Immunost: instructions for use, product description, reviews

"Immustat" is an antiviral drug with the effect of immunomodulation. This medicine is an effective tool for treating seasonal manifestations of cold and flu, as well as for prevention during epidemics. Suitable for the treatment of chronic and acute diseases of adults and children. Eliminates the cause of the disease, not its result. immunostat instructions for use However, do not forget that you should start taking any medication only after consulting your doctor.

Active substance and form of release

The active substance has a complex formula, but briefly sounds like umifenovir. It is the main component of the drug "Immustat."Tablets contain 50-100 milligrams of this substance. In addition, it also includes auxiliary components: methyl cellulose, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, etc. The number of tablets in one package is 10 pieces. Not only adults, but also kids from two years can take "Immustat."Unfortunately, the child's organism is prone to all sorts of infections. For different age categories, there are different dosages. immunostat price

Mechanism of action and therapeutic effect

"Immu- stat" is effective in the early stages of the life cycle of the virus, at the time of its entry into the cell. It has a direct antiviral effect and in parallel triggers the work of immunity. The drug stimulates the production of interferons - special substances of the human immune system. This leads to activation of the activity of macrophages - cells that can envelop foreign bodies( bacteria, cell debris, toxins) and neutralize them. It is these properties that determine the effectiveness of the drug "Immustat". immunostimulation reviews

The instruction on application informs that after reception of a preparation there is a decrease in the general intoxication, simplification of signs and shortening of term of duration of illness. Taking the drug reduces the risk of complications after the disease and the likelihood of its transition to a chronic stage.

Pharmacological properties

"Immustat" is classified as a low-toxic substance. The use of the drug in prescribed doses does not lead to negative consequences. The components are quickly absorbed into the intestine and enter the blood. The highest concentration of the main active ingredient in the body is achieved after approximately 1-1.5 hours, depending on the dose. About 60 percent of the drug is split in the liver, the remainder is excreted in the feces and urine. Already a day after receiving the body displays 90 percent of the drug "Immustat."

Instruction for use indicates the absence of neurotropic action. This allows the drug to be taken while driving and other modes of transport.

Indications for use

Indicated as measures for the prevention and treatment of seasonal influenza types A and B, colds, SARS.Assign with a complex therapy of bronchitis, pneumonia, herpes virus, gastroenteritis rotavirusnoy nature and accompanying her acute intestinal infection. Effective in both complicated diseases and those who have passed into the chronic stage.

It is important to understand that taking the drug in self-treatment mode will not replace full-value therapy, and in some cases may not provide the desired effect. This is due to the complex organization of the human immune system. For qualitative and safe treatment it is necessary to consult a specialist. immunostat analogues

Methods of application

"Immustat" is taken as a preventive measure if there is a danger of constant contact with infected people. For children, one daily dose is 50-100 milligrams, depending on the age category. Adults need to take 200 milligrams. The duration of therapy is from ten days to two weeks. For prevention in the period of epidemics, as well as to prevent the development of chronic diseases, the drug at a prescribed dose is taken twice a week for 28 days. It is important not to interrupt the course of treatment started once with the drug "Immustat." immunostat tablets

Instruction for use recommends for treatment of acute respiratory viral infection and influenza give children from 2 to 6 years of age 50 mg, and from 6 to 12 years - 100 mg of the drug. Adults and children from the age of 12 years - 200 mg. Frequency of admission - 4 times a day, duration - up to 5 days. If the underlying disease is complicated by bronchial inflammation or pneumonia, the intake of the drug is increased to 1 time every 6 hours, and then limited to once a week. There is information about improving the effectiveness of "Immustat" when it is used together with mefenamic acid.


"Immustat" is a safe drug. However, there is a possibility of individual intolerance and development of allergic reactions. For this reason, it is necessary to observe precautions, especially when you first use the drug "Immustat."Instruction for use informs that cases of overdose have not been established. But at their occurrence it is necessary to address to the doctor and to pass or take place symptomatic treatment.

You can not use "Immustat" during pregnancy and breastfeeding. At present, the safety of the drug has not been established during this period. Also, use of the drug is contraindicated in children under the age of two. No adverse effects were observed when combined with other drugs. However, you should consult a doctor if you are going to receive "Immustat" together with other drugs.

Cost and analogues

The drug is produced by the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa".For this reason it is difficult to meet "Immustat" in Russian pharmacies. The price of the medicine is 100-150 p.depending on the dosage and form of release. Also this figure may vary in different regions and cities.

If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the drug "Immustat", the analogs can replace it. Do not replace the drug yourself. Preliminary need to consult with your doctor. At the moment there are several analogues:

  • "Arbidol".
  • "Arpefly."
  • "Arpetolide".
  • "Arpetol".
  • "ORVITOL".

Efficiency of using

For more than six years, the production of the drug "Immustat" has been carried out. Reviews of people who took this drug vary. Some mention its high efficiency, others give absolutely opposite information. A possible reason for this is independent reception of the drug without proper consultation of the treating doctor. children

Ignoring medical assistance leads to an incorrect self-diagnosed diagnosis, which entails taking the medication in an erroneously prescribed dosage.

A simple human factor should also be considered. Sometimes a sick person does not consider it necessary to read the instructions. Some patients, starting a course of treatment, do not bring it to the end. All this reduces the effectiveness of any therapy.

It is important to understand that the infinite strengthening of the body's defenses is not in vain. After all, immunity is a complex system. If stimulation is uncontrolled, this can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, a preliminary consultation with a specialist is important. This is extremely necessary for the treatment of severe forms of diseases, since in this case the doctor can prescribe a whole complex of immunostimulants, having selected them individually.