The drug "Gepabene": analogues, instructions for use, reviews and composition

Many people face problems associated with liver function. It can be chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis. With these diseases the outflow of bile worsens, which leads to its stagnation and development of hepatic insufficiency. If you often worry about pain in the right hypochondrium, nausea and bitterness in your mouth, then you need to seek help from a therapist. This specialist will appoint ultrasound, a computerized tomography of the liver. Based on the results, a correct diagnosis will be made and professional treatment will be prescribed. The drug "Gepabene" has proved to be very effective. It is of vegetable origin, and many patients have got rid of the existing health problems with it.

Composition of tablets "Gepabene"

The drug has choleretic and hepatoprotective properties. The medicine has a plant composition. Available in the form of gelatin capsules. Tablets have a light brown color. In the middle there is a powder of orange color. Consists of a preparation from a dry extract of a grass of a smokey which contains protopin, and fruit of a thistle spotted as the dry extract containing силимарин.

Auxiliary components of capsules - corn starch, macrogol, talc, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate. The capsule consists of gelatin, red iron oxide, ferrous oxide, titanium dioxide and distilled water. Such a unique composition has capsules "Gepabene".Analogs of the drug will be presented below.

hepabene analogues

Pharmacological action

Capsules "Gepabene" have a combined composition. The extract of the smoking lime tree contains the alkaloid fumarin. Thanks to such substance the spasm of a cholic bubble and its ducts is removed, bile more easily gets into an intestine. Also, the amount of secret produced is normal.

The extract of the milk thistle contains silymarin. It perfectly helps with intoxication. And most importantly, it contributes to the appearance of new cells in the liver. Tablets "Gepabene" help to cope with various pathological processes in the liver. After entering the stomach, the drug combines with the bile and enters the process of cleavage in the liver and intestines. All information is in the capsule packaging "Gepabene".The instruction on application, the price, responses, analogues - all this can be studied before the beginning of treatment. hepabene instructions for use price comparison reviews analogues

Dosage of capsules "Gepabene"

The drug has a very convenient form of release. Gelatin capsules dissolve rapidly in the stomach. Take the product is recommended during meals. The contents of the capsule do not need to be poured out. To drink it is necessary only entirely. Drink the drug you need a lot of water. Adults should take one tablet three times a day.

If pain is a concern at night, then before taking a bed, it is worth taking another dose. The maximum therapeutic norm should not exceed six capsules. The entire amount should be divided into three doses.

Many people are confused by the price of Gepabene. Analogues of these capsules can be found much cheaper. For one packing it is necessary to pay about 300 rubles. gepabene price analogs

Overdose of

Before this time, medicine has not known cases of overdose. If signs of poisoning occur, you should immediately consult a doctor. When interacting with other dosage forms, the capsules do not lose their properties. It should be taken according to the specified dosage capsules "Gepabene".Analogues of the drug should also be used strictly according to the instructions.

Side effects of

Possible with the treatment of capsules "Gepabene" the development of an allergic reaction. In this case, you can additionally take antihistamines. In rare cases, urination may become more frequent. A suspicious symptom is diarrhea. If you feel unwell, you should immediately contact a specialist. These symptoms may indicate the development of hypersensitivity.

Store the medicine in a dry place, the temperature of the air should not exceed 25 degrees. Be sure to hide the drug from children. The term of the sale is five years.

The medicine is of vegetable origin. In this regard, very little side effects have the drug "Gepabene".Instructions for use, price, analogues - all this is important and necessary for patients information. gepabene price comparison reviews analogs

Indications and contraindications for the drug "Gepabene"

The medical device is prescribed as concomitant in the combined treatment of bile stasis in the biliary tract. It can also be used for chronic forms of cholecystitis, for the treatment and prevention of various forms of hepatitis. Also, with severe poisoning and chronic toxic changes in the liver, capsules can be prescribed. All information about the correct use of capsules "Gepabene"( instructions for use, analogs, dosage) should be studied before starting treatment.

Do not take capsules with acute inflammatory conditions of the liver and biliary tract. Contraindication is the age of 18 years. In rare cases, hypersensitivity may develop to individual components. In the period of treatment with capsules "Gepabene" patients should take only those drugs that the doctor appointed. It is necessary to strictly adhere to a special diet and regimen, not to drink alcoholic beverages.

Reviews about the drug "Gepabene"

About the drug you can hear a lot of positive statements from both patients and doctors. This is due to the natural composition of the product. Side effects practically do not arise. And even with an overdose of bad consequences will not be. However, taking the drug is still in accordance with the instructions.

Negative reviews are most often associated with the possible hypersensitivity of some patients. People who are prone to allergic reactions, treatment should start after consulting a doctor.

Substitutes for Gepabene capsules. Analogues, their composition and properties

There are many analogues of the drug. They have a similar composition and the same indications for use. Tablets "Levosil", "Simepar", "Unilev" are the most popular. Before you find a substitute for capsules "Gepabene", the price, reviews, analogues of which are discussed in the article, you need to consult a doctor.

Tablets "Levasil"

Lovely hepatoprotective drug. The composition of the drug includes silymarin and B vitamins. Indications for use are cirrhosis of the liver, fatty hepatocytosis, toxic liver damage. Side effects occur rarely. Basically it's allergic rashes and diarrhea. Do not administer pills to children under 6 years of age. The dose is chosen by the doctor individually. In general, it ranges from 40 to 140 mg per day. In case of an overdose, muscle damage occurs.

The medicine has all the characteristics, like the capsules "Gepabene".Analogues of this drug are suitable for treating the liver no worse than the original drug.

gepabene instruction on the use of analogues

Preparation "Simepar"

Good hepatoprotector. The composition of the medicine includes milk thistle and vitamins of group B. Capsules have gelatinous composition and brown color. Above there is a logo with the inscription "Simepar".Indications for use are chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and obesity of the liver. Adults and children after 12 years of age are prescribed to drink one capsule three times a day, without chewing and drinking with a lot of water. hepabene instructions for use price analogues

In case of an overdose of the "Simepar" remedy, gastric lavage is used, it is shown that the activated carbon tablets are taken. The same measure of precaution has the tool "Gepabene".Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues of this drug are now known to you.