fact is that the substances in the electronic cigarette are not fully understood. It was noticed that it is passive fumes that can provoke coughing and other ailments.

Internal causes of

Internal causes of cough are those that are directly related to human health. Here are a few similar factors that cause coughing from electronic cigarettes:

  • Hovering after excessive physical exertion, overwork. It has a very negative effect on the non-relaxed human body. This can be justified both by the usual physiological characteristics of man, and by the poorly understood composition of electronic cigarettes.
  • Allergic reactions. Dyes, flavors and other substances contained in electronic cigarettes can cause an allergy in a person. Manifestation of an allergy is capable of differently, even in the form of a cough. The solution to the problem will be either a complete abandonment of hovering, or the purchase of a new, safe device for health with other, harmless mixtures.
  • Chronic non-infectious bronchitis. This diagnosis is often heard by many smokers. However, this ailment can also be peculiar to steamers. A strong cough from an electronic cigarette is a kind of signal that alerts you about the development of the disease. There can be only one way out - a complete refusal to inhale both cigarette smoke and fumes.

Cough after an e-cigarette

Can the cough pass itself?

Many owners of electronic devices who do not want to spend money on medical diagnostics often ask themselves: can cough and other ailments soon end up on their own? The answer to this question is in most cases positive. The fact that cough is associated with the transition to hover after prolonged smoking. After years of smoking, the human body, suddenly ceased to absorb harmful fumes, begins to clear. This purification appears in many different forms, but more often than not it is a strong cough. Steam from electronic cigarettes here, as a rule, does not play a special role, because it is not so bad. It is also worth pointing out that rehabilitation after smoking can last for a long time: from several weeks to several months. It all depends on how long a person used to smoke. However, it is still possible to accelerate the process of recovery and purification of the lungs - with the help of correct diagnosis.

Cough when smoking from an electronic cigarette

Where to contact the owner of an electronic cigarette, suffering from a cough?

It will be very difficult to find out the cause of the cough yourself. In addition, people will rather hurt themselves, rather than find out what is the real reason for the cough from electronic cigarettes. That is why a qualified specialist should conduct medical diagnostics.

The first thing the owner of an electronic cigarette, who has noticed a cough illness in his body, should make an appointment with a pulmonologist or a therapist. A pulmonologist is a doctor specializing in respiratory system diseases. Most likely, a specialist will prescribe an easy treatment or even send it home, because cough can be caused by the usual self-cleaning of the human body after years of smoking. However, if the ailment does not disappear for a long time( and this is two to three weeks), then it is very likely that a full medical diagnosis will be prescribed.

Cough when boiling electronic cigarettes

Diagnosis of cough from electronic cigarettes

Complete medical diagnostics includes a number of procedures. The cost of procedures in paid clinics varies from 500 to 2 thousand rubles( prices in Moscow).In this case, different procedures have different accuracy of indications. Complete medical diagnostics include the following methods:

  • Sputum analysis. The duration of the procedure will take only 10-15 minutes, it will cost about 500-1500 rubles. Sputum analysis gives an accuracy of 70-90%.
  • Chest X-ray. The time of the procedure is still 10-15 minutes, the cost is up to 2 thousand rubles, the accuracy is up to 60%.
  • Blood test. This procedure is one of the most accurate( up to 95%), it will take only 5-10 minutes, and you will have to pay about 500 rubles for it.

The doctor can prescribe other procedures, such as radiography, fluorography, ultrasound, MRI, CT, etc.

there was a cough from an electronic cigarette

How to get rid of cough

If the money for numerous medical procedures is not enough, and cough after the electronic cigarette does not pass, then you can try to applyseveral ways:

  • It is necessary to do small tightening. This is a fairly simple and uncomplicated way. Cough will decrease due to the fact that the couple gets less into the body.
  • Try to reduce the amount of nicotine. In this case, it can be replaced by various ethers, oils or flavorings.
  • Try not to inhale the vapor for a while with the lungs. An electronic cigarette can be soared like a cigar, while gradually taking more and more steam into the lungs. After all, keep the steam in your mouth and do not breathe his sensation from the most pleasant. Nevertheless, it will help to gradually get rid of a cough.

These methods can help to eliminate the ailment. But all the same it is worth remembering that there was a cough when smoking. From an electronic cigarette, malaise can arise, most likely, could not, and therefore the best way is to wait for the body to purify itself.

Is Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

It would seem that all the external causes of coughing are absent, the owner of the electronic cigarette has passed all the medical examinations, soaring has become much more accurate, and the period of recovery of the body after smoking has long passed. However, everything remained the same. Cough from an electronic cigarette has not disappeared anywhere. Why, with what it can be connected?

cough from an electronic cigarette why

Actually, the reasons for this can be. First, electronic cigarettes are not a product subject to mandatory certification. This means that devices not of the best quality can be introduced in the market. It is fake and substandard electronic cigarettes that can cause all kinds of allergic reactions, severe cough and other ailments.

Secondly, not fully understood mixtures that are part of electronic cigarettes. Of course, most of the stories about the dangers of soaring are the myths spread by tobacco manufacturers. However, it is not yet possible to prove the complete safety of soaring.