On what week can you feel the wiggling of the fetus and what do these feelings look like?

The future mother expects every stirring of the baby with a sinking heart. Especially worried about this moment of those women who are waiting for the child for the first time. At the moment when the wiggling of the fetus begins, my mother already suffered from toxicosis and receives from her condition a maximum of positive emotions. This makes it possible to understand that a separate life develops inside. What week can you feel the wiggling of the fetus? What does the baby's movements say and on what week can you feel the firing of the fetus for the first time?

When does the baby start moving?

It is impossible to accurately predict the date of this sensation, since it is determined by too many factors. In the second month, when the fetus moves in the uterus, it is still impossible to sense it, since the child is too small. He just "swims" in amniotic fluid, so Mom does not feel anything. There is an opinion that some products stimulate the activity of the baby, but it is completely mistaken. No food will allow you to feel the baby before the deadlines. The week the wiggling of the fetus becomes noticeable depends on the weight of the mother - thin women notice the baby before full. Affects and what a woman's pregnancy - the first all will be noticeable a little later than the second or third. Repeated pregnancies affect what week you can feel the wiggling of the fetus because the sensations are already familiar, and the muscles of the uterus are prepared. On average, the first movements will come to the twentieth week.

What week does the fetus move? The child is already big enough, he stretches his arms and legs, touches the walls of the uterus. If the movements are insensible, try to lie on the back in the evening. It is believed that the baby will not be very comfortable, he will start moving actively to report his displeasure to his mother.

What week can you feel the wiggling of the fruit outside?

Already by the twenty-fourth week, the future father will be able to feel the movement of the child. The tremors become stronger, and they can be noticed from the outside, touching the skin of the abdomen. But the kid will make itself felt only if he is accustomed to touching and knows the voice of the pope. The longer the period becomes, the more intense and stronger becomes the stirring. Places for movements remain less and less, but their strength does not decrease, so some shocks can even be quite painful. Experts can not only roughly predict, on what week you can feel the wiggling of the fetus, but also the time when it will be especially noticeable. Most of all, the baby moves from eight in the evening until eight in the morning. When does the fetus move? During the day, while mom is in motion, the child most often sleeps.

What do the shocks look like?

Usually, expectant mothers are concerned not only with what week you can feel the wiggling of the fetus, but also what it feels like. Many compare the tremors with the movements of the wings of a butterfly or a splashing fish. Someone seems to touch the baby stroking or tickling, but someone feels a jolt. Some people think that the first sensations are like the work of the intestines. Sometimes they can even be confused. Sensation can be different because the kid knows a lot. He can just wiggle his hands, can touch the umbilical cord, stretch or touch with his fingers. All this affects what the mother will feel.