Vitamins "Doppelherz" for hair and nails: description of the composition, customer reviews

Every woman wants to always be beautiful. Beauty is not only a neat make-up, the condition of your skin, the glitter of your eyes and a gentle glow, but also healthy hair and nails. That's when you will always be on top, regardless of whether you have time to color your lips and eyelashes in the morning. How can this be achieved, because irregular nutrition and stress primarily affect our hair, they become dull and brittle. That is why the leading experts-cosmetologists say that it is necessary to maintain beauty first of all from within. This means a healthy diet and a constant intake of good vitamins for the hair. In particular, we will today consider the Doppelgerz complex for hair. doppellers for hair

What is necessary to make your hair healthy?

Based on the topic of our article, it is logical to assume that the answer will be to drink vitamins. This is both right and wrong. Vitamins "Doppelherz" for hair is an excellent complex that will allow your curls to avoid deficiency of the most essential substances, however, taking capsules does not guarantee you an excellent result, without observing a number of other conditions. This is primarily a healthy diet and no bad habits. It is difficult to expect that hair will shine like in advertising, if you sit on a strict diet, and the body is deficient in protein and healthy fats.

The health of the hair is also strongly affected by the emotional state, so if in your life a difficult period, you need to stock up with valerian to preserve beauty. Daily styling with a hot hair dryer and ironing, using different chemistry to fix the hairstyle will not add health to the curls, so for every day it's better to choose a simpler version of the hairstyle. But even a varied diet can not cover the daily needs for vitamins and minerals, and we do not eat vegetables and fruits every day. Therefore, the Doppelgerz complex for hair is an excellent supplement to food, which compensates for the lack of the most important elements. doppelherz for hair and nails

Alternative - a full-fledged diet

Let's once again dwell on this issue. Is it possible to maximally diversify your diet, to avoid the need to take an additional "Doppelherz" for hair( or other vitamins)?That is, get all the necessary substances and trace elements from the usual food. It is possible, only this requires certain costs, both material and temporary. Today, the rhythm of life has increased so much that sometimes we do not have time for more than prepare semi-finished products. A person a day requires at least a kilogram of various vegetables and fruits. For a standard family of 4 people a day will require 4 kilograms of vegetables. Of course, no one cooks so much, and does not have time to eat all this. In addition, it is very important to have on the table daily meat and fatty fish, a variety of cereals, cottage cheese and yogurt, fresh herbs and fruits. But usually such a diet is too expensive, and therefore much cheaper and more convenient to drink courses "Doppelherz" for hair and nails. That is, we determined that, despite the attractiveness of slogans about healthy nutrition, vitamin supplements are an important part of our menu. vitamins doppellers for hair and nails

Dosage form

You can buy these vitamins in any pharmacy chain."Doppelherz" for hair and nails is sold in a beautiful package, but it contains three blisters, each with 10 capsules. In fact, capsules are the most convenient form for taking vitamins, since it is the special shell that allows them to be transported to where they need to be. This drug is not a drug and is a biologically active additive to food. In addition, under this brand there are many complexes, but the beauty of our curls can be multiplied by only two of them, it is Doppelgerz Active( for hair and nails) and Doppelherz Beauty( beauty and health).They are a little different, as we will tell you a bit later.

Composition of

We will start by considering vitamins "Doppelherz" for hair and nails with the "Beauty" marking. It is designed for 30 days, in the package there are three blisters, 10 capsules each. This complex contains beta-carotene and calcium carbonate, folic acid and magnesium oxide, biotin, selenium and ascorbic acid, vitamin D3 and B12, ascorbic acid and vitamin E, zinc citrate and silicon, vitamins B6, B2 and B1.This is a full course of essential vitamins and minerals, which, undoubtedly, are important for the hair, because the microelements entering the body are first distributed among vital organs, whereas the periphery is experiencing a deficit much more often. Therapeutic effect of

Let's take a closer look at how the Doppelherz complex works on the body. For healthy hair and nails, it is extremely important to receive a certain amount of vitamins and minerals daily, these are building elements and antioxidants, without which their condition will deteriorate every day. So, in the composition there is beta-carotene, which is the best antioxidant, stimulating hair growth. The next thing to note is the complex of B vitamins. They are so important for the body that you can not enumerate everything, but for now, let's just limit our use to the beauty and health of hair. Vitamin B1 normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and neutralizes seborrhea, stimulates hair growth and reduces their loss.В2 is our medicine against stresses and depressions, which, first of all, make the curls dull. It activates the blood supply and hair growth, helps to stop their loss. B6 in combination with zinc - this is a real super-simulator of hair growth, it fights with dandruff, prevents the appearance of itching and hair loss. Finally, B12 is necessary to ensure that the entire canvas of hair and nails, from roots to the tips, is elastic and shiny. Its deficiency leads to severe brittleness. Minerals included in the composition, support the therapeutic effect and multiply it.

The effect of this complex is immediately apparent, which is noted by those who took Doppelherz for hair and nails. The reviews emphasize that during the first few weeks the amount of hair dropped is significantly reduced. Active growth usually becomes noticeable after the end of the course, and even after a while after that, so be patient. This complex is more general health, although it has a positive effect on the hair and nails. However, the company-manufacturer offers to your attention one more complex, called "Doppelgerz Active" for hair and nails. doppelherz active for hair and nails

Features of the "Active"

It includes not only vitamins, but also minerals, as well as plant components. Such a rich complex helps not only to meet the daily need of the body in vital elements, but also to optimize the metabolism. This, in turn, allows solving many problems, namely it nourishes the skin and relieves it of dryness, promotes the growth and strengthening of hair and nails, restores their structure and allows to withstand the aggressive influence of the environment.

Indications for use

"Doppelgerz Active" for hair can be prescribed during the recovery period after the disease, as an additional source of zinc, B vitamins and biotin, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Since all these elements are extremely important so that the curls grow dense and the nails strong, this drug is positioned primarily as a product for maintaining female beauty. In fact, it is impossible to separate vitamins for beauty and health. Only if the body receives a balanced diet and a full set of necessary trace elements, you can be vigorous and active, as well as radiant youth and beauty. doppelherz active for hair

Composition and clinical pharmacology

Each capsule contains wheat germ oil. This is the most valuable product, which in itself is a source of important biologically active substances. From the very heart of the grain they are taken by the manufacturer and invested in the vitamins "Doppelherz" for hair and nails. The reviews emphasize that there is nothing easier than to drink a capsule in the morning and be sure that the body will receive all the necessary trace elements. In addition, many emphasize that the results become noticeable very quickly, just a few weeks after the start of the hair, the hair comes alive, becomes noticeably softer and silky.

What else is so useful for wheat germ oil? It contains vitamins A, E, F and B, triglycerides, phospholipids, glycolipids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the composition contains selenium and iron, zinc, which is a natural antioxidant. That is, this component was not in vain included in the complex. It plays an important role, improving the condition of the skin and hair, eliminates dryness and itching, retains moisture in it and prevents hair loss.

Extract of millet

Another important component that makes truly effective hair vitamins "Doppelherz".Reviews reliably report that for one or two courses, women were completely able to get rid of such problems as dandruff and itching, peeling and inflammation of the skin, loss, dryness and brittle hair. And this component played a significant role in this. Extract of millet is rich in amino acids and vitamins, it contains vitamins A and B1, B5 and PP, as well as pantothenic acid. In addition, it is an indispensable source of phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, iron or selenium. These elements play a key role in maintaining normal metabolic processes in the skin and hair follicles. The extract also contains silicic acid, which restores the structure of the hair along the entire length. That is, first of all this component improves the skin and hair condition, eliminates dryness and retains moisture, restores the damaged structure and prevents hair loss. doppellers for hair reviews

Vitamins and microelements

The first to note is vitamin B5.This element is very important for the health and beauty of the hair, as it plays an important role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism. In addition, it is B5 that is involved in the metabolism of fatty acids. Since their lack of skin and hair quickly lose elasticity, it can be assumed that the element is extremely important for preserving your beauty.

Next on the line is vitamin B6.This is the most important element of the Doppelgerz complex for hair. The reviews of many women confirm that after the passed course, the growth of the curls becomes more active, the dry strands get the necessary moisturizing, the inflamed and irritated head of the head calms down, the hair falls out and the fatty film on their surface disappears. All these changes are possible due to vitamin B6.To this composition, manufacturers add biotin - a well-known antioxidant and zinc, which is perfectly compatible with the vitamins of group B. Such a duet becomes the most powerful activator of hair growth.

Comments from consumers

Today, many women have already experienced the action of the Doppelgerz complex. Vitamins for healthy hair and nails are finding new fans, although reviews( as usual, in such cases) are very significant. Many women write about the fact that the hair has become softer and more tender, the growth has become more active. Almost all who have drunk the course, note that the hair came alive and shone. However, there are those who did not notice any effect at all. This shows that we are all different. If you have a serious hormonal failure, then vitamins will not help until you get treatment with a specialist.

Reviews of pharmacists

The cost of this complex is about 400 rubles, so there are plenty of other offers in the pharmacy for a more attractive price. It should be noted that the composition of the drug is not too diverse. There are only three vitamins, zinc, extracts of millet and wheat germ oil, and the composition is exhausted. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are not taken into account, because their dosage is ten times less than daily. At the same time for less money you can buy "Duovit" and fish oil, while the effect for your hair will be similar.

Summing up

The German pharmaceutical company "Kweisser Pharma" is famous for its excellent quality of products. Many consumers are focused on the brand, when they choose their own "Doppelherz" vitamins for hair and nails. However, summing up all that was said above, it is necessary to emphasize that this complex is narrowly focused, therefore it is desirable to buy it as an additive to the main course of vitamins. However, since such a step will cost much more than buying a similar complex with a more complete set of vitamins and trace elements, we provide the reader with his own conclusions.