"Farmadex"( drops eye): instructions, reviews, analogues

In what dosage do you use the drug "Pharmadex"( eye drops)?The instruction, analogues of the local medication are presented below. In addition, we will tell you about what is remarkable about this local medicine, and what contraindications it has. pharmexx drops eye instruction

Basic information

Eye diseases can be organic and functional. In this case, the visual analyzer of a person is affected, which limits his ability to see.

Diseases of the eyes are quite extensive, so they are divided into sections. This greatly facilitates the diagnosis of the disease and the choice of therapy.

More information about the preparation( form, packaging, composition)

What does a local drug like "Pharmadex"( eye drops) contain? The instruction says that the active element of this drug is dexamethasone sodium phosphate in terms of 100% dry matter. Also considered medicine for the visual apparatus includes the following inactive components: boric acid, disodium edetate, sodium tetraborate, water for injection and benzalkonium chloride.

In what packaging is the pharmacy "Pharmadex"( eye drops) sold? Instructions for the use of this solution is contained in a box of cardboard. As for the drug itself, it is in a polyethylene bottle in the amount of 10 or 5 ml.

Pharmacological characteristics of the local remedy

What is the drug "Pharmadex"( eye drops)?Instructions, doctors' reviews report that this drug is an anti-inflammatory drug that is actively used in ophthalmic practice. pharmexode eye drops instructions

The active ingredient of the drug in question( dexamethasone) is a synthetic glucocorticoid. This element is highly soluble, and also has a pronounced anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory activity, with a rapid onset of action and short duration.

Pharmacokinetics of a local eye drug

What are the kinetic features of the drug "Pharmadox"( eye drops)?The instruction says that after instillation of the drug into the visual organs, it penetrates practically into all okolaglaznye tissues. The metabolism of this agent is carried out mainly at the site of administration.

One can not help saying that this drug almost does not enter the systemic bloodstream.

Indications for instillation of the drug

Why is the drug "Pharmadex" shown? Eye drops are actively used to treat diseases of visual organs that are sensitive to steroids, non-infectious inflammatory or allergic origin( including diseases of the cornea, conjunctiva, anterior segment of the eye).It should also be noted that this tool is used in the therapy of inflammatory processes after surgery or eye trauma.

Prohibitions for the use of eye drops

When should not you use Pharmadox( eye drops)?The instruction reads that contraindications to this drug are: pharmexode eye drops instructions for use

  • viral conjunctival and corneal diseases( eg, chickenpox or cowpox, superficial keratitis, which was caused by Herpes simplex);
  • hypersensitivity to the active or any other element of the drug;
  • mycobacterial infections of the visual organs caused by Mycobacterium avium, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and others;
  • fungal diseases of eye structures;
  • untreated form of a purulent infection of the visual organs.

Drug "Farmadex"( eye drops): instruction

Children are prescribed this medication only in special cases. In general, this drug is used in adults. It is intended only for ophthalmic use.

In acute or severe conditions, the medication should be instilled in a conjunctival bag in an amount of 1-2 drops( every hour).After improvement of the patient's condition, the frequency of instillation is reduced to 1-2 drops every 4 hours. Then the dose is reduced to 1 drop three times a day.

For chronic diseases, the drug is used in an amount of 1-2 drops every 5-6 hours until the desired effect is achieved.

For allergic manifestations, medication is prescribed 1-2 drops every 4 hours until the desired result is achieved.

The duration of treatment by the agent in question is determined by the ophthalmologist individually. As a rule, the course of therapy with this medicine is 2-8 days. pharmex eye drops instructions

Side effects

What are the negative reactions that cause the solution of "Pharmadex"( eye drops)?The instruction states that against the background of the use of this remedy, the patient may experience:

  • reduced visual acuity, increased intraocular pressure, visual field disturbance, corneal perforation;
  • short-term burning sensation, hyperemia, discomfort in the eyes, lacrimation, itching, local allergic reactions, tingling, swelling of the eyelids;
  • glaucoma, mydriasis, keratitis, photophobia, ptosis, glaucoma with nerve damage to the eye, formation of posterior cataracts subcapsular.

It should also be noted that in the treatment of glucocorticoids in humans, bacterial, fungal or viral infections of the eyes, conjunctivitis or blepharitis can develop.

Overdose with eye drops and interaction with other

agents No reports of any systemic effects due to an overdose of Pharmadox have been reported to date. In case of adverse reactions, you should wash your eyes with warm water in order to remove the remnants of the medicine.

With prolonged use of medication with "Yodoxuridine", destructive processes in the epithelium of the cornea can be intensified.

No other studies of the interaction of the drug "Farmadex" with other medicines have been conducted. pharmexode eye drops instruction for children

Pregnancy and feeding time

The safety of the drug in use during pregnancy and lactation is not established. However, it should be noted that the local application of drops of its systemic manifestation is very low. In this regard, the risk is considered small.

Special Information

The effectiveness and safety of the use of this drug for the treatment of children have not been established, so it is not recommended to prescribe to babies.

Before the first use of the solution, the bottle cap should be tightened as far as possible to allow the spike inside the lid to pierce the hole.

Before using the medication it is recommended to hold it in the palm of your hand so that it warms up to the temperature of the patient's body.

Unscrew the cap, remove it. Further, slightly pressing on the body of the container, the solution is buried in the eyes. After this, the drug is again tightly closed and stored according to the recommendations specified in the attached instructions.

In the process of using this remedy, it should be remembered that prolonged instillation of corticosteroids can lead to deterioration of visual acuity, ocular hypertension, vision loss, glaucoma, nerve damage to the optic, and cataract( subcapsular) posterior chamber of the eye. pharmexode eye drops

In the process of treatment with this drug, it is recommended to constantly monitor the patient's pressure( intraocular).This is due to the fact that after the application of the drug in some people it can go up.

For people with glaucoma, the duration of therapy should be limited to 2 weeks.

Treatment with this drug is not recommended to be terminated prematurely. This is due to the possible development of a second inflammation of the eye.

Medication "Farmadex"( eye drops), the instruction of which is indicated above, contains a preservative of benzalkonium chloride. This element can easily lead to eye irritation, and also discolor contact lenses. In this regard, before the treatment, patients must remove the lens, and should be informed about the 15-minute interval between instillation and installation of the latter.

The safety of this medication has not been investigated in people with liver and kidney disease. In view of the low systemic absorption of dexamethasone, this category of patients does not need a dose adjustment.

As with the use of other eye drops, temporary visual impairments, including fuzziness, can affect a person's ability to drive vehicles.

Pharmadex( eye drops): testimonials and analogues

The ophthalmologist should tell the patient about what can be substituted for the medication in question. As a rule, with Pharmexex's intolerance, the patient is prescribed such analogous means as "Taflotan", "Vitasik", "Tevrodex", "Tiotriazolin".

According to the reviews of patients, with diseases of the visual organs this drug is capable of producing a lasting positive effect. Therefore, it is often used in ophthalmic practice. pharmexx eye drops reviews

The only drawback of this remedy is the side effects. Especially often they occur with prolonged use of the drug, as well as when exceeding the recommended doses. In this regard, you can use this medication only after consulting with the oculist.