Analogues of "Anastrozole".Price, instructions for use, feedback

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease that annually takes the lives of millions of women around the world. It is difficult to fight this disease, but it is possible. To prevent the growth of a cancerous tumor and the further development of metastases, the preparation "Anastrozol" helps many people. He really does not allow malignant education to increase, due to which women can live a long and happy life. Today we learn how to use this medicine, what side effects it has, and also consider analogues of "Anastrozole" - a remedy that prolongs life for people. In addition, we will find out how patients and doctors respond about it. analogues of anastrozole

When is the drug prescribed?

"Anastrozole" - pills prescribed by the doctor to their patients, who were diagnosed with "breast cancer."This medication should be used to treat precisely this ailment. Tablets are used during the postmenopause.


The medication "Anastrozole", the instruction for use of which is indicated below, consists of the following elements:

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  1. Anastrozole is an active substance, 1 mg.
  2. Auxiliary components: lactose monohydrate, povidone-K30, sodium type A, carboxymethyl starch, magnesium stearate. The shell of the tablets consists of the following elements: hypromellose E464, macrogol 6000 and 400, titanium dioxide E171.


The drug is sold as a film-coated pills. Placing pills in blisters for 7 or 10 pieces in each. In one package can be 1, 3, 4 or 5 blisters.


Medication "Anastrozole", the instruction to which should always be in the package with this drug, should be taken orally 1 mg once a day, that is, 1 tablet a day. The duration of therapy depends on the severity and form of the disease. A remedy is prescribed only by the treating oncologist. The recommended duration of treatment is 5 years. If during this time there are signs of progression of the disease, then the medication should be stopped. anastrozole price

Side effects of

The medicine "Anastrozole" after use can cause such undesirable manifestations in the female body:

- From the nervous system and sensory organs: drowsiness, depression, anxiety, headache, paresthesia.

- From the cardiovascular system and blood: thrombophlebitis, anemia, hypertension.

- On the part of the gastrointestinal tract: nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, dry mouth, constipation or, conversely, diarrhea.

- Allergic reactions: itching, a rash in the body, Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

- Other: vaginal dryness, hot flashes, pain in the chest, back, sweating, hair loss, bronchitis, pharyngitis, weight gain. anastrozole teva

Similar preparations for the active substance

The medicine to which the article is devoted has analogues. Among the drugs that can replace "Anastrozol", there are: "Anastrozol-Teva", "Anastrozol-Kabi", "Vero-anastrozole", "Egistrazol", "Mammozol", "Anabrez", "Aksastrol", "Arimidex".The listed medicines are sold in the form of tablets, as well as in powder. These analogues of "Anastrozole" - a drug that is prescribed for a serious illness - have in their composition the same active substance, and this is anastrozole. Therefore, if there is no necessary means in pharmacies, then it can be replaced by another one. However, you should first consult with the treating oncologist about the replacement of medications.

Similar medications for the effect of

Analogues "Anastrozole" - a drug that often brings a positive effect of therapy - may differ in composition. For example, these are Letrozole tablets, in which letrozole itself is the active substance, 2.5 mg. This is a completely different element, but the drug itself is intended in the same situations as the medicine to which the article is devoted. So what is better in the end: the tablet "Letrozole" or "Anastrozole"?In fact, these are similar drugs, so you can not say which of them is worse. The only difference is the dosage. If you take the drug Letrozol, then you need 2.5 mg, in the case of the drug Anastrozole, it will take only 1 mg. However, the effect will eventually be the same. anastrozole reviews

Popular analog preparation "Arimidex"

"Anastrozole" - tablets, released from the pharmacy only by prescription of a doctor, can be replaced with another known medicine. And the name is Arimidex. This drug is also prescribed for malignant neoplasms of the mammary glands. He also takes 1 tablet( 1 mg) once a day. The cost of "Arimidex" tablets fluctuates within 4 thousand rubles for 1 package, in which there are 28 pills. For comparison, the tool "Anastrozol" of Russian production costs about 2 thousand rubles. And this is also for 1 package, in which there are 28 tablets. Apparently, the drug "Arimidex" is 2 times more expensive than its counterpart. Therefore, it will be cheaper to buy an anastrozole medicine. However, it often happens that it is dismantled as soon as it appears in the pharmacies. Therefore, in case it does not exist, you can purchase a substitute.

The cost of tablets

The drug "Anastrozole", whose price is not fixed, because it depends on many factors, is not a cheap medicine. Yes, no one said that the tool will be affordable. Yet the medication helps to cope not with diarrhea or fever, but with breast cancer. Therefore, the cost of the drug is high. anastrozole instruction The price of this medicine depends on the number of tablets in the package, from the location of the pharmacy and the mark-up, from the manufacturer. So, on average, the cost of 20 tablets of this drug will be in the range of 1300 rubles. If you take 30 pills, then, of course, the medicine "Anastrozole", whose price, by the way, is lower than that of similar drugs, will cost about 2700 rubles. If you buy these tablets of Indian production, then the price will be more than 8 thousand rubles for 30 tablets. If you buy pills of Russian manufacturer ZAO R-Pharm, then the cost will be as indicated above - within 3 thousand rubles.

Positive feedback from patients

The drug "Anastrozole" reviews on the Internet is few. Probably, people do not want to share their other problems. However, those responses that are( although their number and small), give the opportunity to analyze the situation with this medicine. Tablets "Anastrozol" receive praiseworthy reviews of patients. Indeed, after the beginning of taking this medication in women, the growth of the breast tumor obviously slows down, and this agent does not allow the formation and spread of metastases. Also, representatives of the weaker sex note that they receive this drug mainly for benefits, that is, for free. anastrozole tablets

Negative responses of patients

Unfortunately, the drug "Anastrozol" reviews has negative. People note that, despite the effectiveness of the drug, it still has many side effects. So, some women noticed that after taking these pills their state of health worsened: there were severe headaches, mood swings, stool problems, vomiting, hair loss, allergies, weight gain, and more. This, indeed, happens, but not at all. And it's easy to explain. Those women who buy the drug of Indian or Israeli origin, do not experience any side effects, but the Russian drug "Anastrozole" can really bring problems.

Also, many do not like that this drug often does not happen in pharmacies, it turns out unattainable. Analogues of "Anastrozole" - tablets, which help women to fight cancer, are more accessible in this plan. Therefore, people sometimes buy other drugs, because it does not wait for the moment when the right remedy will appear. Often they buy tablets, similar in name to the medicine, to which the article is devoted. This medicine "Anastrozol-Teva", it has almost the same composition. Cancer is a disease that requires no delay. Therefore, to replace one drug with another is quite normal.

letrozole or anastrozole

Opinions of oncologists

Doctors are positive about this drug. According to them, it is a medicine that is prescribed for chemotherapy of malignant tumors in the chest, only in a lightened version. Therefore, often specialists write it out to women in old age after menopause or to those of the weaker sex who have serious health problems. Since such individuals can not be prescribed too heavy medication, the best drug that can stop the development of a tumor is Anastrozole. These pills, however, it is really better to buy not domestic production, but overseas. Be attentive to the choice of the manufacturer.


Now you know what "Anastrozole" is needed for, what are the side effects, analogues. They also determined that it is better to purchase this remedy from a foreign manufacturer, since domestic medication can often cause various undesirable reactions. On the question of many women about what is better: the drug Letrozol or Anastrozol, we answered. These medications are interchangeable, so if one is not available, you can buy another. However, in any case, you should first notify the treating oncologist of this.