Neurodermatitis in adults: treatment, symptoms, causes

Skin diseases are a significant obstacle to a full life of a person. Besides the fact that they cause discomfort and pain, various manifestations on the skin affect the appearance, as a result of which mental disorders arise. With the help of complex therapy and a competent approach, specialists manage to combat these unpleasant phenomena. This article provides information on how neurodermatitis is treated in adults.

What is neurodermatitis?

Neurodermatitis is a dermatological disease that becomes chronic over time. Pathological manifestations can begin in early childhood and disturb the patient throughout his life. Relapses of this ailment make themselves felt at any age and at different intervals.

According to the ICD, neurodermatitis belongs to the group of allergic dermatoses and is considered the most common skin disease. More than 30% of patients who sought help at the hospital were registered.

Externally, the affected areas appear as papules. These are flat, oval-shaped formations, accompanied by severe redness, the formation of bubbles and unbearable itching. The skin at the sites of the lesion becomes dry and begins to peel off.

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Adults suffer more from focal neurodermatitis. In this case, skin inflammations are localized in different parts of the body. The lesions can affect the areas of the bends of the elbows and knees, the back of the head and the adjacent area of ​​the neck. In men, a rash can appear around the anus and scrotum.

Diffuse rashes of neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis) are characterized by more extensive localization sites. They can spread to the face, neck, chest and bends. In medical reference books, you can consider a photo of neurodermatitis at the stage of its exacerbation.

treatment of neurodermatitis in adults

Forms of the disease

Depending on the location of painful foci, neurodermatitis is divided into the following types:

  • Linear. The rash spreads to the scalp, legs, arms and folds. It is difficult to respond to therapy due to the fact that over time it becomes chronic. Treatment of neurodermatitis on the hands is complicated by the fact that the patient constantly has to expose the skin to contact with soap. This increases painful sensations, dries out the skin and promotes the formation of crusts.
  • Limited. The name speaks for itself, since the lesions affect small areas of the skin. The places for their localization are such parts of the body as the groin, knees, thighs and genitals. A similar form of neurodermatitis on the legs is often found. The appearance of foci is accompanied by severe irritation. After combing such places, the lesions take the form of papules and can become covered with scales. With this form of neurodermatitis, auxiliary measures to combat it are necessary - with the help of healing mud and electrophoresis. Ultrasound is used to treat lymph nodes.
  • Diffuse. One of the most harmful skin diseases. In addition to the fact that it affects many parts of the body, it also affects the face. Rashes are observed on the eyelids and lips. They can also appear on the inner sides of the elbow and knee bends. Relief in such conditions is achieved with the help of ultrasound sessions and physiotherapy.
  • Follicular. It is characterized by rashes on hairy skin. Inflamed reddish areas are often covered with a whitish coating. Its main place is the scalp under the hair. Against the background of such manifestations, mental disorders are observed in many patients.
  • Psoriasoform. Affects the head and face area. It is accompanied by constant itching. When such painful lesions appear on the head, sometimes there are partial baldness. For dense red spots of this type of disease, scales similar to psoriasis are characteristic.
  • Hypertrophic. Affects the intimate parts of the body in both women and men. In the latter, the groin area is often affected. Treatment of hypertrophic neurodermatitis is very problematic and is accompanied by nervous disorders of patients.

neurodermatitis photo


Doctors identify two main causes of this disease: endocrine disorders and stress response from the nervous system. These factors are considered endogenous, since they provoke the onset of the disease from the inside.

The cause of the rash, which manifests itself under the influence of external factors (exogenous), is an allergy. In this case, lesions on the skin are formed under the influence of antibodies from the outside. The manifestations caused by this factor can occur after skin contact with allergens to which the human immune system may be too sensitive.

According to some scientists, neurodermatitis is a hereditary disease, but this fact is not scientifically substantiated. Nevertheless, many experts argue that the genetic factor is the main cause of this ailment.

In addition, there are a number of factors that contribute to the development of atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis):

  • nervous disorders;
  • weakened immunity;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • chemical poisoning;
  • malnutrition;
  • prolonged stress;
  • environmental pollution;
  • excessive mental stress;
  • heavy physical activity;
  • predisposition to allergic diseases;
  • bad habits.

atopic dermatitis neurodermatitis


External symptomatic manifestations include the following:

  • coarsening of the skin in the affected areas;
  • irritation accompanied by itching;
  • redness;
  • excessive dryness;
  • exfoliation of the skin;
  • the occurrence of small dropsies, which turn into ulcers;
  • the formation of moist crusts;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • cracks.

Symptoms of neurodermatitis in adults are not limited to external signs. Skin disease affects many functions of the human body. As a rule, such people are prone to apathy, feel depressed and suffer from chronic fatigue. Sometimes the patient may not leave the obsessive feeling of anxiety, as a result of which sleep is disturbed.

ointment for neurodermatitis


During the discussion, it becomes clear that a disease such as neurodermatitis has several causes. Its symptoms are also quite different and run in different ways, which makes it difficult to combat it. However, the good news is that with the help of a competent approach, medical workers manage to transfer the acute stage of the disease into a state of long-term remission, which significantly mitigates pathological manifestations.

Experienced allergists-immunologists first of all try to identify the exact cause of the disease. This is the only way to find the right treatment. The drug course is always aimed at eliminating an external source that serves as a provocateur of the disease. Therapy for skin diseases involves combating cause and effect at the same time. This includes the use of ointments, mud baths, ultrasound sessions, taking specific medications, electrophoresis and traditional methods.

Treatment of neurodermatitis in adults should take place in a calm environment. It is good if it is stationary, since the patient needs to be protected from unnecessary emotional anxiety. It is important to monitor your diet and follow the rules of hygiene.

The treatment complex includes antihistamines that protect the body from allergens. They neutralize the effects of synthetic and various other substances that cause allergic reactions. These drugs are: "Chlorpheniramine", "Cetirizine", "Loratadin", "Promethazine".

In most cases, the treatment of neurodermatitis in adults is not complete without sedatives. A popular drug in this regard is Novo-Passit, as well as medicines with the presence of motherwort and valerian.

To normalize the work of the digestive organs, Linex, Festal, Pancreasim, Hilak Forte are prescribed.

Immunomodulators are mandatory. The doctor selects drugs for treatment depending on the degree of skin lesions.

treatment of neurodermatitis on the hands


Local remedies are usually prescribed for a limited form of the disease. There is a wide selection of such drugs, but in each case they are selected individually. From glucocorticoid drugs, the doctor may prescribe "Betamethasone", "Fluticasone" or "Clobetasol". There is an effective ointment for neurodermatitis with naphthalan oil. Tar products and various gel creams give good results. Dermovate cream helps to cope well with local symptoms. It quickly eliminates pain and burning. It is important to remember that you cannot buy an ointment without a dermatologist's appointment. Self-medication is likely to aggravate the development of the disease, rather than help fight it.

Physiotherapy procedures

Treatment of neurodermatitis involves taking hydrogen sulfide and radon baths, as well as ultraviolet irradiation. It is good to alternate such methods with medicinal herbs. Baths with decoctions of chamomile, string and oak bark have an anti-inflammatory effect.

After the end of the procedures, painful lesions are lubricated with fatty oils, for example, olive oil. Sulfuric and ichthyol ointments are used.

symptoms of neurodermatitis in adults

Treatment of neurodermatitis on the face

In addition to common causes of atopic dermatitis, facial rashes can also appear due to the use of cosmetics or allergies to animal hair. Even fur clothes or plant pollen can become an allergen.

As a rule, a rash in prominent places is accompanied by various complexes that can cause irreparable harm to mental health. Therefore, with the treatment of neurodermatitis on the face in adults, it is better not to delay.

  • Of the drugs, hormonal, antihistamines and sedatives are prescribed.
  • In most cases, experts consider it expedient to use sorbents. Assign activated carbon, Enterosgel and other similar agents.
  • Birch tar, zinc and dermatol agents are prescribed as ointments. To relieve irritation, you may need to use drugs - "Flucinar" and "Elokom"
  • Physiotherapy is carried out using the following methods: ultrasound, selective phototherapy, ultraviolet light, electrosleep, hyperbaric oxygenation, laser therapy.
  • Baths with the addition of salt and pine needles are used.
  • Your doctor may prescribe additional treatments to help prevent dry skin. During the period of remission, moisturizers should be used regularly. By the way, this also applies to skin care on the legs and arms. With atopic dermatitis, these parts of the body are more susceptible to external factors, and this leads to excessive dryness.
  • Vitamin complexes must be included in the treatment. This is to strengthen the immune system. The presence of vitamins such as A, B and E. is especially important.
  • Some benefits come from spa visits and travel to southern resorts.

neurodermatitis on the legs

Nutrition and some recommendations

A neurodermatitis diet means avoiding all foods that cause allergies. These include: chocolate, bananas, nuts, citrus fruits, chicken eggs, honey. Also exclude smoked meats, coffee, strong tea and spicy foods.

Red fruits and undiluted fresh juices can aggravate skin irritations. Preference is given to green apples, black currants, plums and other fruits.

It is recommended to eat dairy soups and cereals, rabbit meat, turkey and beef. You can include some types of lean fish and dairy products in your diet.

Dried fruits and jelly can replace sweets and flour products.

Dishes are best boiled, stewed or baked in the oven. For soups, you need to use a second broth. Meals should be uniform - 3-5 meals a day.

With an exacerbation of the disease, alcohol should not be consumed.

Since personal hygiene in atopic dermatitis is of great importance, products such as creams, lotions, soap and shampoo should be purchased in consultation with a specialist.

It is undesirable to wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics and pure wool. It is better to wash things with laundry soap.

It is necessary to wash and wash your hands in warm water. After that, you should apply cosmetic milk or cream. This will help reduce the dryness and flaking of the damaged area. Well-hydrated skin has less itching and tightness.

Traditional methods

At home, you can make an ointment for neurodermatitis based on petroleum jelly. It is combined with substances such as propolis or mummy in a ratio of 1:10. For this purpose, petroleum jelly is heated to a liquid state, mixed with one of the above components and cooled.

After using such folk remedies, neurodermatitis goes into remission much faster. Shilajit has antimicrobial effect and eliminates pain. Propolis is an excellent analgesic and takes an active part in the regeneration of the affected cells.

The ointment should be rubbed in with very light movements. You can also apply them to a sterile dressing and cover the affected areas with them.

It is good to use masks made of blue clay with the addition of salt. It is applied to the hearths and kept until completely dry.

Herbal lotions are effective in treating neurodermatitis in adults. To relieve inflammation, the infusions are prepared strong. For 1 liter of boiled water put 15 tablespoons of dry herbs. They are poured with boiling water and insisted for about 10 hours. To prepare such a remedy, the following plants are needed: chamomile, mint, marshmallow root, string, juniper, thyme, oregano, St. John's wort.

It should be remembered that folk methods are not a panacea for the disease. Although they are used, they still play an auxiliary role in complex treatment.


Having received specific information about neurodermatitis (photo of symptoms in the article) and having studied it carefully, you can draw certain conclusions. However, this does not mean that you need to make a diagnosis yourself. The final word should remain with the attending physician. The specialist must prescribe qualified treatment and monitor the progress of this process.