How to get rid of nasolabial folds?

Modern cosmetology offers many ways to get rid of nasolabial folds. But first let's see what it is and where it comes from. By this term, experts mean deep "creases" on the face, starting at the sides of the nose and extending downwards to the lips. Many associate the appearance of nasolabial folds exclusively with age, but this is not entirely correct. This phenomenon is due to a number of reasons. Let's list the main ones. nasolabial folds

Provoking factors

  1. Genetic predisposition. Ugly wrinkles can occur in very young girls. With age, as a rule, they become only deeper. To get rid of such nasolabial folds, serious interference may be required.
  2. Muscle spasm in the nasolabial triangle. Overexertion of the muscles that lift the upper lip and the corner of the mouth, as well as the zygomatic, chin and wing muscles can lead to their shortening. As a consequence, the skin "folds", and characteristic wrinkles are formed.
  3. Problems with the lymphatic system, swelling. Chronically strained muscles block the work of the lymph nodes, because of which the interstitial fluid stagnates. It stretches the skin and makes the folds deeper.
  4. Gravitational ptosis. The laws of gravity are inexorable - they cause the skin to sag. This is especially reflected in women who are constantly slouching.
  5. Sharp weight loss. Surely you noticed that girls who are excessively addicted to diet, walk with their faces haggard. Against the background of general weight loss, the appearance and deepening of nasolabial folds is striking. nasolabial folds

Methods of struggle

If you are concerned about "restoring" your face, we recommend that you pass a primary consultation with a cosmetologist. It is possible that to correct the situation you do not need plastic nasolabial folds: if you are less than thirty-five years old, it will be enough for special exercises and massage. Japanese shiatsu massage is very popular: it smooths the skin, improves blood circulation and, importantly, it can be carried out completely independently. About ten minutes a day - and your face will look younger for ten years. Gently massage the area between the lips and the bridge of the nose with two fingers. Then make several smooth movements from the bridge of the nose to the cheekbones. In the end smoothly draw an edge of the palm in the direction from the nose to the temples and back - to the ears and neck. There is another interesting method attributed to the Japanese: a small plastic bottle is filled with half water and placed on the table. Your task is to raise her lips and hold on to the weight as long as possible. This exercise will help you increase muscle tone and prevent the formation of facial wrinkles. removal of nasolabial folds


Do you need to remove nasolabial folds for good? Pay attention to the mini-suspender - this procedure is offered by most major clinics. It consists in carrying out small incisions and tightening the skin in the lower and middle tissues of the face. This decision is recognized as the longest, albeit costly.