Eye drops "Okulokhel": instructions, indications for use and analogues

"Okulokhel" is a unique preparation intended for additional moistening of the eyeball. However, he has other positive therapeutic properties. You will learn about them from our article.

Description of the drug: composition and form of release

Eye drops "Okulokhel" instruction is positioned as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug. With topical application, it significantly improves trophic, restores the tone of the eye muscles. Also, its effectiveness is proved with spasm of accommodations.

A medicament is a colorless liquid that does not have a characteristic odor. Its active components are herbal remedies:

  • .
  • Yaworandi pilocarpus. Spoonful of medicinal spoons.
  • Echinacea angustifolia.

The following auxiliary ingredients are also present in the drug: sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, water, sodium chloride. They are called to perform the role of preservatives and stabilizers. drops eye oculocle instructions

The drug goes on sale in the form of disposable drippers. Each unit is equipped with a special cap. One package contains 15 such droppers. On the outside of the cardboard bundle is indicated: "Eye drops" Okulokhel "."The instruction and description are attached to the unit of the goods.

Pharmacological properties of

The effect of the drug is based on the activity of the plant ingredients that make up its composition.

  1. The medicinal spoon has anti-inflammatory properties and is known for its antiscorbutic effect.
  2. The cleft has an astringent effect. It is often mentioned in the recipes of traditional medicine. The healers are advised to make eye lotions on the basis of the decoction from this herb.
  3. Echinacea is famous for its immunomodulating effect.
  4. Yaborandi pilocarpus is a rare plant. Under its influence, the intraocular pressure is significantly reduced. oculocog eye drops instruction for children

A positive therapeutic effect can be expected only if you correctly use Okulokhel( eye drops).Instruction, reviews and contra-indications - these are the issues that ordinary consumers pay special attention to. Often they are crucial when choosing this or that remedy. According to the majority of patients, the medicine described in the article perfectly copes with the tasks assigned to it. It quickly eliminates inflammation, relieves stress and pain in the eyes.

Indications for use

When should I use eye drops "Okulokhel"?The instruction to the drug says that it is advisable to use it in the following pathologies:

  • acute conjunctivitis;
  • blepharitis;
  • keratitis of viral etiology;
  • age-related cataract;
  • photophobia;
  • increased visual load;
  • irritation of the eye mucosa;
  • constant lacrimation.

Despite the availability of medication in pharmacy chains, before using it, you should consult a doctor. drops eye oculocals indications for use

How correctly to use eye drops "Okulokhel"?

The instruction warns that the drug tube is designed for one instillation procedure. After that, it should be disposed of. Before using the medication, you should thoroughly wash your hands. Then, with a sharp movement, separate the bottle from the tape and tear off the cap.

Gently pressing on the tube, the drug is injected one to two drops into the conjunctival sac. The amount of funds is usually sufficient for a single instillation of both eyes. After performing the procedure, you need to blink several times to make the composition evenly distributed. Instillations can be repeated up to four times a day. The course duration is 10 days. If after this period the symptoms of the pathology persist, you should notify the doctor. Probably, it is required to replace with an analog means "Okulokhel"( eye drops).oculocog eye drops instruction reviews

Instruction for children is not provided because the medication is not recommended for use until age 18.To treat eye pathologies in young patients, you need to choose another medicine. Only the pediatrician can help in this.

Contraindications, side effects of

Can eye drops "Okulokhel" be used by everyone? Indications for use and contraindications are described in detail in the annotation to the drug, they should not be ignored.

The instruction warns: the medicine should not be used at the hypersensibility to its basic components or auxiliary substances. Pregnant and lactating women are appointed in extreme cases, when there is no visible threat to the child. Special studies on this issue have not been conducted.

Side effects during treatment are extremely rare. Most often, they are caused by intolerance to the active components. In this case, patients note the appearance of a burning sensation and itching in the eyes, a strong puffiness, lachrymation. The occurrence of such symptoms is the reason for the withdrawal of the medicine. Also, you need to contact the doctor to adjust the therapy regimen. drops eye oculocel instructions and description

Analogues of the preparation

Analogues are usually used for the help of analogues if there are no original drops in the pharmacy, or the patient can not buy them for certain reasons. Among the most popular substitutes for the medicine "Okulokhel" can be identified the following:

  • "Visomitin".
  • "Slezin".
  • "Taufon".
  • "Cytochrome".
  • "Etaden".
  • "Taurine".

The listed eye drops are similar to the original ones according to the mechanism of action, but they can differ in the cost and volume of the bottle.

It should be noted that it is not worth trying to select an analog of the drug yourself. It is necessary to seek the help of a doctor who, on the basis of the clinical picture of the patient, can select and prescribe an acceptable remedy. drops eye oculocel instructions and analogues

Storage conditions

How to store eye drops "Okulokhel"?The instruction states that the packaging with the vials of the solution should be kept in a place protected from sunlight, protected from children. The storage temperature can vary from 15 to about 25 degrees. If these conditions are met, the expiration date of the medicinal product is 24 months.

Let's sum up

Now you know, under what diseases eye drops "Okulokhel" are prescribed. The instruction and analogues of the preparation are also presented in our article.

It is worth noting that reviews about him are more often positive. Patients note a rapid therapeutic effect, the convenience of using vials-droppers. Despite this, the drug is expressed and negative. Negative reviews in most cases are associated with side effects. This is why it is important to consult a doctor before starting treatment.